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April 16, 2013 at 06:31 AM EDT

Patrick Duffy told us to call him if the scene at J.R.’s grave, in which the truth about J.R.’s death was revealed, didn’t make us cry. No need: I’m guessing we all got misty. As much as Bobby’s breakdown got to me, it was John Ross’ broken line delivery that hit me hardest: “I’m sorry, I’m confused. Who shot my father, Uncle Bobby?” he asked. “I shot your father, John Ross,” Bum confirmed. J.R., it turns out, was dying of cancer, and his masterpiece was framing Cliff Barnes for his death. He’d asked Bum to steal Cliff’s gun and shoot him in Mexico, where Cliff travels for an annual fishing tournament. “The only person that could take down J.R. was J.R.,” John Ross said, shaking Bum’s hand. Did you see that coming? Let’s back up.

We opened with John Ross and Pamela on the Barnes Global jet marveling at her gumball machine wedding ring. Her father called, wanting her to come home so she could enjoy the takeover of Ewing Energies with him. She’d told him she was meeting with a casino in Vegas — he still didn’t know about the nuptials. John Ross told Pamela whatever problems awaited them in Dallas they’d face together, including the one of taking down her daddy. She asked how much longer their flight was, and he looked at the plane’s flight history and saw that Cliff had been in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico the night that J.R. had died. John Ross called Bobby, and he phoned Bum and told him it was time to put the plan in motion. Cue the music!

Back at Southfork, John Ross was ready to call the police, but Pamela and Bobby said they didn’t have enough to pin this on Cliff — yet. In Zürich, Elena took a call from her mother, who was worried about Drew. Elena phoned him to check in. She wanted him to go straight to Mexico, but he wanted to play CSI on a pair of Harris’ stolen shoes and find Roy so the Ewings can connect Harris to the rig explosion. Christopher came into the hotel room having talked to an investigator downstairs who gave him the address that his mother’s bank account was registered to. The home is owned by an American who used to be a plastic surgeon, Dr. David Gordon. Elena was worried about Christopher because he hasn’t seen his mother in over 25 years. But Christopher doesn’t consider her his mother, he said. All he wants is her shares.

Bum found Ken Richards, and Sue Ellen surprised him in the Cayman Islands. She told him he had to give her hard evidence of the governor’s involvement in the TESHA cover-up because now the governor is allowing Harris and Cliff to destroy the Ewings. Ken said he couldn’t: The governor knows that Ken buried a report saying his son’s startup tech company was polluting a river. Sue Ellen took a page out of J.R.’s book: If Ken doesn’t help her and trust that she’ll protect him, she’ll out him and that buried report herself. Nice!

Christopher showed up at the house and Dr. David Gordon said Pam wasn’t there. He clearly recognized Christopher’s name. We heard a noise upstairs, and Christopher followed it. It wasn’t Pam, it was another woman. Gordon said he was Pam’s surgeon, they fell in love and married. She doesn’t want to see Christopher. After the accident, Cliff had found her in Houston, he said, and asked her to come back with him, Bobby, and Christopher, and she’d said no. That part of her life was over. She didn’t want any part of the Ewing/Barnes feud. She never wants to see him again. Christopher left in tears.

After we found out Emma had agreed to go to rehab to get out of jail, Christopher told Elena what Gordon had said. He fought back more tears, and Elena said they’re not leaving until Christopher gets to confront his mom face-to-face. He was happy Elena was there. For now, Christopher!

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