Rebecca is still going to crazy lengths for Josh, and Paula believes in herself again

By Madeline Raynor
Updated November 01, 2016 at 07:25 PM EDT
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

S2 E2
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Greg is back from self-imposed exile and tells Josh, White Josh, and Hector that he’s in AA. Josh and Rebecca seem to have given up on trying to stay away from each other, so Josh finally tells Greg that he and Rebecca are hooking up — Greg does not take it well. The love triangle is in full swing, folks! When he finally gets a moment alone with Rebecca, he confesses that the reason he got a DUI the day after the wedding was that he was driving to her house to tell her he loved her. Even if he had made it there, he would have been a day too late to reach Rebecca before she and Josh had sex after the wedding party. It’s a major missed connection for Greg and Rebecca’s relationship. Meanwhile, Paula applies to law school and is starting to think that maybe everything will work out. This episode has some particularly good songs, so let’s get started.

“Maybe This Dream”

Even though Paula is unhappy with her life, she’s cautiously optimistic that her dream of going to law school will work out. Donna Lynne Champlin sounds amazing in this ingenue number. He voice is vibrato city, and she shows us that she has an amazing high range. The style is classic musical theater/Disney and borrows visually and musically from Sleeping Beauty‘s “Once Upon a Dream.” Paula does that classic Disney Princess thing where she sings pretty high notes on anah.” She does the ingenue giggle-sing. This song is a great example of something Crazy Ex-Girlfriend does well, which is present a perfect pastiche of a traditional song type but they upend it with lyrics that are the opposite of that. In this case, Paula is singing a Disney Princess-like song about dreams, except what she’s singing isn’t the innocent “I hope my dreams come true,” it’s the cautiously optimistic, “Maybe even though my dreams definitely did not come true before, they will now” and there are lyrics about peeing a little while you’re out running. I laughed at “The world was all like: (laughs) nope.” Also at Paula reaching into her basket and throwing… nothing.

“Greg’s Drinking Song”

Home Base is transformed into a 19th-century pub so Greg can explain his alcoholism to his friends with a musical number. It sounds exactly like an Irish folk song, and Santino Fontana sounds amazing in this genre. He really sells the whole “young cad confidently bursting into a drinking song” thing. The song fits with Greg’s attitude that everything is fine when it’s not — the whole reason that no one realized how serious his drinking problem was until now. Watching him gleefully sway while singing about peeing his pants after one too many is hilarious.

Special shout-out to the brief reprise of “I Could If I Wanted To” cut short by Greg punching a wall.

“Ping Pong Girl”

Season 2 Song Ranking (So Far):

1. “Maybe This Dream”

2. “Greg’s Drinking Song”

3. “Love Kernels”

This episode was a great one for music. The highlights, “Maybe This Dream” and “Greg’s Drinking Song,” definitely take the top two slots. “Maybe This Dream” came out at number one because it has such a good fantasy/reality balance. The premiere’s “Love Kernels” had no trouble bypassing the other not very memorable songs from this season so far.

Episode Grade: A

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