Josh goes with Rebecca to a Bar Mitzvah where Patti LuPone is the rabbi
Will Scarsdale Like Josh's Shayna Punim?
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Can Josh Take A Leap of Faith?

Rebecca almost makes some serious psychological progress. But that all goes out the window when she gets engaged to Josh. Two Broadway legends, Tovah Feldshuh and Patti LuPone, guest star. LuPone is wonderful, like she is every time she guest stars on any TV show. “Shayna punim,” by the way, means beautiful face in Yiddish.

Josh and Rebecca’s relationship is going well. They’re posting a lot of lovey-dovey pictures on social media, and she’s bringing him to a family Bar Mitzvah in Scarsdale. But Rebecca realizes that she has to talk to Valencia about how she’s dating Josh. (She forgot.) Valencia already knows, of course, because of all the social sharing. Rebecca apologizes — Valencia is okay with the relationship but mad at Rebecca. She tries to warn her that Josh isn’t the most stable person right now, but the advice is ignored.

Father Brah echoes this advice when he tells Josh he is defining himself by his relationship. Josh also doesn’t listen.

And so, the couple arrives at Rebecca’s mom Naomi’s house in Scarsdale, where Naomi (Feldshuh) continues to be a lot, starting with answering the door in her underwear and later telling Josh about catching Rebecca having period sex (another reprise for “Period Sex”). To Rebecca’s surprise, Josh and Naomi bond. Rebecca, an atheist who hates her family, is miserable at the Bar Mitzvah, but Josh has fun. The Rabbi (LuPone) approaches a sulking Rebecca and tells her that this or anything else isn’t the cause of her unhappiness… it’s her.

For the first time in the episode, Rebecca listens to advice. Back at home, has a breakthrough during her therapy session. She realizes that her dream man isn’t making her happy because her own issues are the cause of her misery. She’s about to say that she should take some time on her own to figure it out when Josh bursts in and proposes. She says yes. Clearly, Josh didn’t take Father Brah’s advice. And as for Rebecca, now that she’s getting married to Josh, she’ll probably won’t be working on those issues after all.

“We’ll Never Have Problems Again”
“Love fixes everything,” Rebecca delusionally says to Heather when she voices doubts about the stability of Rebecca and Josh’s relationship. To show her that she’s wrong, they sing this epic disco number. Disco is suited to happy delusion: The ecstatic pep doesn’t leave much room to take a breath and realize that you’re living in a fantasy world. And the cheesiness is suited to a couple in love who can’t help but be sappy. “We’ll never have problems again/We used to have problems but now they’re gone,” they sing in unison.

We haven’t seen these two duet in a while, and it’s a treat. They belt beautifully, the song is catchy, and all in all, this number sounds great. They are grinning fountains of energy. They’re wearing clownish patchwork jumpsuits and there are hearts everywhere. The dancing is amazing. Rodriguez does a split! And Vella Lovell has an amazing solo!

“Period Sex (Second Reprise)”
This one’s become a running joke on this show now. Will it ever be a full song? This time, Rebecca’s mom blurts out to Josh that she once caught Rebecca having period sex with a boyfriend.

“Remember That We Suffered”
Rebecca is mad that Josh is having a good time at the Bar Mitzvah instead of being her partner in sulking. She explains that Jews don’t know how to have fun, they only know how to be miserable. Of the song they sing during the horah, she says “It sounds like one thing, but means another.” The rabbi leads Rebecca’s mom and the others in a traditional song and dance that looks happy but has lyrics like “Now it’s time to celebrate/Grab a drink and fix a plate/But before you feel too great/Remember that we suffered.” Patti LuPone and Tovah Feldshuh really sell the bit.

Top Three Songs in Season 2 (So Far):

“We’ll Never Have Problems Again” was great, but not great enough to displace the top three.

1. “Maybe This Dream”
2. “It Was a S— Show”
3. “So Maternal”

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