Bobby reboots his golfing career; Laurie and Travis finally acknowledge their chemistry
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Welcome back to (All I Want For Christmas is a New Title) Cougar Town! In “The Same Old You,” the Drink Tank Think Tank (or what Kirsten/Girlfriend called the Purple Tooth Crew) put all of the spare time they spend not working and not talking about work (ha! fourth wall: shattered) to good use by fixing up Bobby’s houseboat. So what if it sank into the marina, leaving a thin film of cheese dust and dog hair in its wake? It’s the thought, and mailing address, that counts. As Jules has been saying for at least a week now: “To get ahead, get a home.” (Worst slogan ever!)

I loved the sense of the Jules-Bobby relationship, past and present, we got in this episode. There was the sappy, content-based stuff, like their heart-to-hearts about his increased confidence and general self-improvement. But they’re also just so visually cute together, if not as a viable couple then as truly good friends. How sweet was it that he bothered to repeat “I’m a lucky duck, baby,” after hearing that she’d kept fondly thinking back to when he said it years ago? Also great: their high-energy bear hug after Bobby sank the put in the PGA golf qualifier Jules had encouraged him to enter. And I always love when we get goofy glimpses of why these two would have been so compatible — like when Jules openly admitted to the group, “To be honest with you, I don’t even get what puns are.” That’s So Bobby!

Meanwhile, Laurie posed as a transfer student at Travis’ college so she could join a sorority. Can you blame her? The parties rock, and sometimes she just wants to wear pearls without being judged. We’ve all been there. Travis’ girlfriend Kirsten wasn’t as amused by Laurie and Travis’ impressions of each other’s laugh styles (happy tugboat, cartoon woodpecker) as we viewers were. To be honest, I was surprised that these two finally had a serious discussion about the possibility of getting together. They’ve been dancing around that for months! I mean…Laurie’s older older, you know? It’d be weird! Eventually, much to Travis’ dismay but Girlfriend’s delight, Laurie backed off, or “flipped out of there like a flapjack.” Well, at least for a few minutes…until the end of the episode, when she and Trav were back to their usual mischief, stalking the sisters at Laurie’s candlelight vigil. She died for him. That’s true love. (?!)

Grayson and Ellie needed something else to do, so they waged a hilarious war of uncovering each other’s embarrassing pasts. So many gems here: Grayson’s “talent” video (and Jules’ over-the-top imitation that followed), Ellie’s caterpillar-eyebrows headshot and short-lived “shot slut” career, the mere idea of Ellie as a “power forward” in basketball at age 10, and many more. I think my favorite was her coup de grace against Grayson — “a tearful voicemail to the girl who took your virginity” — because it was the type of thing the always-masterful Ellie might snake out on her own. I mean, I know realistically the tape was probably just sitting in a drawer of Grayson’s for her to find, but I love the idea of Ellie somehow tracking it down from the woman herself, then buying a recorder, etc. — all for the purpose of seeing the look on his face when he finally grasped the full breadth of her sheer wickedness. Whatever! Let me have my fantasies!

NEXT: The episode’s 10 best quotes/moments!

My Top 10 quotes and moments of “The Same Old You”:

10. “Bobby Batman Cobb, we believe in you!” –Andy Robin Torres

9. “Which gender?” –Jules’ response to Grayson’s claim that he broke down the gender barrier by participating in the Little Mr. Miami pageant

8. Laurie mouthing “Be cool, be cool” to Travis and Girlfriend after diverting the Zetas’ attention with a resounding chorus of their own name

7. “She’s a total Ellie.” –One of Laurie’s new sorority sisters, who let her make up new words for things. (Was it Missy? Now I’m realizing that at the end of the episode, maybe Laurie should have screamed “You were always an Ellie, Missy!” instead of “You were always a bitch”!)

6. Jules prancing out in front of everyone and announcing “Yes!” after Bobby asked if Jules was “behind all this.” That’s So Jules!

5. Andy shushing Ellie during his intent visualization of young, golden-haired Bobby

4. “My microwave’s broken. I ate a whole tub of uncooked biscuit dough and I think it’s rising in my stomach. Uhhhhhhh.” –Present-day Bobby, abruptly getting everyone to Slap Out of It

3. “Maybe he’s down because his retirement plan is to die early. His garbage disposal is a dog. He eats cereal out of a turtle shell. His bottle opener is a dog.” –Ellie re: Bobby

2. Bobby winning ONE DOLLAR for eating a huge tub of Cheesy Popcorn (for some reason I nearly died laughing at the tub’s elaborate label)

1. The “sweaty, angry” ’80s movie montage to “Walking on Sunshine” by the sloppy but adorable boat-fixin’ gang — especially Ellie painting a huge blue stripe on Andy’s head!

Cougar Town Life Lesson of the Week: “The only way to not be labeled a tramp is to not sleep with guys who talk so much.” –Laurie Keller, always in our hearts. LAUGH!

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