Relive the 10 best moments of a season premiere that featured 'Movie Mashup' and Jennifer Aniston
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Welcome back to (still) Cougar Town! In the season 2 premiere, “All Mixed Up,” Jennifer Aniston guest-starred as a kooky, sage-burning life coach with anger-management issues and a dog that she treated like a child. She wasn’t much like Rachel Green, but of course I can’t help making that connection because hello, it’s Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston in the same smoke-filled room. Their interactions were along the lines of what I imagine it would have been like if Rachel’s character had suddenly decided she had become a wizard.

Luckily, Ellie rescued Jules from Wizard Rachel’s spell and reassured her that she was the best candidate for the enviable full-time job of listening to Jules’ problems. With Ellie’s help, Jules was able to play it (barely) cool with her graysonship (that’s when you’re in a relationship with an emotional robot) just long enough for Grayson to come trotting back to the comforting aura of Jules’ wine bar/house after a long day of napping in a tree.

Meanwhile, Laurie challenged Travis to a wake-off, but cheated and slept when he wasn’t around. Aw, Man Hands couldn’t help it; the kid’s going off to college and she’ll miss screwing with him! (Almost left out the “with” there. Whoops!) Bobby came clean as the artist who’d been defacing the Julesie-face benches, and asked Grayson to do him a favor and quit complaining about what he should see as a privilege: spending tons of time with three-dimensional Jules whenever he feels up to it. Can it be that terrible? You get to watch The Blue Lagoon AND The Goonies!

My 10 favorite ‘Cougar Town’ moments — list your own below!

10. “Where are you looking?” –Andy to Bobby, after Bobby’s David Caruso imitation

9. “I’m not a therapist!” –Ellie, in response to Jules’ reminder that Ellie is crazy

8. “5…4…3…my anger is in a purple balloon and I let it go.” –Glenn, who should have incorporated 30 Rock‘s “laser shield” into her defense against Jules’ air gun. (They’re not just hands anymore!)

7. Non-verbal gem: Grayson dancing away from Jules and toward his car

6. “I don’t miss people — I dis-miss them!” –Farrah to Travis

5. “What yoga class?” –Barb, who just spent the last hour getting her body twisted into all sorts of positions by a sweaty Indian man

4. “Al Gore does a Powerpoint presentation on Madonna’s naked body.” –the Movie Mashup clue for An Inconvenient Truth or Dare

3. “No, no. I need Big Joe.” –Jules, in reference to a WINE GLASS

2. Bobby keeps a bottle opener on Dog Travis’ collar!

1. Laurie’s “Imaginary opera gloves” in response to Ellie’s invisible hat tip. “So dumb,” laments Ellie. SO BRILLIANT.

Share your favorite moments and feel free to play Movie Mashup (with or without drinking) in the comments! I’ll start: “Fashion-forward teen suddenly faced with four other mouths to feed pretends she’s a nun who comforts a convicted killer on death row.”

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