Travis heads to college, Dead Baby Taco Wednesday debuts; check out our top 10 moments
Cougar Town Let Go

On this week’s Cougar Town, “Let Yourself Go,” Human Travis was about to leave for college. So of course, Jules — mayor of Crazy Town, conductor of the Crazy Train (there are no stops, that’s why it’s crazy!) — went on a clingy rampage. I have to tip my hat to and put on my invisible opera gloves for the Cougar Town writers and Courteney Cox for somehow making this mother-son relationship so incredibly inappropriate yet simultaneously hilarious. Umbilical cord that might be something else! Motorcycle hugs! Matching toe rings! It could have been as ridiculous as fishing off a boat and onto a road.

But sometimes Cougar Town-crazy is crazy-relatable. Jules just assumed she and Travis would hug, she’d wave, and he’d look back at her from his car with “some meaningful glance that sort of summed up our relationship.” I almost cried just thinking about that, because it’s true — that’s exactly what a mom would want. Jules got her moment in the end. And Bobby was really hung up about Travis too. “I sure am gonna miss that little weirdo.” Luckily he’s only 20 minutes away.

Laurie attempted to teach Bobby the wild ways of the internet. It’s the greatest — little kitties play the piano just like Bruce Hornsby! Meanwhile, Ellie and Andy convinced [cue group groan] chore-monger neighbor Tom that their baby died. Ghost Baby! Come on, they needed their lawns mowed and who doesn’t love Dead Baby Taco Wednesday? Ellie explained to the group (and to us viewers) why were never hear about or see Baby Stan: because Andy had said there’s nothing less sexy than a woman who just talks about her baby. I loved how the rest of the gang wasn’t at all sympathetic to Ellie’s eventual turnaround. Laurie would never say ANYTHING to make her feel better. Grayson dreads every minute they spend together!

Andy’s attempt to make Stan walk in a harness was a nice callback to Jules’ admission that she once used Travis’ hands “like a tiny little puppet” to make herself a macaroni necklace when he was 1. But then Baby Stan did walk on his own. He’s like a real character now! Ellie made the mistake of announcing her son’s milestone just as Travis was really leaving, Ellie: “Stan walked!” Jules: “Now is not the time.” God, Ellie, use your head!

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Top 10 quotes and moments of the episode!

10. Gratuitous zoom-in of Jules’ cleavage. Eyes up here!

9. “I hope you enjoyed your meal, and all the clothes I’ve bought since you were born.” –Jules to Travis

8. “Just FYI, plastic wrap is like 93-and-a-half percent effective.” –Laurie, expert on DIY birth control

7. Professor Nip Slip strikes again: “The internet is like a series of spiderwebs that connects us to each other. except the webs are invisible, and the spiders are nerds.”

6. Travis’ “meaningful glance” of horror when Jules ripped back the shower curtain and declared “You’re mine today!” If anything sums up their entire relationship, it’s this. So creepy/awesome. And the reverse: Travis assuring his new roommate “This isn’t some strange girl’s panties. It’s just my mom’s hair scrunchie.”

5. “MAKE BIG.” –Bobby’s attempt to enlarge the font on his computer

4. “It’s like a ghost passed through me.” –Grayson after Ellie’s wicked dose of eye contact. (Like Lucille Bluth, Ellie gets off on withholding. Look at her, getting off.)

3. Grayson and Laurie’s teamwork — first with the dramatization of their planned murder/suicide at the bar and later with the [fart sound]/”Suck it, Mom Jeans” combo platter.

2. The realization that Bobby was in Travis’ dorm room as well (behind a laser shield) and that when he corrected Jules and said “WE raised a great son,” mother and son both shrugged him off. (“Meh”/”Enh”)

1. Sushi restaurant greeting! Aw, don’t make Grayson hate the Japanese!

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