As Katie and Will's missions grow more dangerous, they both start to feel the weight of their responsibilities
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On Day 341 of the Occupation, an unidentified man finds himself biking to an abandoned building, where he gives an address over the loudspeaker. He tells the story of “Tom” and the terrible things that happened to his wife and daughter and the circumstances that led him to decide to put the bomb in the truck that started this whole mess. “Don’t wait until your family is threatened,” he cautions the listening public. “Do something. I am Geronimo; you are Geronimo; we are all Geronimo.” Yes, this is Geronimo.

Naturally, he’s tracked but not found, and Bram is shown putting the tapes of each recording in a shoebox. It’s an ominous way to start the episode, but it’s also a reminder that Colony lives very much in a high-stakes world. That’s only driven home when Katie and Rachel (Kim Rhodes) meet up with their friends for her first real Resistance mission. She looks a little wary picking up a gun but is assured she’s going to do great. After all, these people are basically pros. What could go wrong?

Basically, everything. After throwing a dummy in front of a truck driven by Red Hats, everything goes haywire. Katie gets freaked out watching the whole thing, but when another young Resistance fighter named Justin Kim gets shot, Katie stops to help. Despite her best efforts, it’s a lost cause, Broussard puts the poor kid out of his misery right in front of Katie’s eyes. All of a sudden, it’s very Walking Dead up here in California…minus the zombies, obviously. While people take advantage of the raid and try to steal food from the truck, drones arrive and not only target people, but shoot them down unnecessarily. And now I see why everyone avoids those damn drones.

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A shaken Katie comes home and bypasses conversation with Gracie’s sweet tutor in favor of trying to rid herself of what she experienced via some “out, out, damn spot” PTSD. When Will interrupts her, Katie does what anyone in her situation would do (and, let’s face it, what anyone looking at Josh Holloway would do) — she tears his clothes off. Afterward, Will confronts her about what happened. He’s not complaining, but, you know, it was a little random.

Before they can talk, though, Will is called to investigate the raid Katie was a part of. The truck that was destroyed was headed for the Green Zone, and Will looks through the body bags, noticing Justin’s body and also that someone tried to help him. There’s no ID tag, but Phyllis has other ways of getting information, which leads to Homeland Security raiding Justin’s house (which includes, among other things, porn and Joseph Conrad, as well as a paper full of code that’s used by the Resistance to communicate). Will sees them taking Justin’s parents to the Factory and that doesn’t sit well with him, but, well, there’s not a lot he can do.

When he comes home, he tries to check on Katie again because he’s still a little concerned. Katie brushes off her breakdown by lying and saying she found items from Charlie while she was cleaning and then apologizes for complaining when Will took his job. Will, in turn, talks about Justin’s death and what happened at his house. They’re sharing a quiet moment and cuddling each other, and I kind of love this scene because, right now, Will and Katie are closer than they’ve ever been, both metaphorically and physically. “Whatever you’re going through, we’re going through together,” Will says, and ain’t that the truth. “You can tell me anything.” We know Katie can’t, but she can at least tell her husband she loves him.

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At the Resistance’s hideout, Broussard tells them how Homeland Security got to Justin’s house before they did. Katie comes to meet Broussard in a park, still clearly shaken up. Broussard is unapologetic, which makes me feel a little wary, and tells her she needs to go back and find out more information. Meanwhile, Bram is up to his own trouble. He delivers the cassette tape of Geronimo’s latest address to his teacher, who mentions he’s been monitoring the sky and “saw something up there.” He wants to investigate, and Bram, always eager to discover more, is more than on board with this. While he’s hanging out later, he’s interrupted by his girlfriend, Pia (Libe Barer), who urgently drags him to what looks like an abandoned Department of Water and Power building in L.A. She leads him down a secret hidden passageway (seriously, like, this is hardcore stuff, complete with mazes and darkness and hard hats). Turns out her cousin Pedro fell from a ladder and needs help. What’s up from where Pedro fell? “The rest of the world…” Ominous, no? Bram helps bike Pia’s cousin back to where they’re living, and Pia makes him promise he won’t tell anyone about their adventures.

Phyllis comes to her team and hands off dossiers on Justin, everything they could get their hands on regarding personal information. Phyllis won’t tell Will where they got the information, of course, just that they have means and access to figuring out these things. Will and Beau arrive at an abandoned YMCA and the first thing they notice are the soundproof walls. The second thing they notice is someone is shooting at them. Will takes off, running outside to try to find the source of the attack, but comes up empty. Beau has found something, though: firearms. A lot of them.

But let’s end the episode on a happy note! Well, as happy a note as we can given the nature of this show. Katie has successfully re-opened The Yonk, which means lots of customers, lots of laughter, and Will playing bartender, which is pretty much your recapper’s personal dream. Beau and Broussard show up to see their respective partners, with Beau having a long talk with Will about why he’s with the collaborators and Broussard telling Katie how Will and his team found their armory and took half their weapons — and how Katie needs to step up the intel…or else. If that wasn’t enough to freak Katie out, Snyder and his Red Hats show up with a loud song and dance about how proud they are about the progress being made in the L.A. Bloc.

Katie escapes to the back room, where Will finds her, and she tells her husband how they’ve sold out. She doesn’t like this, after all; she doesn’t trust him, and she wants to back out. But Will? Will is making progress in his job. Will is so close to eventually being able to get Charlie back. He tells Katie about Phyllis and how she has a means of getting information no one else can match. When Katie returns to the bar, she approaches Broussard: She knows how they got into the armory and how they get their information. But before she actually gives up any information, she wants to make sure her husband isn’t harmed.

Let’s think about what we’ve seen of Broussard for a moment. Yeah. We trust that…

Bacon Bits:

  • I keep saying Colony’s strength is in its relationships and when it becomes a family show more than a mythology show, and in that respect, I love how the show is portraying both Will and Katie’s hesitancy at the methods that are used on their respective sides. It’s truly a representation of war: You don’t like it? Tough choice. You do what you have to do to survive…even if it starts to tear you apart.
  • It’s so fun to see Josh Holloway kind of play a cop here, because Season 6 Sideways Sawyer on the right side of the law was always something I needed more of.
  • I know it would end badly, but I am HERE for more Katie and Beau interaction and banter.
  • I have a really big thing for sisters, and I love all the bonding we’ve seen so far between Katie and Maddie — especially when they were drinking and hanging out at the bar.

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