Chicago Med - Season 3
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The doctors are in — for plenty of relationship drama! Tuesday’s Chicago Med season 3 premiere shook up all of the hospital’s relationships, as one couple shared a long-awaited kiss, one had a professional bump in the road, and another might be headed for a breakup.

Who finally got together? Who’s about to break apart? And who should you be keeping an eye on? We’re administering a health check to all of Chicago Med‘s ships after that surprising premiere.

Will & Natalie

Where we left off: Will (Nick Gehlfuss) dumped girlfriend Nina Shore (Patti Murin) and confessed that he still had romantic feelings for Natalie (Torrey DeVitto), who appeared to be getting the hint.

What happened: Natalie returned to the hospital after spending the three months since the season 2 finale on a sabbatical outside of the hospital. Just as she was saying her hellos, she was paired with Will on a couple who was gravely injured in a car crash while fighting. The two were deeply affected when the wife wasn’t able to apologize to her husband before he was declared brain-dead. As the pair left the hospital side-by-side, Will was finally motivated to tell Natalie how he felt, which led to her confessing that she’d taken her sabbatical to think about her feelings for him. The two shared their first kiss in the hospital parking lot.

Prognosis: Good. All signs point to good things for Manstead in Chicago Med season 3, but don’t get too comfortable with the happy couple. Showrunner Andrew Schneider says that while they have a solid relationship now, “there’ll be strain” later on this season.

Ethan & April

Chicago Med - Season 3
Credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

Where we left off: After April (Yaya DaCosta) ended her engagement to Tate (Deron J. Powell), she and Choi (Brian Tee) shared a kiss at Noah’s season-ending party.

What happened: Chexton were now officially dating, but keeping their relationship a secret to avoid any accusations of impropriety. Their cover was almost blown when one of the nurses accused April of getting preferential treatment from Choi, assuming that they were sleeping together. April denied the claim, then brought the incident up with Choi, who questioned whether or not they should just go public. She didn’t want their professional relationship besmirched by their personal one, and he agreed to keep it between them — for now.

Prognosis: Fair. While the relationship itself is strong, April’s right that it’s also a huge problem professionally. It’ll only get worse, too, considering that Choi will also be in charge of April’s brother Noah, since he’s Chicago Med’s chief resident. And how long will he be okay with having to hide?

Connor & Robin

Chicago Med - Season 3
Credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

Where we left off: Robin’s (Mekia Cox) mental issues were revealed to be the result of a brain tumor, which was successfully removed while Connor (Colin Donnell) buried the hatchet with her father.

What happened: Fans found out that Robin had spent three months in a rehabilitation facility. While she was released in the Chicago Med season 3 premiere, she wasn’t back to normal. Dr. Sarah Reese (Rachel DiPillo) warned Robin of aftereffects, including hypersexuality that meant Robin spent half the premiere sleeping with Connor. He began to be concerned about her behavior, and Robin told her father that she worried her boyfriend no longer trusted her and questioned if he thought her love for him was just part of her disease.

Prognosis: Critical condition. Robin’s insecurity is understandable, but for her to think that Connor doubts her feelings toward him is a big leap, especially since they’ve been through so much. But it feels like their separate worries will drive them both away from the relationship. Add in the off-screen complication that Mekia Cox is now a series regular on ABC’s Once Upon a Time and that EP Andrew Schneider told EW Connor would be having “romantic and sexual tension” with his nemesis Dr. Ava Bekker (Norma Kuhling), and we’re not filled with confidence in this couple’s future.

Sarah & Noah

Chicago Med - Season 3
Credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

Where we left off: Reese broke up with her boyfriend Joey Adams (Peter Mark Kendall), leaving the door open for Noah (Roland Buck III) to persistently pursue her.

What happened: There was no action for Chicago Med‘s newest maybe-someday couple in Tuesday’s season premiere, as Reese was dealing with the aftermath of Dr. Charles’ shooting and Noah was starting his residency. Don’t expect much movement on this front either, as Reese will face bigger issues than her love life: Showrunner Diane Frolov revealed Reese has a form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after the shooting.

Prognosis: Incomplete. Even though Chicago Med hinted at this pairing pretty obviously last season, both Reese and Noah have more important stories than any potential romance.

With four relationships on the table, Chicago Med season 3 could be busy for the doctors both in and out of the hospital, but the show certainly isn’t taking it easy on any of the ships based on the season premiere. Which one are you most excited for? Most worried about?

Chicago Med airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC.

—By Brittany Frederick for Fansided’s One Chicago Center

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