Charmed -- "Source Material" -- Image Number: CMD119b_0256.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Sarah Jeffery as Maggie and Madeleine Mantock as Macy -- Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW -- © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.
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Charmed -- "The Replacement" -- Image Number: CMD118b_0367.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Melonie Diaz as Mel, Madeleine Mantock as Macy and Sarah Jeffery as Maggie -- Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW -- © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Things are getting very real up in Hilltowne, prophecy-wise. With Fiona on the loose, beloved Whitelighter Harry captured, and the demonic Alastair still scheming, the pending apocalypse is looming closer than ever. However, while the villains have very different visions for the future, the Charmed Ones learn their respective paths to victory are surprisingly intertwined.

The episode opens with the slaughtering of the Sarcana, as Macy uses her Evil Sight to learn what happened at the tattoo shop before Mel arrived to find the wreckage. The unraveled Fiona, accompanied by a captive Harry, is slaughtering her former coven due to her belief that they want to control her magic. The Whitelighter tries to stop her, but to no avail, as the witch has him shackled with a collar that she can use to both control his mind and torture him.

Knowing Fiona has Harry alive, the Charmed Ones set their rescue plan in motion. They tell Tessa about Fiona and Harry, knowing she’ll be on the lookout for the dark witch and Whitelighter, and slip a tracker on her bag.

Meanwhile, Fiona isn’t the only Callahan sister on the loose. While Charity seems to be a somewhat reluctant participant in Alastair’s evil schemes, the demon’s threats are more than enough to get her on board with his plan to raise the Source of All Evil. Setting his plan in motion, he sends Charity on a rescue mission to Tartarus.

Since their break-up, things are tense at the lab between Macy and Galvin to the point where even their boss notices. Giving Dr. Wagner a wildly watered-down version of the complicated events leading up to their split, Macy tells her that Galvin is scared of her due to the whole demon thing…which is a bit of an understatement, to say the least. Dr. Wagner offers to help her, noting Parker only has one more dose of her serum before he’s human again, but Macy holds her ground, believing she can control her demon side.

Mel is taking the first shift tracking Tessa when she’s ambushed by Niko. The P.I. has a lot of questions about the Sarcana and magic and what happened at the tattoo parlor, which has since been magically cleaned. Mel is hesitant to give Niko any real answers, with the danger looming. However, when Mel discovers the sisters’ covert tracker in the garbage, Niko offers her P.I. services.

Dr. Wagner gives Parker the final dose but it doesn’t go according to plan as his body rejects the serum. He has a seizure, during which his shadow demon self attempts to surface. When his mom tries to intervene, he sends her through a glass window, seriously injuring her.

Macy comes into the lab and stumbles across the broken syringe on the floor, but sees no sign of Dr. Wagner. As Macy’s sussing out what might have happened, Galvin enters the lab. But when Macy tries to tell him something is wrong, he shoots her down. He’s still struggling over killing the customs agent and Mama Roz while possessed by the Abiku, and tells Macy he wants nothing to do with magic and prophecies.

While Mel tells Niko again that the mission is too dangerous for her, the P.I. leverages her information on Tessa for Mel’s permission to tag along. They find out the Whitelighter is posing as an RA at the university and go off to spy on Tessa. On campus, they run into Maggie, who is on her way to meet Parker to celebrate his becoming fully human. Unaware that Parker’s final dose failed, Maggie arrives at his Phi Delta bedroom to find it completely empty of Parker’s things.

Still convinced something bad happened to Dr. Wagner, Macy snoops around her office and finds her badge. Despite wanting to stay out of it, Galvin enters and reveals Dr. Wagner’s car is still parked on campus. Wanting to help, he accompanies Macy to Dr. Wagner’s car, where they find her dead in the trunk, bound and gagged. Galvin wants to call the police but as her death was likely demon-related, Macy says she needs to sort it out her way.

At the house, Macy tells Maggie about Dr. Wagner’s death and that Parker is still missing, adding that the syringe she found was filled with highly-concentrated demon blood plasma — not Dr. Wagner’s serum. Knowing what happened to Parker the last time he caught a demon infection, Maggie wonders if this is one of Alastair’s evil schemes. Macy tells Maggie to find Parker so they can figure out what he knows. Meanwhile, she’ll use her Evil Sight — which Maggie is very wary of — to figure out what happened that night.

Niko and Mel are searching through Tessa’s room when the Whitelighter arrives, prompting them to hide in the closet. Tessa manages to get a location on Harry and Fiona, with plans to turn them into the Council. Putting a more powerful tracker spell on Tessa this time, Mel is able to orb after her — leaving Niko behind. They arrive at an old church, where Fiona and Harry are rifling through coffins for the Origin Dagger, which controls the Sacred Flame.

While Harry warns her that using the Sacred Flame (the source of magic) to control magic won’t change anything that happened to her, Fiona reveals her true goal is to destroy magic using the Dagger because magic ruined her life.

Macy uses her Evil Sight to see Dr. Wagner’s death. Hunter, Parker’s shape-shifting demon half-brother is free from Tartarus — thanks to Charity, no doubt — and back to his role as Alastair’s right-hand man. With her bound and gagged in a closet the entire time, Hunter poses as Dr. Wagner, dosing his little brother with the demon plasma. After a panicked Parker flees the lab thinking he killed his mom, Hunter kills the real Dr. Wagner.

A devastated Parker meets up with Maggie, telling her that something went wrong and he accidentally killed his mom. However, instead of providing any sort of support, Maggie is scared of Parker. She tells him that his mom, who tried so hard to save him, must’ve been terrified in her final moments — a decidedly, un-Maggie reaction. Seeing her response, Parker realizes he has nobody left and leaves, not realizing that he’s actually been talking to Hunter, who has taken on the form of his girlfriend.

Back at the crypt, Tessa is about to leave and report her findings to the Elders, when Mel reveals she’s been following the Whitelighter. Mel tells her that Maggie and Macy are on their way and they need to fight. Tessa relents and the four confront Fiona, but the Whitelighter is quickly killed by a blast aimed at Mel. Fiona instructs Harry, still under her control, to kill Maggie and Mel, but Maggie is able to use her empath powers to reach his humanity, giving Mel time to perform the unshackling spell.

While the sisters are able to rescue Harry, they aren’t able to defeat Fiona, who flees after being hit by magic from the Power of Three. Meanwhile, at Alastair’s evil compound, Charity is trying to connect with her sister. The demon discovers her while mesmerizing her, and learns he and Fiona are both after the Origin Dagger.

At the house, the sisters and Harry perform a goodbye ceremony for Tessa. With the Vortex Viribus restoring his power and Fiona no longer holding him captive, the sisters tell Harry he’s free — from the Elders and technically, from them. But Harry promises the sisters he has no intention of leaving them.

While Harry explains Fiona’s plan to destroy magic, the sisters note a startling coincidence. Fiona seeks to destroy magic but her search for the Sacred Flame brought forth the “blossoming of death”…which is part of the prophecy connected to the Source of All Evil. Knowing this can’t just be the stellar timing, they realize the Sacred Flame and the source of All Evil are the same thing, meaning witches and demons get their powers from the same place.

The next morning, the Vera house has returned to business as usual — a full spread for breakfast included. Resuming his role as their Whitelighter, Harry took care of the Dr. Wagner thing as Macy gets an email from the lab stating Dr. Wagner died from a heart attack in her home. With shape-shifting Hunter on the loose, Alastair presumably nearby, and Fiona on a quest to destroy magic, the sisters are on high alert. Macy casually mentions that this means she’ll likely be using her Evil Sight more often, which is definitely a concern for the rest of the group. Harry warns against using her Evil Sight too often, noting there will be consequences, but Macy assures him she has it all under control — which is most certainly a lie.

At the lab, Macy and Galvin talk about the cover-up of Dr. Wagner’s murder, which he is supremely uncomfortable with. Galvin reveals he took a job with Doctors Without Borders and he’s leaving in a month. Macy tells him he’s just trying to atone for the deaths he didn’t actually cause, but Galvin fires back, telling Macy he can’t just compartmentalize the incidents, posing the idea that it would have come between them at some point, anyway. Devastated, the demon in Macy surfaces, causing her to break a flask.

Mel explains to Niko what happened with Tessa, adding that they can’t hang out anymore as it’s too dangerous. Niko opens up to Mel about what happened to her two years ago, revealing she had a nervous breakdown that changed things for her. She tells Mel she believes there may be a supernatural explanation for it and wants to find out what happened. Mel gives Niko a ring that’ll protect her from all magic and to demonstrate how it works, she uses her time freezing powers, which no longer work on the P.I. Mel says learning the truth won’t be able to change what happened but it could help her begin to move forward.

Left without anywhere else to turn, Parker comes to Alastair for help, believing he will never be good. Alastair welcomes him home and offers him a way out: take on the Source. Meanwhile, Maggie gets a letter from Parker saying goodbye. In the letter, he recounts their final meeting, which confuses Maggie, considering the last time she saw Parker he hadn’t taken the final dose yet. Remembering Hunter shifted into Dr. Wagner, Macy surmises Hunter took on the form of Maggie to push Parker into Alastair’s trap.

Unfortunately, this revelation is too late as Alastair stabs Parker with the Origin Dagger, making him the host for the Source of All Evil.

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Charmed -- "The Replacement" -- Image Number: CMD118b_0367.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Melonie Diaz as Mel, Madeleine Mantock as Macy and Sarah Jeffery as Maggie -- Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW -- © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.
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