By Meaghan Kirby
March 11, 2019 at 07:34 PM EDT
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In the few episodes since the truth about Macy’s oft-talked about darkness was revealed, the reaction to finding out she has demon blood in her has taken center stage. With Galvin off to learn how to rid her of the ibi, Macy takes a reasonable approach to dealing with stress: cake and guilty pleasure TV. However, as she’s a Charmed One, a night of doing nothing comes with unusual side effects.

The episode begins in Jada’s apartment, where Mel and Jada retreated following the ambush seemingly set up by Niko. As Mel dresses Jada’s shoulder wound, which can’t be healed by magic due to protection spells on the arrow she was shot with, the pair try to figure out how Niko came to be working for witch hunters. Mel is insistent Niko’s been duped by the hunters. Still, Jada wants to talk to Niko and learn more about her clients, forcing Mel to come clean about her “breakup” with Niko. While she maintains their relationship is over, Mel’s surprised and livid when Jada reveals an alternative to the rewriting history spell that would have protected Niko without forcing the end of their relationship.

Meanwhile, a very much back together Parker and Maggie attempt to have sex for the first time. However, they’re unable to get very far when a force field erupts from Maggie, sending Parker across the room. At the house, Macy is avoiding her feelings about Galvin’s dangerous journey by excessively baking and making cheeky Jumanji references (in honor of Ser’Darius Blain’s role in the rebooted franchise).

Maggie bursts in to talk about the magical sex interference she and Parker just experienced. A conversation between the sisters about their powers and emotions prompts Maggie to realize her fears about reuniting with Parker given their history and his demon powers might have triggered the force field. When Maggie goes in for a hug, she accidentally sticks her hand on the stove top…and leaves it there. Mel enters the kitchen just as Macy and Maggie realize Maggie’s hand has just been sitting there burning on the stove top and alerts Harry. Healing the very nasty burns on her hand, Harry admits her inability to feel the burning sensation may be demon related and thinks she should talk to Charity.

Having just learned about the alternative spell that could have saved her relationship with Niko, and feeling increasingly distrustful of the Elder Council, Mel is very much against involving the Elders. She repeats the revelation back to the group and while Harry has never heard of the spell, Mel is firm in believing the elders need to stay out of Macy’s situation. The bickering continues until Macy puts an end to the conversation, opting instead to seek refuge in the attic with a cake, essential oil, and her favorite ‘90s teen show.

Harry goes into the attic to check on her and Macy admits she’s worried Mel’s resentment towards the Elders will cause a major rift among the sisters. Noting how much is at stake — for her and the world — he encourages her again to reach out to Charity. However, Macy is not in a headspace to do so, telling the Whitelighter that right now she needs to zone out and watch TV.

Harry sticks around to catch a few scenes of Heaven’s Vice — a fictional and hilariously painful ‘90s drama starring Scott Porter and Jimmy Tatro as a pair of angel brothers sent down to battle demons. However, their bonding session is cut very short after the Whitelighter deems the premise absurd and leaves her to it.

While getting comfortable for a long night of Heaven’s Vice, Macy accidentally knocks over the bottle of the “escape” essential oil onto the Wi-Fi router, which causes an electrical reaction and opens a portal…causing Gideon and Levi, the main characters from Heaven’s Vice, to materialize into the attic. While the confused brothers confront Macy about who she is, a vampire from the TV series also gets transported with them and takes off through the house. After confronting Harry, the vampire makes its way to the backyard, where Macy is able to help the brothers kill it.

Following her conversation with Macy, Maggie arrives back at Parker’s to clear the air and try to have sex again. But when she comes clean about her fear that he’ll hurt her again, and admits her emotions manifested into the force field, Parker sets off on a crisis of his own.

During their meeting with Niko, she admits to missing some major details in the background check. Jada discovers the pair behind the attack are people she crossed a few years ago who are now seeking revenge. Niko wants to help take them down — with the help of the police — and sets up a meeting with her clients. However, Jada is secretly working on a plan of her own. Despite her insistence to Jada that she and Niko are definitely over, Mel finds out that Niko is getting married and definitely has some feelings about it.

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Back at the house, another monster from the TV show appears in the attic, only to be caught and killed by Harry and Macy before it is able to kill an innocent woman. Macy then reveals the show to the brothers and attempts to explain why they need to go back. While the boys prepare to go back through the portal, Macy’s information seems to have sparked something in Gideon. He offers Macy a hug before they depart, and unable to resist an offer from her bad boy childhood crush, Macy accepts, only to be sent through the portal, with Harry having been pushed in behind her. The pair find themselves stuck in the TV show (potentially forever) as the portal behind them closes and Harry learns he cannot orb between realities.

At the meeting with the witch hunters, Mel freezes time so that she and Jada can enact their plan without the presence of Niko and the police. Unable to use magic on the witch hunters, they use magic on themselves and after a little hand to hand combat, they’re able to take the vengeful hunters down. While trying to rid the hunters of their spell bocking rings and erase their memories, Jada also teaches Mel a new spell that allows her to manipulate time on objects.

After a second failed attempt to have sex with Parker, Maggie is back at the house just in time to see Harry and Macy in the Heaven’s Vice episode. Harry and Macy are in the series finale, leaving them with only 15 mins to reopen the portal. On the show, the devil is trying to open Hellgate and destroy humanity while Macy and Harry try to figure out how to stop him.

Mel, having been called in by Maggie, finds the brothers at The Haunt and gets them back to the house, where she and Maggie are brewing the “Escape” essential oil, which, being Marisol’s, is a lot more than a regular essential oil. The brothers squabble about their existence and fight over Angelica, their shared love interest who has ultimately chosen Levi. Their argument over sex and emotion gives Maggie some ideas for how to how to handle her situation with Parker. Meanwhile, Mel and Maggie discover the essential oil needs two weeks to fully brew and while Maggie panics over Harry and Macy’s fates, Mel uses the time wish spell to age the essential oil. While I have a feeling Mel’s mistrust for the Elders and continued reliance on Sarcana magic is going to spiral out of control very soon, the spells are definitely coming in handy at the moment.

Having spent two decades unsatisfied with the brothers’ plan to take out the devil, Macy takes matters into her own hands and she and Harry are able to defeat the devil and save humankind with some clever wordplay and a stab from the devil’s own horn. Mel and Maggie open up the portal, allowing Harry and Macy to return to the real world. Now at peace with their place in their TV show world, Gideon and Levi return to the show.

The sisters watch the finale of Heaven’s Vice together in bed, during which Macy tells Maggie and Mel that after a lot of deliberating, she’s going to take Harry’s advice and call Charity. This immediately upsets Mel, who tells her older sister the Elders are keeping things from the Charmed Ones, adding that the only reason she and Harry aren’t stuck in the TV show is because of a spell she learned from Jada.

On her way out, Mel bumps into Harry, who is secretly watching Heaven’s Vice. She asks Harry if he thinks Charity may have withheld a spell that could have saved Niko and allowed her and Mel to stay together. While Harry goes through the motions of defending Charity and the Elders — that everything they do is to protect the Charmed Ones — he isn’t as steadfast in his defense as he once was, reluctantly admitting it’s possible she purposely withheld the spell.

Maggie and Parker have a chat, where she admits she became so focused on her feelings, it didn’t even occur to her that he may have a lot of feelings too. They finally get real about their fears and concerns, allowing them to clear the air and finally (successfully) have sex. Unfortunately, mid-sex, Parker’s shadow demon powers begin acting up and the pair plummet through three floors of the Vera house, landing in a circular stone room containing glowing symbols on the walls hidden under the house.

Their appearance in the room causes a mysterious woman (The Originals’ Leah Pipes), with a glowing symbol on her forehead identical to one lining the walls of the stone room, to abruptly awaken and say, “It’s time.” From the looks of it, she’s definitely spent time in Tartarus, so it appears we’re finally about to meet the presumed dead Fiona.

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