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February 18, 2019 at 09:18 PM EST

From the get-go, the Charmed reboot has thrown a lot of information at viewers, often too much at once. However, after dozens of questions, twists, and reveals, the show is finally starting to give us some answers — and proper answers at that!  But as Macy tries to learn more about her resurrection, she and Maggie find themselves involved with a toxic pair of witches named Cyd and Knansie…yes really.

The episode opens on the night of Macy’s resurrection, as a distraught Marisol, having broken a necromancer out of Tartarus, begs her to bring an infant Macy back from the dead. The necromancer warns of a sacrifice in exchange for the resurrection but Marisol is willing to do anything to bring Macy back. The necromancer’s spell works and Marisol and Dexter are relieved to hear Macy crying. However, as the couple reunites with their daughter, the necromancer reveals the terms of the sacrifice: the young family has two years of happiness, and then Marisol can never see Macy again or she’ll die.

In the present, the sisters are reeling from the news that Macy was resurrected. So much so that Harry’s attempts to tell them about his own predicament are interrupted by Maggie and Mel letting him in on the unsettling news. When she enters the kitchen, the trio tries to play it cool but Macy makes it clear she’s not interested in a pep talk or reassurance. She’s crushed that she can’t shake this darkness, especially as so many things in her life are finally going well.

However, she discounted the fact that Harry’s the only one in the household who can relate to what she’s feeling on some level. He finds Macy in her room and instead of a pep talk, offers up some guidance. Speaking about his own experience of being brought back from the dead, despite the widely differing circumstances, he encourages Macy to find some answers instead of dwelling on darkness and sinking into depression. While Harry is definitely referring to the Book of Shadows or some above the board method, Macy turns to an ominous book titled Ceremonies for the Resurrection of the Dead.

Speaking of getting answers, now that she’s officially become acquainted with a memory-wiped Niko, Mel is desperate to know what her former girlfriend was up to during the two years of their relationship Mel undid, namely why Niko is no longer a cop. Having seen Mel go down this rabbit hole, Maggie warns her she can’t get involved again.

The power of a capella quelled any lingering hard feelings between Lucy and Maggie and it seems this friendship is officially back on track. The Kappa president invites Maggie to a Phi Delta stoplight party, officially getting her back in the dating game, adding that she hopes to have Maggie return to Kappa by spring rush.

Back at the house, Macy uses the resurrection book to summon the necromancer, who arrives looking very normal and not at all like someone who could resurrect the dead. Lamenting her broken concealment charm, she asks Macy if she’s working with a witch named Cyd, who is hunting her down. When Macy reveals who she is, the necromancer agrees to provide answers as long as Macy helps her brew another concealment spell.

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