Charmed -- "The Source Awakens" -- Image Number: CMD122b_0300.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Melonie Diaz as Mel, Rupert Evans as Harry and Sarah Jeffery as Maggie -- Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW -- © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.
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Charmed -- "The Replacement" -- Image Number: CMD118b_0367.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Melonie Diaz as Mel, Madeleine Mantock as Macy and Sarah Jeffery as Maggie -- Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW -- © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

In the penultimate episode, the Charmed Ones were able to take down their allied Big Bads as Macy — a surprising but fitting 11th-hour candidate — stepped in to take on the Source of All Evil. While the Charmed Ones thwarted the prophecy and prevented the apocalypse, taking out Fiona and Alistair in the process, the finale finds the Vera sisters contending with their most devastating foe yet: the unwavering grip of evil and the repercussions of destiny.

One of the most important arcs during the back half of the season has been Macy’s struggle to find a balance between her witch and demon identities. Now, with newfound powers unmatched by any living magical being and desperate to save everyone she loves from danger, Macy’s battle for control is more dangerous than ever.

The episode ominously opens with Macy confidently approaching the Vera house and knocking on the door. A very-much-alive Marisol Vera opens the door, as Macy says, “It worked.”

In the present, a groggy and confused Galvin wakes up in Macy’s bed, surprised at having survived what seemed to be certain death as he performed the sacrificial ritual. Downstairs, a bewildered Maggie and Mel pepper Harry with questions regarding Macy’s new powers and what happens now that she’s taken on the Source. Unfortunately, despite the Whitelighter’s best efforts, this is entirely out of his wheelhouse. The three commiserate over their shared fear and worry for their sister as Macy eavesdrops from the other room.

Coming down the stairs, Galvin asks Macy if she’s alright, alerting Maggie, Harry, and Mel to both Macy’s presence and the fact that Galvin’s alive. Before they can say anything to Galvin about his resurrection, Macy interrupts, allowing Galvin to leave without knowing he didn’t actually survive his sacrificial ritual. Maggie also notices that Macy is no longer wearing her yin-yang necklace, which acts as a source of connection to her sisters.

After Galvin leaves, the trio confronts Macy about Galvin’s resurrection. Citing it as against the laws of nature, Harry warns of repercussions in the form of a cosmic reckoning.

Maggie goes to find Parker, who is in the process of cleaning out his father’s office and leaving town. Maggie asks him how his father prepared him to take on the Source, trying to learn more about its effect on Macy. Parker reveals the Source preys on the host’s deepest insecurities, which definitely tracks where Macy’s concerned. It seems the page from the Book of Shadows, which Lucy stole with surprising ease in “Ambush,” is the key to saving Macy.

As Harry warned, the cosmic reckoning has begun: two of the patients Galvin cured of the Harbinger’s virus have died from sudden heart attacks. Mel catches up with the scientist and he tells her that he remembers sacrificing himself and doesn’t understand how he managed to survive, especially now that his patients are dying. He surmises that Macy brought him back to life, which Mel confirms. Galvin tells her he was at peace with dying but now that he’s been resurrected, he feels off. He tells Mel that she needs to do whatever she can to stop Macy from acting this way.

Harry goes to find Macy, but before he can knock, she senses him outside the door and summons him inside. She tells him that Mel and Maggie are scared of her and when Harry tries to persuade her otherwise, she adds that she can read thoughts now too. Harry warns her against using her powers so freely, telling her about the two Harbinger patients. Macy tells him she’ll just bring the patients back to life…which is the exact opposite of his plan.

Maggie has recovered the missing Book of Shadows page, but it’s written in a ridiculously ancient text and before they’re able to work out how to use it, Macy appears. Mel confronts her about Galvin’s death and resurrection. While Macy maintains she’ll be able to fix it, Harry and Mel try to get her to understand that that’s not how destiny works. Desperate and losing her grip on her power, Macy tells them it’s okay that they’re scared and she plans to fix it by bringing their mom back to life.

This is where the opening scene comes back into play. In the rewritten timeline, Macy approaches the Vera house, but as the opening scene continues, it reveals dire consequences. Marisol tells Macy she can’t be at the house, before starting to choke and collapsing. As Marisol lays dying in Macy’s arms, Mel and Maggie enter the room, shocked and horrified by what they see. While Macy tries to explain she’s their sister, Mel and Maggie don’t believe her. Macy seeks out Knansie, the necromancer who brought her back to life and is working at a local grocery store where Harry is shopping for tea. Recognizing Macy, Harry tries to talk to her but she orbs away with Knansie, who explains that in order for the curse to be lifted, there needs to be a different sacrifice. This leads Macy to rewrite the timeline yet again, this time with Mel as the sacrifice.

In the new alternate reality, Mel is living in Seattle, driving for a rideshare company. She picks up Harry, who gives her the “I’m a women’s studies professor at Hilltowne University who has been retweeted by Roxane Gay” spiel. Mel, meanwhile, opens up about being raised by a single dad. Getting an intense feeling of deja vu, Mel and Harry’s noses begin to bleed and in a panic, Mel freezes time. Harry, in turn, reveals he’s a Whitelighter and surmises their timelines have been rewritten and their brains are overwhelmed by the memories. Harry orbs Mel to the Whitelighter power source and when they drink from it, they regain their memories.

Orbing with Mel to Hilltowne, Harry reveals that in his timeline, he’s Macy and Maggie’s Whitelighter. While the sisters aren’t the Charmed Ones, Harry deduces that as they’re all still witches, Macy’s newfound powers can’t change destiny. Harry introduces Mel to Maggie, who without Mel as an older sister, has the personality of kappa president Lucy on steroids and is living her best life as a social media vlogger who says things like “flex, girl, flex” and promotes eyelash extensions on Instagram. (In a hilariously timely reference, Mel refers to Maggie as Olivia Jade…yes that Olivia Jade.)

Harry gives Maggie the Whitelighter power source, restoring her memories of Mel. Maggie reveals Macy is hyper-possessive of their mom, desperate to keep her alive to the point that Maggie is estranged from them both. With their memories intact, Maggie, Mel, and Harry continue the work they started in the original timeline. However, just as Harry is able to retrieve Marisol’s prism, Macy arrives and melts it. As she turns on Mel, choking her, Harry is able to orb her and Maggie to safety. While Mel admits Macy is right that she needs to steer clear of Marisol, Harry warns that destiny will assert itself anyway…which it does at that exact moment.

Marisol is in the attic, cleaning up broken glass from their massive window when Macy orbs into the room. The overwhelming power of the Source knocks Marisol through the window and she dies, mirroring her death in the pilot episode. Harry and Maggie orb into the attic and the Whitelighter reminds Macy this was always going to happen. Macy admits she brought Marisol back to life for her sisters but after getting a glimpse at the life she missed, she rewrote the timeline so she could be with Marisol.

Now believing herself to be the problem, Macy rewrites the timeline again but this time, she doesn’t exist in this new, seemingly war-torn reality. Maggie and Mel explain their reality to Marisol, as Harry orbs in to help. Marisol translates the missing Book of Shadows page and encourages Mel and Maggie to return to the moment their sister bond with Macy was broken.

They’re able to return to that moment in their reality when Macy’s desire to fix everything begins to take hold. She brushes off their initial attempts to talk, but a forceful Mel captures her attention and Macy sends her flying across the room into the banister before sending the three away from her. Harry orbs Maggie and Mel to where Macy’s pain originated, the attic, where they find Macy spinning out of control and her powers growing.

Macy begs them to leave her but Maggie and Mel refuse, and the reassurance is everything Macy needs to regain control over her powers and cease the tornado-like winds sweeping through the attic.

Macy realizes she needs to move on without the power from the Source, even though it means Galvin will die. The sisters use the Power of Three to trap the power from the Source into Macy’s yin-yang necklace, breaking it into three parts. The sisters plan to hide the necklace fragments in hidden locations across the globe, leaving Harry to wipe their memories afterward.

Having saved their family and the world, the sisters go to Marisol’s grave and reflect on what she would have thought about seeing them come together. Afterward, Maggie goes off to see if things with Parker can work — demons and all — while Mel realizes that messing with Niko’s timeline was a devastating violation and she needs to let her go. Harry accompanies Macy home, sharing a moment that indicates Macy learned something about the Whitelighter when she had the power to read his mind…something he hilariously wishes to never speak of again.

Unfortunately, while Maggie was optimistic about finally having a real shot with Parker, he’s leaving town. He asks her to come with him but obviously, that’s not going to happen. He promises her he’ll come back to Hilltowne once he’s found a way to balance his demon side and they share a sad goodbye kiss before he disappears into smoke.

As the Vera sisters and Harry return from Galvin’s funeral, they’re greeted by a horde of magical creatures — including Chloe the pixie and Leon the satyr — who’ve come to thank them for defeating Alistair and saving magic. With the Elders gone, the magical creatures are in search of a new governing body to maintain magical order, believing the natural choice to be the Charmed Ones.

Having come a long way since being kidnapped and informed of magical existence by Harry, the Vera sisters are finally united, in both their relationships with one another and their magic, embracing their new role as leaders in the magical community.

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Charmed -- "The Replacement" -- Image Number: CMD118b_0367.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Melonie Diaz as Mel, Madeleine Mantock as Macy and Sarah Jeffery as Maggie -- Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW -- © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.
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