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January 26, 2019 at 03:36 PM EST
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Since the news of Anthony Scaramucci exiting the Big Brother house prematurely came out, CBB fanatics have been wondering how he managed to leave. The live feeds have been surprisingly spoiler-proof and vague about his exit, making it almost more mysterious than something like this should ever be. But, after three very long days, we finally know the truth of how The Mooch flew the BB coup.

In the aftermath of Ricky not using the veto, the entire house is further mired in uncertainty on two fronts: who’s actually going home and who in the house they can actually trust. Stuck in the middle of these fronts is Jonathan, who wants to keep his large day 1 alliance alive despite doing everything in his power to instill doubt in everyone he’s aligned with. When his closest ally Ryan points out the spirit fingers Tamar and Natalie did upon the news of the veto’s non-use, Jonathan is bizarrely shocked about it and wonders how he can get everyone on the same page again. But before he can do all that, Ryan beckons the houseguests to announce the newest BB catch: “breaking celebrity news” reports that’ll announce big game-changers to the houseguests. Tom, in a certain panic that he’ll be evicted, welcomes this news like a man in a drought welcomes water. But nothing can prepare the house for what the first breaking news report brings. Kevin Frazier of Entertainment Tonight comes on the house TV to reveal that one of the celebs is not a real houseguest at all and part of another of the season’s big twists. The faux-guest reveals themselves to be none other than The Mooch!

In a self-referential nod to his short-lived time as White House Chief of Staff, Anthony announces to the house that he wanted to leave his mark on the BB house just as he left his mark on Washington. With this revelation, he’s no longer a houseguest but he leaves the house with not one, not two, but three more twists: a second-chance veto competition allowing Jonathan and Tom, the remaining nominees, one more chance to save themselves from the block. But as Anthony leaves, Ryan will be forced to nominate one more person right then and there to fill his spot. As the house lingers in shock over all this news Ryan immediately puts Kandi up as the new third nominee, which confuses her but pleases Tamar who chomps some celebratory bacon in the diary room at the news. But wait, there’s more! The veto competition is a memory competition all about The Mooch and his time in the house, which causes the house to freak out even more. While some are sad to see Anthony go, Ryan and Jonathan wonder if this second veto means a second chance to get out their newfound rival Lolo. Confused by her middle-finger moment earlier, Ryan tells Jonathan if she’s going to be mad at him for the whole time he’s in the house it’s better to get her out now since “this is a game”. I… don’t think that’s how it works, but good luck trying.

“Mooch’s Veto” sees the three nominees plus Ryan, Dina and Kato surrounded by headlines about The Mooch’s time in the house; the person who picks the most correct headlines wins the second veto this week. Ultimately it’s another house wildcard, Kato, who proves the best study and wins the power of veto. Proving that wildcard credo correct, Kato immediately goes to Tom and tells him that he wants to use the veto to save him. “I like the way Tom is always thinking not one step, not two, but about three steps ahead,” Kato explains in the diary room. A grateful and relieved Tom promises to keep Kato safe in return and another final two deal is born. “I’m in a final two alliance with Kato Kaelin,” Tom tells the diary room. “Hollywood is weird.” Hoping to salvage his friendship with Lolo, Ryan meets with her in the hopes of clearing the air but is met with some frank honesty that he can’t match. Lolo tells him that she feels thrown under the bus by him and Jonathan and brings up the backdoor talk, but Ryan unconvincingly denies this by completely misunderstanding what a backdoor means. “I feel like I lost a friend,” Lolo says, bringing up how Ryan’s been closer to Joey and Jonathan than her. Ryan responds that his closeness to them is no different from hers with Natalie and Tamar, but at the end of the day just wants to see Lolo happy and friendly again. The two hug it out and Ryan wonders in the diary room if backdooring Lolo is really a good move, after all, noting how “intense” the game really is.

When the veto meeting arrives, Kato sticks to his word and uses the veto to take Tom off the block. With that, Ryan is forced to nominate yet another houseguest and that ends up being Joey. Ryan explains that this is all to keep the Natalie/Tamar/Lolo side of his alliance on his side while putting his plan to get Kandi out in motion, with Joey as the mere pawn to set up a battle of the sexes going forward. Kato and Tom put their new alliance to work, determining that numbers-wise they could be the two who end up deciding who goes home. With Kandi seen as easy to beat, they determine Joey and Jonathan’s smarts and athleticism are too vital to keep in the house. Ricky and Lolo join in the conversation and try to move them toward getting rid of Kandi, as they see her drama with Tamar as too much of a distraction in the house. “Whatever we decide is going to be a very big decision,” Lolo declares in the ultimate “you don’t say” moment of the night.

It’s time for the first live eviction of the season and after the three nominees play nice in their speeches, it’s time for the votes to come down and by a vote of 6-1 (with Joey receiving no votes), Jonathan proves to the first celeb evicted from the house. As with many first boots, Jonathan played far too hard and unnerved a few too many people to last in the house. In his exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves, Jonathan wonders if his instant alliance with Ryan put an immediate target on his back and gets schooled by Julie about not clueing the women in his alliance in about keeping Dina around. “You know this game,” she says with a tinge of shade. With that, the first week of Celebrity Big Brother 2 is in the history books, with Sunday’s episode seeing a new HoH and a new set of nominees.

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