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February 04, 2019 at 11:18 PM EST
BIG BROTHER: Celebrity Edition
Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Life moves fast in the Big Brother house, and if there’s anyone left on Celebrity Big Brother that can prove that idiom true it’s Tamar. Once feeling the heat on all sides, she’s repaired her friendship with Kandi and has that Power of the Publicist in her hands; but there’s something missing.

Feeling like the squeaky fourth wheel in her “bedroom alliance” of Natalie, Lolo, and Ricky, she seems to hint to the diary room that now’s the time to make big moves. In a flashback to before Joey’s eviction, Tamar shares with Natalie that she didn’t feel safe in the game without a partner like Kandi. Before this conversation, Natalie thought they had the votes to get Kandi out amongst their alliance; without Tamar’s vote, they all decide to go with the house and evict Joey while keeping Kandi from gunning for them in the future. That last part of the plan may be moot, however, as Tom and Kato are playing nice with Kandi, presumably to move her over to their side. Natalie is not amused by this possibility and tells Tamar to keep an eye on her former/current BFF ahead of the HoH competition. Tamar, annoyed that her so-called allies are more worried about her and Kandi than Tom and Kato, tells them that nothing of the sort will happen and that Kandi is firmly working with her/them.

Tamar and Kandi meet shortly thereafter and Kandi shares her worries about Natalie/Lolo/Ricky, pointing out that once Tom and Kato are gone, they’ll be the majority alliance in the house and could target the others down the road. When Tamar shares that their alliance is looking at Kato as the first target, Kandi doesn’t agree with the move. Tamar, being the one solely responsible for Kandi sticking around in the game, walks away feeling all the heat once again. “Kandi, if you go after them, they’re gonna come after me AND you!” Tamar tells the diary room. All this strategic unrest is the perfect time for an HoH competition, don’t you think? “Picture Imperfect” sees the houseguests (two at a time) try to spot the mistakes amongst three magazine covers presented to them. The contestant who spots the mistake first eliminates his or her competitor and chooses the next two people to play until there is one person left; that remaining player becomes the new HoH. Tamar, perhaps using all that panic as brain fuel, is the last player standing and becomes the new Head of Household.

In perhaps the no-brainer of the season given their past history, Tamar nominates Tom and Kato for eviction but makes it clear in the diary room that while they may be her targets now, her “shade-mates” in the bedroom alliance better not get too comfortable. Meeting with Kandi and Dina (wait, she’s still on this show?) in the HoH room, Tamar spells out her Plan B if one of her nominees wins the veto: putting up Natalie or Lolo as the replacement. Kandi tells her that Natalie would be the perfect backdoor if it came to it, while Tamar questions if the votes are there to pull it off. When Kandi suggests that there are at least three votes there (her’s, Dina’s, and whichever of Tom or Kato is off the block), Tamar is left to ponder in the diary room if now’s the time to pull this kind of move. “[Natalie]’s got the eye of the tiger,” Tamar says, pointing out that Lolo’s volatile theatrics are predictable to manage compared to Natalie’s competitive and strategic fire.

In what is easily the strangest veto competition in Big Brother history, we open “Smashing Success”
not with the competitors in the backyard ready to play but with them as the audience for a performance by legendary watermelon-smasher Gallagher as he destroys pies, milk cartons, and, of course, melons to an unenthused audience (Kato, though, is eating it all up). With all that carnage behind them (and us), the contestants are quizzed about details of the performance they just witnessed. The person with the most points after seven true-or-false questions wins the power of veto. Lolo ends up winning after getting every question correct. When the veto meeting comes, it’s no surprise when Lolo decides to leave nominations as is and not use the veto. But before the eviction can take place, Julie announces to the house that the Power of the Publicist was not used and has expired, but interestingly doesn’t tell them what the power would have entailed and who held it (information us viewers have known for a week).

It’s time for the live eviction and, with Tom and Kato on the block, Team Fun is certain to be a one-man show. In another unanimous vote of 5-0, Kato is our fourth evictee and with his exit, the “bedroom alliance” has become the dominant group in the house. Talking (or rather rambling and gesturing) with Julie after the fact, Kato doesn’t give many clear answers about his game missteps except to say he aligned with Lolo and Natalie because they were beautiful. A charmer to the end, that Kato.

With power shifts and alliance twists occurring on an almost hourly basis, it’s still anyone’s guess who’ll walk away this time next week $250,000 richer. With a new HoH named Thursday and a double-eviction two-parter on Friday, we’ll certainly get a clearer picture by the weekend. If not, as Tamar would say, “It’s gonna get scurry.”

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