With a live veto competition, ceremony, and eviction all taking place tonight, you’d think Celebrity Big Brother would waste no time jumping into the nitty gritty tonight. But we’ve got a ton of recapping and a title sequence longer than yesterday’s episode to get through before we can find out who the third houseguest out the door will be.

After the veto meeting, Kato holds onto his hope of backdooring Ryan but gets the third degree from his nominees, Tamar and Dina. First, Tamar lays into him for bringing up how she misses her son during the nomination ceremony, rightfully pointing out the negativity in Kato’s words. “Every mother’s supposed to miss their children,” Tamar responds. Kato seems to be thrown for a loop by her reaction, only to get accosted by a frustrated and tearful Dina, who calls her nomination “stupid.” Kato tells her reassuringly that she’ll be safe, but of course can’t share with her the other part of his plan: getting Ryan out. Back in the bedroom, Tamar breaks down with Natalie and Lolo comforting her. Talking about how her son is off-limits for anyone to talk about, she opens up in a way we really haven’t seen her do in the house so far. “I’m a single mother by choice because I wanted a better life for my kid,” she tells her fellow alliance members. Lolo tries to put Tamar’s mind back in the game, telling her to take her current emotions and put them into the veto competition. “You’ve got it in you,” Lolo reassures her.

Tamar later meets with Kato in the HoH room to share the reasoning behind her emotions, telling him the tone of his comments felt very personal to her. “Whenever someone says ‘go home and be with your kid’, it makes me feel like I’m nothing,” she says. Kato insists that his words weren’t meant to be malicious and that his mention of her child was meant to be positive. Uhhh, what?! When Tamar asks him what the logic behind her nomination was, Kato wishy-washily says it’s part of his game plan. He then tells the diary room that he can’t tell either nominee about his real Ryan plan because “loose lips sink ships.” After hugging it out with Tamar, Kato tries to build a group to get him and his final 2-mate Tom further in the game. Kato and Tom meet with Lolo in the HoH room to try to pitch her on an alliance between the three of them plus Natalie. “As long as we all vote the same together with a plan, we can run this,” Tom says as he coins them “the actual final four alliance.” Lolo tells the diary room she’s frustrated with her bad luck in alliances, but ultimately welcomes this new arrangement.

This new alliance meets in the backyard to formulate their master plan for the week: backdooring Ryan. Lolo and Natalie are immediately on board, but they’re quickly interrupted as Ryan (of all people!) peeps his head out to check out what’s happening. Everyone awkwardly freezes up as Ryan tells the diary he knows exactly what they’re up to and vows to win the veto. Ryan shares his suspicions about the new alliance with Joey and the two corner Kato in the storage room asking if they should pack up and prepare to be backdoored. The HoH confirms there’s a good chance a backdoor will take place, which lights a fire under Joey to win the veto not only for himself but to keep Ryan out of harm’s way.

The veto competition, Worldwide Rollout, sees the nominees — plus Tom, Kato, Natalie, and Joey — step up and roll their ball on a platform built like a globe to land on slots ranging from 1 to 100. The person with the highest score wins the power of veto and, ultimately, that turns out to be Tom, which bodes well for the hoped-for backdoor. The foursome alliance has little time to deliberate before the veto meeting, but their minds seem all made up. When the veto meeting comes, Tom wastes no time taking Dina off the block, with Kato naming Ryan as the replacement nominee (but not before telling him to “take over Tokyo” during next year’s Summer Olympics).

With the opportunity to evict the house’s biggest threat in their hands, will the houseguests take it? To quote Tamar, “Duh!” And Ryan is evicted by a vote of 6-1. In the aftermath of the eviction, Joey gives Kato a piece of his mind in barely audible whispers as Lolo once again has a cry over her fellow Olympian. In his exit interview with Julie, Ryan says his biggest mistake was including Lolo and Natalie in his initial day one alliance. When asked about all the tension between him and Lolo and if it could creep into the Tokyo Olympics, Ryan says he’s leaving all the drama in the house and that things should be fine. “Swimming for me is easy, [the house] is insane,” he says, adding that he considers all his houseguests his new friends.

Before the episode wraps up, we find out about the return of America’s Vote as the public gets to choose who receives “The Power of the Publicist.” This power gives one houseguest the opportunity to keep themselves off the block at one of the next two nomination or veto ceremonies. This power definitely has the potential to change the game as tonight proves that no matter how strong your day one alliance is, things can change faster than you can say “Jeah!” Until Wednesday, my friends.

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