What will the jury think of the remaining five?

By Aubry Bracco
February 24, 2018 at 11:36 PM EST
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Here we go, a Celebrity BB clip show — highlights of all the drama! While the Big Brother game strategists out there might be a little irritated by what they see as filler content, I think it tells us more than any degree of game talk could ever tell us. I’m all about it.

On competition reality, the game is played in the down moments — the silences, the shared meals and the creative hijinks you come up with when there’s far too much time on your hands. Downtime is when players validate or invalidate other players’ perceptions of themselves and elevate or trounce on others’ egos. The game isn’t always in the moves you make but in the mood you create when you make them.

I’m all about emotional intelligence and reading those signals. So, what can these snippets tell us about how the remaining five will be received by the jury if they make it to the Final 2? If you’re willing to dig into it — a lot.

Omarosa’s Decoy and a Scramble to the Finish

Before we get into character analysis, we kick things off with some straight game talk. At the end of the double-eviction episode, we learned that the Final 4 HOH will choose the person to go with them to the Final 2 — at that time two houseguests will be evicted. With that dynamic in place, the game at the Final 5 is less about ensuring who you can beat at the end and more about making sure you maximize your chances to get there.

We flash back just before James’ eviction. While James and Marissa are both sitting on the Block, Omarosa tells the other houseguests “nobody can beat her [Marissa] on a social level…it’s as simple as that.” While Marissa laments that Omarosa just “blew up her game,” the Apprentice alum tells us she deliberately threw Marissa under the bus. “I’m the next biggest target, so I need to shift attention to someone else and make her [Marissa] the biggest threat.”

Omarosa may feel like she’s at risk in the game, but she does have a friend in Ariadna (Ari). Ari tells us that since her BFF Brandi is gone, Omarosa, who chose to go after others before her, is her one ally in the house. Ari also knows that, like Omarosa, the House is gunning for her. Since Omarosa can’t compete in the next HOH, because she just served that role, Ari and Omarosa both know their path to the end is an Ari win at the next HOH competition.

While Omarosa and Ari cling to each other with only five remaining, Marissa tells her best friend in the house, Ross, “he’s golden” and has a ticket to the finale. Ross, however, knows he can’t put the cart before the horse. He knows: (1) He can’t let Ari win HOH. (2) He’s got to maximize the chances he gets into the Final 2 by appealing to Mark.

He does just that, making a Final 2 with Mark while reassuring him he doesn’t have the same with Marissa. Mark seems on board with the plan Ross presents and promises a little proactivity in his own gameplay, telling us he might have some game up his sleeve we haven’t seen yet.

We shall see.

Celebrity Big Brother Memory Road

We get into the clips, which showcase a range of moments from sentimental to sassy:

In a season in which contestants can go home, text, and chat each other up while watching the feeds all over a glass or eight of wine in Brandi’s living room, this jury is sure to be one B-word — bonkers.

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