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September 29, 2015 at 05:01 AM EDT

Last week’s season premiere of Castle painted newly appointed Captain Kate Beckett in a mysterious light. She’s been missing for a few days and, thanks to Alexis’ newfound snooping skills, has been seen stealing insulin for a random dude named Vikram. Castle endured a bag over his head filled with spiders and almost being shot to death, and he still doesn’t have answers. Thank goodness we have Beckett’s side of the story to help fill in the blanks.

Our mystery begins where episode 1 ended — Kate staring out a dirty window as bad guys slowly make their way up a stairwell. She orders Vikram to get some rest as she checks out her gunshot wound in the bathroom. When she hears footprints crunching the broken light bulb glass outside the door, she screams for Vikram to wake up. Luckily there’s a trap door with a bunch of conveniently placed mattresses below. As they try to make a run for it, Beckett is stopped short with a red line across her chest. Suddenly, two mercenaries are down, and a woman begins barking orders.

She shoves Beckett and Vikram into her car. Beckett demands the woman identify herself. Surprise! She’s Rita (Ann Cusack). Rita is also known as Castle’s stepmother, but there’s no time for proper introductions. Anything Beckett asks ends in a curt “that’s classified” response. Rita needs to know all the details, and she needs to know them now. I think this is a great idea. Trade favorite recipes and stories about Castle’s dad later, because I’m confused. Can someone get me the CliffsNotes version?

Beckett explains that the weird phone call she received the morning before was actually from Vikram who used a protocol 7 classification emergency alert set forth by the attorney general’s office. That’s code for life and death. Beckett has not worked for the AG in two years, but she couldn’t leave Vikram to die. She lied to Castle and headed to the theater only to find a freaked-out Vikram with some disturbing news: Her entire former team at the AG’s office is dead. And someone tried to kill him too. Speaking of, the bad guys just walked into the theater and are carrying guns.

We know that Beckett fought her way out and was grazed by a bullet in the process. We also know that she stopped by an industrial dry cleaners to sew up her own wound. (Beckett is so cool.) She strips down to her black, lacy bra, holds a needle to a flame, chugs some Vodka, and begins to cross-stitch her gut as Vikram spills his.

Two years ago at the AG, Beckett used the database to search for any criminal activity involving Senator Bracken. You may recall that this is the guy who killed her mother. An alert was sent to Vikram that this pending search just got a hit. He forwarded one heavily redacted memo involving the senator and a federal officer to Agent McCord. As a result, McCord and four other people are now in body bags and he’s on the run.

Beckett decides to visit Bracken in prison. Vikram tells her that there was a hand-written note in the margin. Perhaps dropping the phrase “LokSat” will help Bracken play ball. When Beckett mentions the name to Bracken, his face falls. Everyone’s life is in danger, and they are all good as dead.

Meanwhile, Hayley and Alexis follow a lead. Hayley’s resources found Vikram on a surveillance camera at a hotel. Using her magical investigative skills, Alexis is able to blow up the image from a mirror behind Vikram and snag a screen shot of the redacted memo Vikram just hacked from a computer using the hotel’s Wi-Fi. I bet she’s proficient with a firearm by now, too. Vikram barely escapes the bad guys who followed him to the hotel. They leave in their bad-guy black van, and Beckett follows. This is the moment in our timeline when she saves Castle from the dude who loves spiders.

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