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September 12, 2018 at 09:29 PM EDT

When he awakens, he goes to Molly who tells him the story of how the mystery man is Henry Deaver from another timeline. “He thinks the door is open right now, and he doesn’t know how long it will stay open.”

“We need to turn him in,” Holland’s Deaver says.

“You’re not going to help him?” she asks.

We already know the answer to that. Henry is also shocked to see that Wendell has returned to Castle Rock after being sent away on a bus. He’s now at the police station after having discovered the murder scene of Odin in the woods by his mobile home.

Willie, the translator who most likely killed Odin, is giving testimony about what happened. Henry asks Wendell why he returned and is stricken by the answer. “It was a sound,” his son says. “There’s a sound out there in the woods, Dad. It’s like a hum. I couldn’t stay on the bus. I had to get closer.”

The racist sheriff then calls Henry in for “a word.” She says Willie has told the police Henry had a fight with the victim shortly before his murder. She puts Henry in a cell, and soon his is joined by the other Henry, arrested at his own grave in the cemetery.

“I don’t know how much time we have left,” Skarsgård Henry says. “If the sound stops, I think I could be stuck here. As long as I’m here, things will get worse. People will die.”

So his malevolence is not intentional. “I can’t stop it. I’m not supposed to be here.” But we learn he can control it.

When the busload of stranded Shawshank prisoners is brought into the jail while they await transport to their next facility, Skarsgård Henry uses his power to make them brawl with each other, then seize the guards and unleash a wave of slaughter that spills out into the office of the sheriff and into the streets of Castle Rock.

They find a mortally wounded Willie. He warns Holland Henry not to go out, but Skarsgård Henry forces him to leave at gunpoint. While fireballs rise from Castle Rock’s downtown area, the two Henry’s venture into the woods toward the site of the Schisma.

This is where Holland Henry sees the flashback of him pushing his father off the cliff, and vanishing into the other dimension. He is only now beginning to discover that he has buried memories of his time in his father’s cage. Skarsgård Henry tells him more of it will return to him in time.

Then the two men end up fighting, and Holland Henry takes control of the gun.

Skarsgård Henry roars at him, and he has the shriveled, corpse-like face of what looked like Henry’s father.

Here, the show stops the action at the climax and flashes us forward one year.

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