Kitty's pregnancy and miscarriage force Robert to make campaign decisions; plus, Rebecca busts Justin, and Sarah regains custody the hard way
Credit: Scott Garfield

After watching this episode — and the preview for next week’s, when it looks like things will really hit the fan — I need a trip to that spa Kitty, Nora, and Sarah visited a couple weeks ago. My shoulders are up to my ears.

With so much drama, it seems fitting to tackle the most painful one first: Kitty lost the baby. I know women who’ve had that same experience, of thinking everything is fine until the doctor can’t find a heartbeat, and I’ve got two thoughts: (1) Doctors usually try more than one way to detect a heartbeat before they tell you the pregnancy “isn’t viable” (but I understand that you have to simplify for TV), and (2) I’m glad none of these women were involved with a man who realized he never actually wanted the child. Could Robert not wanting a family with Kitty be what eventually ends their relationship?

Of course, “Operation Puppy” — Robert and Kitty’s shotgun wedding — was then ended. Kitty had brought in a damage-control expert, Isaac (guest star Danny Glover), to handle the pregnancy for the campaign. He’d recommended the two marry in 48 hours, and Nora, fighting to keep the ceremony memorable, romantic, and void of fluorescent lighting, offered to have the ceremony in her home, occasioning the following exchange:

Nora: ”You should have seen this child. Four years old, she put a dishcloth on her head, pretending it was a veil, walked down the aisle as if to Prince Charming.”

Kitty: ”That was Kevin.”

Nora: ”It was both of you.”

For a split second, I thought Isaac might become a love interest for Nora, but after Robert confronted him about the outing of his brother, Reverend Boyfriend, during a Senate race years ago, I figured his time was limited. I worried Isaac would switch teams and leak news of Kitty’s miscarriage to the press, but I guess even Robert thought he wasn’t cruel enough to do that (hence the confession about not wanting to raise any more children than the ones he already has with his ex-wife). I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Isaac, though — he made Robert’s campaign feel the teensiest bit realistic. (There’s only so much that filming Robert on an airplane can do, folks.) He also stated what we’ve all been thinking for weeks: There ain’t no way in hell that the Christian right is backing Robert McCallister.

The second source of stress came from Justin, still popping pills and denying that there’s anything wrong with it. He went out to a bar with Rebecca and Lena and proceeded to get high with Lena and make out by the bathrooms. Lena stopped Justin — perhaps remembering that she’s screwing his brother Tommy, even if he won’t sleep at her place afterward — but not before Rebecca saw them. Apparently, Rebecca didn’t think that sober Justin would mack on Lena either, because that sight was enough for her to tell him her nursing days were over and pack her belongings and bolt. Justin tried to tell Rebecca that he’s using so he can get better quicker and return to Iraq. She said he’s an addict who’s found an excuse that he believes sounds noble. More scary than me siding with Rebecca on this one is me agreeing with Holly, who said Rebecca is losing herself in the Walker clan. What story line could they possibly give Rebecca to make her interesting at this point? (Question whether William Walker is indeed her father? You are so right.)

The third situation brewing this week at least had a somewhat happy ending. Sarah’s daughter, Paige (a.k.a. Chicken), acted out because she’s angry that her parents are divorcing. She pulled a fire alarm at school — which led to an amusing story from Aunt Kitty about how she “forked” some boy’s yard (what do you think she spelled? — and ran away from her mother’s home. I wonder how many roads Chicken had to cross to get to Nora’s house. (I wouldn’t expect any of the Walker children who made it out of Nora’s home to live within walking distance.) Regardless, her trip to Grandma’s was enough to make Joe realize that being with him full time isn’t healthy for the kids. Chicken and Coop will now split their time equally between their parents.

Finally, we got to Kevin, who was feeling frustrated because Reverend Boyfriend hasn’t contacted him recently from Malaysia. Kevin took in ex-boyfriend Scotty, who opted to pay his culinary-school tuition instead of his rent. I’m liking that the writers aren’t creating sexual tension between the two, that they’re letting them be real friends. Very thoughtful of Scotty to bring Kevin those three DVDs — The Thorn Birds, The Exorcist, and Glitter — no? Here’s hoping Reverend Boyfriend is on his way back to Cali. (With his series Viva Laughlin canceled, actor Eric Winter should be available for more shower scenes.)

So what do you think? Will Reverend Boyfriend be happy when he hears about Kevin helping the homeless Scotty? Is Robert too soft for presidential politics? Will Robert and Kitty’s relationship survive this bump? And how great will Sally Field be in next week’s episode when the family implodes?

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