Rebecca learns the truth about her father but keeps pretending she's a Walker; plus, Robert turns down the running-mate offer, and Graham's deal imperils the company
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When Rebecca asked David if he always knew that he was her father, I sat on my couch, pumping my fists into the air, shouting ”Yes! Yes! Yes!” and making a note to thank the show’s writers for moving this story line along only 19 minutes into the episode. I should’ve known that they’d find a way to hurt me — because apparently I’m not meant to like Rebecca. Ever.

Actually, that’s not true. I did like her during that emotional scene with David. You know the one that probably made all those hours of sitting on the Brothers & Sisters set and doing nothing worth it for Emily VanCamp. I felt the intense pit of frustration and awkwardness in Rebecca’s stomach when she thought about how Holly had let her live in Nora’s house. But I still wanted to throw the Hot Pocket I was eating at the TV when she told Justin, ”He’s not my father….David’s not my father,” at Nora’s charity event. Yes, she fell in love with the Walker family, and a large family is something she’s never known, but come on. She had just bitched to David about the damage her mother’s lies had done. Justin already assured her that he wasn’t going anywhere because ”I have no friends.” (Insert secret handshake.) And none of the Walkers would think that she had anything to do with Holly’s scheme. So I don’t get why she wouldn’t have told Justin the truth. Other than so we can have the truly uncomfortable moment next week when it appears Justin admits his feelings to Rebecca, and Kevin tells Justin to stay away from her. Ewww. Is sitting through the latter our punishment for that time we suggested that Rebecca was jealous when Lena was sleeping with Justin? (Note: I totally had to look up Lena’s name. And also, I have no idea how that Hot Pocket got into my freezer.) Personally, I much prefer this episode’s tongue-in-cheek references to incest: like when Kevin, Tommy, and Justin went surfing and Kevin and Tommy wanted to know what was up with jumpy Rebecca and Justin said he couldn’t tattle on her like he did the other sisters because she’s never seen him naked. (”What if Rebecca saw you naked?” ”That’s creepy, bro.”)

Getting back to Rebecca and David for a moment, I understand in theory why he ran away. He thought Rebecca would have an easier time pretending that she’s a Walker if he wasn’t around, but again, frustrating. Am I the only one who remembers how well they got along when they first met? How they shared a love of photography? How Rebecca said life without a dad wasn’t all that great when David insisted that she’d been better off without him because he’d been a selfish cocaine addict when she was young? Anyway, I just wish both of them would’ve asked, Do you want to get to know me now? Holly should’ve pressured David more to find out why he went from giving her the full-court press to suddenly packing his bags. His reply that he pursued her for ”nostalgia,” so he could be that 30-year-old he’d been when they were first together, was too cruel to be believed. Or maybe I’m just too naive. (Or maybe Holly likes living in denial.)

The Nora is afraid to be alone story line continued this episode. It opened with the Walker children — minus Kitty, who was too busy discussing the viability of embryos with Robert — cooking Nora breakfast. (Did you notice Justin throwing food at Kevin’s mouth, and Kevin missing?) The Nora calls the decorator anytime she’s thrown an emotional curveball bit seemed slightly forced. It was worth it, however, to hear Nora’s explanation of why she tore up the backyard when Kevin came out: ”I thought Kevin would have a lot more pool parties.” I figured that Nora had decided not to redecorate because she’d realized that she didn’t know what she wanted in life, not because she didn’t want for anything (which is how it turned out — definitely more empowering). Then again, I also expected her to want to open her home to the families of pediatric cancer patients, when in actuality she had decided to open a separate home away from home for them. Sarah offered for Ojai, the family business, to back it — as a way to repent for her inappropriate interruption of Nora’s conversation with the mother of a leukemia patient at the fund-raiser. (”Mom, I gotta get another drink. This cancer thing is such a downer.”) I wonder how Ojai’s botched business deal will affect that.

That business deal going south was one story line I did see coming. Okay, after noticing the pained expression on Graham’s and Saul’s faces when Sarah came into Saul’s office to apologize for not trusting them. The expansion seemed like another situation where normally communicative people just randomly decided not to speak to one another. Some of you pointed out last week that Sarah was acting out of character, asking Saul to make up a reason for turning down Graham’s proposal as if she were a child instead of the president of a company. And I agree. I guess we’re supposed to think that she just had a hard time trusting men after her divorce from Joe. Kinda weak, since, as Saul told her, he’s been with the company since she was born. I tend to tune out anytime someone talks business on this show, so all I got from that conversation in Saul’s office is that Golden Plum filed for bankruptcy, which means Ojai just set a $20 million expansion effort in motion with no means of recouping the cost. Sarah actually handled it better than I thought she would. I guess she was in shock. Next week, she has to tell the rest of the Walkers that they’re in danger of losing the family business. I wonder if Graham will come to the rescue with another Chinese company for them to supply produce to, or if lawyer Kevin will recommend that Sarah sue Saul for fraud to get out of the contracts. (I think that ”sue me” exchange between Saul and Sarah was just an attempt to throw us off, right?)

NEXT: Kitty and Robert plan their future

In non-happier news, Kitty and Robert had serious issues to deal with this episode: Congressman Taylor dropped by, as Kitty predicted, to ask Robert to be his running mate. Unfortunately, he showed up early, while Robert was on a run and Kitty was in a towel and a face mask. Mercifully, the writers didn’t drag this out: We got the funny: Kitty relenting — ”All right, let’s get to know each other” — after not being able to sit in awkward silence with Taylor. She’s a Walker! And Kitty saying, ”I certainly don’t miss the asses,” when Taylor said his wife is the kind of political spouse that likes to kiss ass. We got the tension: Kitty told Robert that she didn’t want him to run for vice president because she wanted a private life and believed his ambition was blinding him to the fact that Taylor couldn’t be trusted. Robert told Kitty that his ambition is nothing new (true) and that he thought she was actually happy that he’d lost the presidential nomination. We got the resolution: Robert had it out with Taylor and realized that he was being used (and would be bullied). And though Taylor promised Kitty that one day Robert would resent her for being the woman that stood between him and the White House, perfect Robert assured his wife that he’d turned down Taylor’s offer because Taylor is a prick. (Okay, that was a paraphrase.) I’m sure that Senator McCallister will find some professional reason to be out of those comfy polo shirts again soon, but for now, it looks like we can all just enjoy next week’s preview, which showed Robert and Kitty trying to make a baby the old-fashioned way (read: by having a lot of sex). Thank you, sweeps!

Last but not least, this episode gave us visual proof that Kevin and Scotty are, in fact, still together. (Not that I needed more proof than seeing Kevin’s ex, Reverend Boyfriend, on CBS’ Moonlight Friday night.) Scotty sliced his hand at work and needed seven stitches that he has no health insurance to pay for. Of course, we all could have scripted what would happen next: Kevin, being practical, suggested that they do the paperwork to become domestic partners (or ”domesticated partners,” as Justin said), so Scotty could be on his insurance. Naturally, Scotty said no, because that’s not the marriage proposal the 12-year-old girl in him had been waiting to hear. Like I said, predictable, but it’s nice to see that our Kevin hasn’t gone totally soft. And bonus, it gave Scotty a chance to joke about starting his own charity, Stitches for Bitches. (I laughed at that. Almost as much as I did at Sarah telling Rebecca that she was doing ”sucktacular.” Using that.)

So, what do you think? How will the Walkers save the family business? What’s next for Kitty and Robert, other than copulating like Democrats? When will Rebecca come clean to Justin? (On a scale of 1 to 10, how uncomfortable were you when he took a little too long strapping Rebecca’s surfboard to her ankle?) And why was Rebecca wearing the same color of dress as Kitty at the fund-raiser?

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