At a typically insane Walker dinner, Tommy and Justin blab about Lena, Robert tells Kitty he's not ready to have a kid, and Kevin talks about seeing Reverend Boyfriend again
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If you know the truth about something, but telling it will hurt someone, do you share it anyway? That was the question when the Walker clan had yet another dramatic tell-all family dinner. Is it just me or does Brothers & Sisters give us either an episode where nothing happens (Spa Trip 2007!) or one where everything happens? This episode was definitely the latter. But honestly, the writers are good enough to make either one entertaining.

So Nora officially has a crush on Isaac (guest star Danny Glover). She invited him to dinner since he, Robert, and Kitty were coming to L.A. for the weekend. Too nervous to be alone with Isaac, Nora guilted Sarah into guilting all the other kids to come over as well. (Cue Sarah’s awesome ”Mom’s hot for a Republican!” dance, which maintained her status as my favorite Walker. Kevin remained a close second thanks to his looks of exasperation throughout the show.)

Before we got to the dinner, other story lines had to be set in motion. Justin told Lena that he likes what they have together — um, sex? — and that she shouldn’t feel bad that she boned his married brother. Knowing that Nora was sensing some kind of tension between Justin and Tommy (”It’s like chum in the water for her. She can smell the blood, and she’s circling”), Kevin mediated a temporary truce so the two brothers would attend Nora’s dinner. Justin lied to Kevin and Tommy and said he and Lena were through. I wish I knew what men saw in Lena that they can’t get anywhere else. And also, why is Justin so adamant that Tommy is like their father? It feels like it goes deeper than Lena-gate.

Kevin himself was telling a lie, by omission, to Scotty. Jason e-mailed that he was coming home from Malaysia and wanted to have lunch (and God willing, a shower!), and Kevin decided not to tell Scotty about any of it because Scotty is already insecure about Kevin’s residual feelings for Reverend Boyfriend. Speaking of omission, I guess that’s what Robert thought not telling Kitty that he doesn’t want a new baby now was. In my book, since Kitty point-blank asked him if he wanted children and repeatedly told him that politics wasn’t the only time-sensitive issue they were dealing with, Senator McWaffler was wrong.

Also happening before the Walkers broke bread at Nora’s: a resolution to Robert’s helicopter scandal. Isaac suggested that the only way to save the McCallister presidential campaign was for the senator to face a group of hostile veterans in an honest, unscripted, televised town hall. I’m not sure if the show’s writers want us to wonder whether Isaac is really in Robert’s corner, but I do. Still, the town hall ultimately went well for Robert, who admitted that he froze for 23 seconds when he was a 25-year-old soldier but said he was a different man now. He also said that we need to support the people who have to choose every day between bad and worse alternatives. How are veterans not going to support that? Even with their applause, Robert didn’t get the boost in the polls he needed, and so Isaac suggested they leak the info they’ve been sitting on regarding Robert’s main competition for the Republican nomination. His opponent, Governor Adamson, has a developmentally challenged son whom he’s never publicly acknowledged; moreover, Adamson has a record of voting against programs for people with disabilities. Kitty agreed with Isaac, who has a child with special needs himself, that the time had come to play Adamson’s game of negative campaigning. But unlike Kitty, Robert didn’t want to play dirty, even if the information they were holding against the governor was true.

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And that, friends, finally bring us to the dinner, where Kitty brought up the question at the start of this TV Watch: Do you tell the truth if you know it will hurt someone? After Robert hesitated when Kitty asked if he’s ever lied to her, they started a gradual exodus to the kitchen, where everything came out: Robert told Kitty he’s not ready for a new baby when he can barely parent the children he already has. Sarah told Robert and Kitty about Tommy’s affair with Lena, and Justin revealed that he’s still sleeping with her. Tommy tried to explain that Lena was a mistake, and naturally, Julia walked in just in time to hear him. Julia’s tears and table-side confession to her own affair were a bit over-the-top, even for this show, no?

In the end, I guess I’m glad Tommy and Julia decided to stay together, even though I have no idea what their next story line will be. Robert earned back some respect for telling Kitty the truth. Isaac was sweet to Nora, who’s beginning to think her children will never be settled, but he still makes me nervous. (Seriously, the governor just coincidentally decided to come clean about his son and remove himself from the race?) And I’m happy Kevin told Scotty about Jason’s return, even though I’m rooting for Reverend Boyfriend in this triangle.

Now, the final questions I’ll raise this week:

1. Are we buying that David (guest star Ken Olin) isn’t Rebecca’s father? Holly flat out denied it when Rebecca asked, but we know that woman can keep a secret. I’m hoping Rebecca sees the date on the last film her mother shot with David and does the math.

2. If Graham (guest star Steven Weber) decided to play hard to get, then why did he bring Sarah lunch? Do we want them together? I think so, but sometimes it’s hard to take Weber seriously.

3. Where was Saul?

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