Kevin deals with the aftermath of Scotty's admission of infidelity; Kitty bids adieu to Pepper Jack
Brothers Sisters
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Last night’s episode, “An Ideal Husband,” was all about ‘the big C.’ No, not cancer, silly! God, what planet/season are you coming from? No: commitment! Last week, viewers heard the bad news that Scotty had cheated on Kevin nearly a year ago. But Nora didn’t know yet, and used Kevin and Scotty as an example of a great marriage on her “Dear Mom” radio show. The segment was such a hit that women from all over town hustled over to her charity function at Café 429 that night to meet them.

The day was a flurry of decorations and last-minute menu changes amidst an overwhelming sense of doom about Kevin and Scotty’s future. My favorite line of the episode came from Sarah, who was taken aback by the lack of life’s simple pleasures available to her as she entered the café’s kitchen: “Why can’t I have a latte?” Almost as good was Sarah’s natural response after Kevin had delivered the blow about Scotty’s cheating. She cracked open a bottle of wine and reasoned, “It’s rosé; we’ll call it brunch.” I’m lucky I’m not a Walker — with Sarah as an enabler, I’d be hammered or hopped-up constantly. Even more than I am already!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although my favorite moments involved beverages, I have to say this episode had me more emotionally invested in Brothers and Sisters than I’ve been in a long, long time. What Nora said on the radio was true: Kevin and Scotty do have one of the best marriages in the Walkers’ world (or on TV, for us) and while I hated hated hated that Scotty had cheated, at least the drama kept me riveted throughout the hour. There was no tidy resolution, but the couple is clearly on their way. Life is like that. People who are not on TV need some time to process things. This TV show is like life! Still, I can’t believe Scotty as a character would cheat. And with that “douche” (according to Justin…and me) Marcus? “A waiter, really? It’s so obvious!” complained Kevin.

Here’s what we learned via flashbacks: On the night of the café’s opening, two months after The Accident, Kevin was still bumming around, unemployed and feeling worthless. He forgot to pick up Scotty’s lucky chef’s jacket (the horror!) and dismissed Scotty’s optimism about the night. He ended up getting drunk in a bar while lying to Scotty over the phone that he had a big meeting with a partner from out of town. “Come on, I need a plan. You don’t know if this restaurant is going to work,” Kevin said over the phone. Whoa, that was way harsh, Tai. Kevin’s pride got in the way of his ability to even put on a smile and act supportive for one night. He was in a dark, dark place (with a pretty cool ‘POOL’ neon sign with all the fun colored balls behind him). Unaware of any of this, Scotty let himself get sweet-talked by young, obnoxious Marcus, who was saying all the right things — namely, that Scotty was a culinary superstar with a face for reality TV. That is a major compliment these days.

NEXT: One guy needs punching. Another guy needs to make a fist and let ‘er fly. Ready, set…

Surprise: Marcus was back to work as a waiter for Nora’s party. What are the chances?! This guy was such a douche that within seconds of meeting bartender Justin, he had bragged about how he’d “hooked up with the chef.” Again, what are the chances?! Anyway, Justin told Scotty, who was already frazzled nearly out of his mind (and going all Gordon Ramsay on his kitchen: “SOMEONE NEEDS TO PEEL AND SLICE THESE RED PEPPERS”) that Marcus was there. As calmly as he could, Scotty asked Marcus to LEAVE. NOW. GO. He kindly refrained from a Ramsay-esque “And f— you!”

Of course, the coop of clucking hens that is the Walker Family Sibling Network accidentally revealed to Kevin that “the guy” was in the room with them. Kevin, tipsy and enraged, made a beeline to settle a personal vendetta against a different cocky waiter, “Rob Roy.” (“Who’s he?”) Uh oh! Wrong cocky waiter!

Luckily, Justin was right behind Kevin on backup, and punched Marcus, because someone had to — and because Justin, still shaken from his breakup with Rebecca, needed to punch someone. So really everyone won here, except Rob Roy. You know Marcus was just begging to be involved in the drama and is probably still relishing his facial wounds in his vanity mirror…which is probably surrounded by a dotted line of those huge round bulbs, fit for a stahhhhhhh!

Throughout all of this, Kevin never stopped wearing his wedding ring. Whenever I saw it I gasped a little, and then I totally cried at the end when Kevin decided to ‘fess up about where he really was on the restaurant’s opening night — I loved the image of Kevin and Scotty both slumping over in hopeful defeat on the phone in their respective homes (Kevin stayed at Kitty’s). If any good comes out of this, it’ll be that Kevin will communicate more openly and more often with Scotty. And for Scotty, this was like a wake-up call to the rest of the Walkers as well as the viewers at home: Scotty is not perfect. We should stop assuming he is, even though that will be so hard because LOOK AT THAT PERFECT FACE. But no. “I’m just as lost and damaged and screwed-up as the rest of you,” Scotty insisted. Okay, if he says so.

Kevin and Scotty will rise above The Walker Curse, and now Luc and Sarah will be the family’s next great hope. Sarah spent the episode shunning the idea that she and Luc could have a great marriage before even giving the idea a chance. The kids didn’t think it could last forever, and Sarah thought she’d forever ruined their perception of what marriage should be. But as the entire episode told us, the “ideal” marriage is never what marriage is all about. Look at the wilting flowers! Suddenly Sarah stepped into the light. “Life is about buying the damn plant, nurturing and watering it and doing whatever you can to make sure it doesn’t die….I’m ready to marry you,” she concluded. Beautiful.

NEXT: Sometimes you have to put your child’s needs first (even if you don’t really ever see/think about/interact with said child).

Meanwhile, Kitty broke up with Pepper Jack, who had become an entirely different person — wearing suits, willingly associating with evil corporations, and making a new life plan — like moving to Vietnam for a year?! — every minute. Kitty realized that Pepper Jack’s unique commitment to the idea that “different is good” (he must love Arby’s!) meant that he could be changing his mind about where to work and on which continent to live at any moment, and that kind of man would provide no stability for her rarely seen son. Goodbye, Pepper Jack! I liked you a lot better as a carefree carpenter before you became a huge tool!

Oh, I also loved Scotty’s admission that he was scared about losing his family in addition to Kevin. FAMILY! Brothers and Sisters! Saul was particularly poignant here, as he told Scotty it wasn’t as simple as taking sides (he’d originally supported Kevin instead of his coworker/friend), because “You’re my family, too.” I am such a sucker for these “family-not-by-blood-but-by-LOVE” moments on TV lately. If you love this tear-jerking crap as much as I do, then for the love of Sally Field for Boniva, start watching Cougar Town immediately!

What did you think of last night’s episode? Discuss Brothers and Sisters below.

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