Anything goes -- even Boyle clones -- in the annual heist episode
Credit: John P Fleenor/Fox

After three episodes of the witness-protection program in Florida and one episode of night duty, Brooklyn Nine-Nine returned to its comfort zone with something familiar and unpredictable: the annual, zany, twist-upon-reversal-upon-fake-out Halloween heist episode. It was supposed to be a tie-breaking installment between Jake and Holt…and Amy (who snatched victory from both obsessed competitors last year) to see who could steal “The Ultimate Detective/Genius” plaque, but another unexpected competitor (not the red-herring, heist-hating Terry, but a roller-skating, tooth-losing Gina) proved the master manipulator in “Halloween IV.”

The contest brought out the best (or is that the worst?) in almost everyone. Amy and Holt’s transformation into cold-blooded gladiators was a winning formula (Holt’s ultra-competitiveness works better here than, say, in that bomb-diffusing class) as were the dynamics in the team pairings: It was fun to watch Amy get a fantasy-camp thrill at having Rosa follow her nerdy plan to a T, and Holt and Jake’s battle for Charles’ soul also hit the bingpot. The Charles body double was just icing on a very nutty cake.

Someone ring a triangle: It’s time to stomp on someone’s dreams, swear on your living mother’s future grave, blush at pictures of a young Al Gore, and revisit the nine funniest lines of “Halloween IV.”

9. “Well, as someone at a high risk for a spook-related death, thank you.”—Scully to Amy, who makes her Halloween announcement with a triangle, saying she wanted to be respectful

8. “Okay, but first I should tell you my safe word is ‘cabbage.’” —Male prostitute Bill to Jake, after Jake tells him they need to start playing dirty and to follow his lead

7. “Detective. Can you imagine what that word sounds like to someone who’s not a detective? Discriminatory. It’s worse than segregation… (off Holt and Terry’s “uh-uh”) Too far? Sorry.” —Gina, talking about the ultimate detective/genius plaque

6. “Yes, pork chop. Yes.” —Holt, soothing Charles after he betrays Jake and affirms his loyalty to the captain

5. ROSA: “And I even did your suggested read of Kristy’s Big Day.”

AMY: “You did???”

ROSA: “Calm down, you’re such a Mary Anne.”

AMY: “I am! It’s true!”

—Rosa and Amy, talking about The Baby-Sitters Club, Amy’s required research for Rosa before their heist operation


3. “Gina! Of course! It all makes sense. Except for the parts I don’t understand and the fact that I still kinda think Terry did this.” —Jake, exclaiming when Gina begins to reveal how she pulled off the ultimate heist

2. “You don’t? But you’re so good-looking. What’s the point?” —Hitchcock to Terry, after Hitchcock threatens to tell everyone Terry has a mistress and Terry says he doesn’t have one

1. “I will slit you both open from mouth to anus and wear you like jackets.” —Holt to Jake and Amy, after she condescendingly said it was fun to see him so passionate about the heist

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