After Jake and Holt's return to the Nine-Nine, the gang has to work the night shift
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The first three episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s fourth season stashed Jake and Holt in Florida, where they entertainingly served as fish out of water (with Holt playing the straight man, literally). Tuesday’s episode, the fourth, finally released the two men back into their natural environment — the Nine-Nine precinct — yet they found themselves swimming in unfamiliar territory once again. The “Night Shift” put the squad on severe PM duty for defying CJ’s orders by helping to save the day in Coral Palms, and while the punishment didn’t necessarily make sense (couldn’t Holt, now back in power as captain, just pardon the squad, or did the higher-ups somehow uphold CJ’s verdict?), it created a quirky dynamic that gave us Holt the party starter, Terry the party pooper, Gina the Aussie, and Jake the man with a cane who realized that his best friend with whom he was working a B&E had different priorities with his new son and he should embrace change and invest in his friend’s life.

Did we mention that this episode was part of the crossover event with New Girl? We didn’t, because it happened so fast and incidentally toward the end of the half-hour. (The bulk of the show-melding went down during New Girl.) In other news, it was good to see that sadsack Lohank had turned his life around after leaving the night shift and it was better to see that sequence in which Holt led the squad through a round of forced smiles and fake laughter. (You can already see Fox’s promo department putting that to good use.) Let’s crank up Lionel Richie, go to the nearest pen store, talk some A-Team, flush multiple times, read the latest edition of the American Journal of No One Cares, close lots of tabs, and revisit the best lines from “The Night Shift.”

9. “That’s on me. I set the bar too low.” —Jess to Jake, after she asked him to prove he was a cop by naming one law and he said, “Don’t kill people.”

8. CHARLES: “We’ll call ourselves The Night Boys!”

JAKE: “Kinda sounds like a male escort service…”

CHARLES: “The Midnight Men!”

JAKE: “Even worse….”

CHARLES: “The Dark Stallions!”

JAKE: “Looks like we’re going with The Night Boys!”

7. “Why do all your characters get STDs?” —Jake to Charles, after he role-played as Jacques who rolls his own cigarettes and told Jake that it’s “a habit he picked up from a prostitute in Marseilles. But.. that is not all he picked up.”

6. “Thanks. I would advise against it, though. If he does come back, things are going to get real raunchy, real fast. Like we do a lot of licking. It’’s probably indecent exposure. I don’t want you to have to arrest one or both of us probably, we do this weird thing with our ears…” —Rosa to Amy after Amy says that she would wait with her on the park bench for Pimento to return (Related runner-up: “Oh. Rosa, crying. Don’t know what to do. [touches her head] Pat. Pat…. This feels wrong.” —Amy, after Rosa starts crying about Adrian Pimento)


4. “No problem, we’ll be home by sun up, just like a couple of sexy twilight vampires. [in bad vampire accent] I am Robert Pattinson. I vant to turn into a bat! [in normal voice] I’ve never seen the movies!” — Jake to Charles, as they begin a night-shift operation, to which Charles says “No, me neither. They’re in an insult to the books”

3. “Hey, I saw you earlier! You weren’t in the bathroom! You were on a park bench playing on your phone! Yeah, you left me to do everything while I thought you were pooping! I wish you were pooping. I wish TO GOD!” —Amy to Rosa, after spotting her in the park when she said she’d be in the bathroom

2. “I tried to make this fun! I even learned what Skrillex was. Sorry you’re all miserable but guess what, so am I! I’m exhausted all the time, I never see my husband. The late night NPR programming — pure garbage!” —Holt to the squad, after his party plan fell through

1. “Type 3, and type 9, and 12 and 3… Those are all the diabeteses I have.” —Scully, running out of conversation topics on the night shift

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