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To’hajiilee — the name of tonight’s episode — is perhaps the most important place in Breaking Bad‘s mythology. It’s where Jesse and Walt first cooked together. It’s where Walt hid his money from the world. And it’s where Todd, Jack and the rest of the white power Nazis get into a shootout with Hank and Gomez that leaves all of their fates up in the air — at least, until the next episode.

Hank is desperate to find some evidence on Walt, so he goes along with Jesse’s plan to sniff out Walt’s money. Jesse explains that he knows someone who might have an idea of where Walt is keeping his fortune. Both Jesse and Hank are so hell-bent on revenge — yes, it’s revenge for Hank, too — that working with each other comes naturally, despite their mutual hatred. The enemy of my enemy is… well, you know.

Hank uses one of Gomez’s obedient yet non-questioning men to take Huell into protective custody. Hank shows Huell a photo of a combination of animal brains Hank bought at the supermarket and Jesse lying on the floor. (A visual that’s grosser than anything you usually see on Bones.) That’s enough to convince Huell of Hank’s lies — Walt killed Jesse, Saul sold Kuby and Huell out and Walt is coming after the bodyguard next.

Huell quickly spills all the details he knows — how he retrieved the money, where he rented the white van they used to transport it, the type of Home Depot barrels they put the money in, and how Walt had him clean the van before returning it to the rental company. Not only is Huell a terrible bodyguard, he also rolls over easily, despite his massive frame. Saul needs to rethink his hiring policies.

In the meantime, Walt meets with Jack and Todd about the hit on Jesse.

“What are we talking, Rat patrol?” Jack asks Walt. (Rat Patrol is the name of a show from the ’60s. Jack makes numerous other references in this scene — from James Bond to the Hulk. It looks like Jack’s a bit of pop culture fiend.)

“No, he’s not a rat. He’s just, he just won’t listen to reason,” Walt insists. “He’s just angry. He’s not a rat.” It’s funny that even while planning to kill Jesse, Walt still defends him.

“Not something you’d do yourself, huh?” Jack questions Walt.

“Jesse’s like family to me. Look I want what you do to be quick and painless. No suffering, no fear,” Walt says.

“Bullet to the back of the head, something like that? I respect that. Too many savages out there,” Jack agrees.

As bad as Walt is, and as much as he used Jesse, Walt sees Jesse as a son. It’s tragic that Walt is loyal to Jesse to the end, in his own twisted way, when Jesse sold his pseudo-father figure out to the first person who came along to help. Only Hank doesn’t care about Jesse the way that Walt does. Walt once offered Jesse a new life, a way out. What will Hank do when he’s done with Jesse? (If they survive, but more on that later.)

Walt says he will triple the money per person he paid Jack and his crew when they took out Mike’s guys in prison — but Jack doesn’t want Walt’s money, he wants his cooking skills. Walt reluctantly agrees to one last cook with Todd, in exchange for Pinkman’s death.

There’s just one problem — Walt doesn’t know exactly where Jesse is. However, he does think he can flush him out. Walt then shows up at the home of Jesse’s former girlfriend and her son, Andrea and Brock. He tells her that he hasn’t heard from Jesse in a few days, and he’s worried about him. Jesse’s using again, Walt says. Andrea offers to call Jesse, and Walt gives him the number of the Hello Kitty phone. Andrea leaves a message on the voicemail, explaining that Walt stopped by the house, and could Jesse give her a call when he listens to this.

Walt leaves, and we see Jack’s white power klan waiting outside in a car. Walt phones them, and says it should be any minute now, and reminds them of their agreement to do it quick and painlessly. Oh, and don’t let Andrea or Brock see, he warns. Walt’s last bits of humanity are still poking through.

NEXT: Sorry, Walt. It won’t be that easy…

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