By Mandi Bierly
April 23, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT
S5 E18
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Before we get into the heart of the episode, I need to ask a question: How many of you believe that Brennan has never heard of the Rat Pack? I can buy that she wouldn’t be able to name everyone in it, but how has a woman who’s probably attended her fair share of black tie events and been in a lot of airport lounges never heard of the Rat Pack? I mean, yeah, it was a funny joke to have her tell Booth how excited Andrew was to introduce her to them — “They must be extraordinary rodents” — but come on now. We know she has a CD collection. With that out of the way…

This episode was about Booth and Brennan each moving on. Brennan has suddenly rekindled her flirting with Booth’s boss, Andrew (Diedrich Bader); Booth got all clumsy around a marine biologist, Dr. Catherine Bryar (Rena Sofer), who found an undigested human leg in the belly of a dead tiger shark her aquarium had just released. After his experience trying to coax Brennan into a relationship, you can understand why Booth would be taken with a woman who’s in it to win it enough that she stopped by his office to ask him out. Because she was a suspect, he couldn’t date her until the investigation was closed. But that didn’t keep him from telling Brennan he would be seeing her every time Bones brought up her upcoming coffee date with Andrew. (For the record, I also don’t believe Brennan — or any woman — would think a man telling her he had tickets to a play was code for sex. And if it was, why wouldn’t Brennan go for it? She’s always wanted sex before. If she wanted a relationship, she’d be with Booth. Or, are we supposed to think that because she doesn’t want to sleep with Andrew immediately, there’s a part of her that’s committed to Booth?)

Are you buying Booth and Brennan’s budding new relationships? I am, actually. Andrew likes to play dumb but he’s got a title, deputy director, that commands some respect. He clearly likes her, but he’s aloof enough that she can fool herself into thinking he wouldn’t be hurt by anything she does. He’s extraordinarily patient and finds her occasional cluelessness and verbal explanations for why his jokes are funny endearing as opposed to frustrating. He’s none of the drama she just experienced with Booth. He makes her a giddy teenager. She actually asked Angela what she should wear on the date. As for Catherine, we’ve established that she’s confident, forward, and interested. All attractive to Booth now. Plus, she doesn’t make him feel stupid for going with his intuition — she has one, too, that he could use some company — and they can make each other laugh in half the time since no one needs to explain the punchline. I think she’s a good Ms. Right Now, and I look forward to Brennan and Booth trying not to act jealous while sharing surprisingly open conversations like the one they had in front of the elevator.

Brennan: She’s easily as pretty as I am. I mean, using me as a standard.

Booth: Bones, you are the standard.

Brennan: Andrew is not as handsome as you. Using you as a standard. He is, however, taller.

As for the case, I knew immediately there was something fishy with that fourth grade teacher. After finding that a self-help guru’s “Sea of Life” program was a load of bull, she shoved the man’s face into a lion fish tank, the venomous fish stabbed him in the eye, and the neurotoxins knocked him out long enough for the woman to drag him into the massive tank where he was devoured by the tiger shark, a hammerhead, a red snapper, and, apparently, a grouper. How convenient that it decided to cough up the skull as Booth and Brennan visited the aquarium to question the woman who worked in the animal husbandry department. Shockingly, Brennan’s “Was someone eaten here this weekend?” wasn’t the highlight of that conversation. That would be Booth’s “Since when do fish have husbands?” Hodgins and Brennan got to go scuba diving in the tank, which gave him a chance to make a Jaws joke and Brennan an opportunity to prove that she’s never seen that movie. I like to think Brennan and I could be friends if she were, you know, real. But when crap like that — and that she’s never heard of Shark Week — come out, I seriously doubt it. A conversation about Shark Week got me my first job in New York (with magazines that covered cable TV). I take it very seriously. (Which is why I know Booth is right — for a week that’s all about sending the message that sharks don’t want to eat us, so many of the specials end up being about attacks.)

Other developments: We still have no idea if Brennan told Angela about Booth asking her to give their relationship a real go. I’m guessing not by the way Angela calmly told Brennan she knows who Angela thinks she belongs with. Angela and Hodgins had a moment when they realized they both like scary, beautiful virtual fish tanks. Clark broke his cardinal role and got involved in his coworkers’ personal lives — he basically told Hodgins to get back with Angela. And yet, we’ve still not see him make a move. What are they waiting for? Sweeps?

Now you. What do you think of Booth and Brennan moving on? What was your favorite quote of the night? (Mine: Brennan’s “I may or may not get them back to you,” when she wanted to take the angel fish to the lab.) Did watching Booth shut down that Russian mobster make you long for the days when he was intense in the interrogation room? Brennan and that Japanese magazine writer should have seen that

Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz play a will-they-won’t-they crime-solving duo.
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