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“I used to think the greatest thing to ever happen to me was being born a Rayburn.”

Well, here we are, at the end of the road. Bloodline is ending after a three-season run at Netflix and the Rayburns as we know them will cease to show up as our late spring fix that makes us appreciate our own families. At its best moments, Bloodline was a prestige drama that showed off some incredible acting chops from Ben Mendelsohn, Sissy Spacek, and others on the show. At its worst, John had a number of fever dreams about Danny coming back from the dead. And that’s a great place to start today… because John is in deep. I’m not talking about his dive into the ocean where he may have died/drowned/been resuscitated/killed his mom/etc. I’m talking about the whole season: the murders, the cover-ups, the seeing Danny literally everywhere.

We’re back in the real world, and Eric is out in the world doing community service. Sally is showing people around the inn. Kevin is getting yelled at by Jake. Meg is running. And John? John is still driving. He drives up to the site where Eric is doing his community service and says that he’s going to do everything he can to make things right between his family and Eric. But Eric isn’t having it. He’s done with the Rayburns, but he does hope that John will keep Nolan out of it all.

At the inn, Sally’s doctor/Roy’s friend is watching with his wife as she uses her charm to soothe guests into their stay at the Rayburn Inn.  It seems pretty calm across the board, but then there’s Kevin. Good ol’ Kevin hops in his truck and a man puts a gun to Kevin’s neck. He wants help from Kevin because Nick, that man that Kevin thought he befriended, is actually a Fed and the whole Cuban operation Kevin has been put on by Roy is crumbling.

Speaking of crumbling, John goes to the doctor because he’s worried. About what exactly? Who knows. Probably seeing his dead brother. But the doctor insists that he’s fine… so fine that he tells John to stop taking his blood pressure medicine to help identify its possible side effects. John heads back to the house, and it’s clear that things are still very much up in the air when Danny appears again. With Beth Mackey. Danny says she’s part of the family, but the reasons as to why aren’t clear. Maybe she’s the love child from Robert’s affair? Maybe just another extension of the Rayburn clan? Who knows.

At Kevin’s place, Belle calls out to him in the night and asks for him to bring her some water, but all she hears is the water running from the bathroom. The door is locked, and she can’t get him to respond. Thinking the worst, she runs to the garage to discover a naked Kevin with a loaded gun. He says not to look at him, and he puts the gun to his head. He puts the gun down after admitting that the DEA knows everything about his operation with the Cubans. Belle tells Kevin to get John because John can fix everything… except himself, honestly.

Kevin goes to John, but he immediately folds after being judged by John. He says John has this stare, but I’m pretty sure that’s just Kyle Chandler’s face. Eventually, John asks what exactly Kevin wants him to do for him, but it’s possible that Kevin doesn’t even know. When John goes to his and Diana’s place, Diana admits she wasn’t sure what to do after John’s accident, which ultimately leads to her admitting that her entire relationship with the Rayburn family can be summed up in one word: sad. The whole family is always sad, which doesn’t feel like an unfair assessment. She goes on to say that she’s always loved John, but that love… it’s just not enough. He apologizes to Diana, but it’s too late. She walks out, and John is left in tears.

Back at Sally’s place, she finally admits to John’s kids that she’s going to sell the inn. When they express shock, she explains that when she thought of all the happiness and blessings she’s had in her life, she thought about the house and not the people. Yikes. Not a great thing to hear from your grandma. But what is really great is that she’s going to leave them the money from the place, which always makes the dispersal of your childhood memories go down a bit better.

John meets with a detective and calls out that he knows Kevin is under a secret investigation. He wants to help Kevin, but it will require some legwork on Kevin’s end. And it’s also going to require him to out his de facto dad Roy. Kevin is 100 percent not interested, and when he gets a call directly from the Cubans threatening his family, Kevin makes the one totally wrong move he could make: He goes to Roy.
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Netflix’s family drama features Sissy Spacek, Kyle Chandler, Sam Shephard and the list just keeps going.
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