(At least) one death, one heart attack, and the best butterfly lilies this side of Tampa
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We start this episode not with a Rayburn, but with a lone boat in the middle of the ocean. Boats are never good signs in this world. Just think of Sarah. Well, Sarah and Danny. Well, Sarah, Danny, and Kevin. You get the point. But it’s only a quick shot before we come back to the Rayburn house. Sally’s on the porch in the middle of a storm, and Ozzy appears, spouting more facts about butterfly lilies (did you know they only return if you’re good to them? How fun!). Ozzy cuts to the chase and tells Sally that the truth is going to get her, and she needs to call Father Lopez. He’s seen her in the confessional, and he needs Sally to make things right. That sends Sally back to confession, where she’s getting ready to ‘fess up to her sins because as the priest says, anything can be forgiven.

Back at the hotel of broken marriages, John’s friend Mike busts into his room to check on him, and John isn’t doing so hot. They haven’t seen each other in a while, and it’s clear that Mike has no idea what’s going on in John’s world. Elsewhere in town, Kevin and Roy take a trip, and Roy explains he wants Kevin to manage a project for him. It seems like a terrible idea since Kevin can hardly manage a secret, let alone a project, but here we are. Of course, the deal ends up being shady because he needs Kevin to manage some illegal activity, and Kevin pushes back as Kevin often does. But he’s under Roy’s thumb, and his backbone has hardly ever been sturdy.

At the police station, Ozzy waltzes in demanding to speak to John, but John isn’t there. Ozzy’s presence in this world is questionable at best, and it hardly ever makes sense, but much like a boat… when Ozzy is around, you know trouble is going to follow. There are a lot of boats in this world, if you will. Boats: trouble. Ozzy: trouble. Kevin celebrating anything: trouble. So when Kevin goes home post-meeting and brings lobsters to mark this new project, it’s followed by Belle’s descent into Kevin’s dark past. After admitting that she’s always waiting for the other shoe to drop, she cuts to the chase and asks Kevin if he killed Marco. He bluffs, but Belle doubles down and says that if he doesn’t tell her the truth, she’ll leave him. And that’s where the backbone comes in again… he doesn’t lie to her, but he’s not strong enough to simply say yes.

We get a John flashback to dinner with Mike and their wives: Mike explains that leaving the police force was the best decision he ever made. It allows him to have time on his own and focus on lobster season. Imagine how great life would be for John if he could focus on lobster season! Instead, he’s focused on covering up 17 different murders. Mike even points out to Diana that the best thing they can do is get out… especially for Diana, who he says is a beautiful woman. Of course, that’s when Mike leans in and kisses her, which doesn’t seem like a thing your best friend should do. Why can’t people just be beautiful?

In Kevin’s world, he’s already in too deep with the Cubans again. He tells them that his hands are tied when it comes to these shady dealings, and in a super casual way, they tell him to cut off his hands because he only has to talk with his mouth. Kevin levels with one of them over his kids, but the issue is, Kevin shouldn’t have gotten involved with Roy again in the first place. Then again, Roy’s involved with everyone. Ozzy takes a call with Roy, and he’s looking to make another deal, but he wants it to be the last. Seems like no one can escape this guy. Ozzy hops in his car, and Nolan is waiting there for him. He asks Ozzy what to do about his family, but Ozzy says he can’t get through to them; maybe Nolan can. But he can’t. That’s when Ozzy pulls a gun out of the glove box, which can’t be good.

Nolan shows up at the Rayburn house and surprises Sally. She didn’t think he’d show because he was so chummy with Chelsea at the courthouse. She reminds Nolan that ultimately he can do whatever he wants, but he is a Rayburn. Nolan hops into it and demands that Sally tell him the truth about what happened, but Sally completely blows him off in a way that only Sally can. She says, “Do you drive?” and walks out of the house.

Roy has Kevin over to talk about some more plans, but it doesn’t turn out so great… this time for Roy. As he’s revealing some blueprints for Kevin’s project, Roy has a full-blown heart attack. Kevin calls an ambulance, but it’s not looking good. Meanwhile, Sally and Nolan have gone to the doctor. As they’re waiting to be helped, a woman comes in who is clearly getting chemo, and Nolan asks if it’s cancer, quickly following up that he’s not going to be roped into a sympathy play. That Nolan… as defensively emotional as his dad. But Sally says no before being called back. Maybe it has to do with her speaking to her dead mother, because that’s not normal.

Speaking of not normal, Ozzy stumbles into church, having quite a flash of memories and crazy thoughts about Sally and his own life and the Rayburn family. He’s gone to see Father Lopez, but he’s not there… it’s a different priest entirely. He says he has to apologize and needs someone to hear him, but he just takes off.
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In the hospital, Kevin goes to visit Roy and tells him that they’ll nix the Cuban deal, but Roy has other plans. He wants Kevin to run it and be there to make sure it happens. Kevin agrees, but in case there’s any apprehension, Roy drives it home by telling Kevin, “You’ve been like a son to me.” OH, ROY.

Back home at the Rayburn house, Nolan asks if Sally’s going to tell him what the doctor said. She says she didn’t think he cared if she was sick before asking him, “What would you do if you had a lot of money, Nolan?” He talks about getting a house and maybe a dog. Going to school for cooking. Sally says that she likes that idea before passing along a gold pocket watch that belonged to her grandfather. Nolan ruins a perfectly good moment by asking how much it’s worth and if he can sell it, arguing that nothing comes without strings with the Rayburns. I mean, he’s not wrong, but still.

Back at Kevin’s house, Belle says everything is going to be fine because she doesn’t care that her husband is a murderer as long as he’s not a lying murderer. But how can everything continue to be okay when Kevin is making such terrible decisions? He continues on with the Cuban deal, and after the exchange is made, Kevin texts Roy to tell him that they’re all good.

The next day, Mike goes to visit John and realizes that he’s checked out of that sheisty hotel. But what can that mean? It’s not like he and Diana are best friends again. Fresh off a new hair greasing, Ozzy goes to have lunch the next day at his normal spot, where he’s supposed to meet Roy, but of course Roy had a heart attack. Ozzy demands to Roy’s men that he wanted to meet Roy in person. They said they’ll drive him to Roy — a pretty dicey decision, but he gets in the back of the car, and Ozzy is TWEAKING OUT. He starts asking if he’ll get his car towed, and Roy’s men assure him it’ll be fine. Ozzy pulls out his gun, and right as it seems he’s going to shoot one or both of them, he puts the gun in his own mouth and pulls the trigger. Goodbye, sweet Ozzy. See you on… well, I hope not.

Meanwhile, Sally’s doctor comes to pay her a home visit. It would seem that it would be about her potential ailment, but it’s about selling the Rayburn House Inn. That’s when she discusses the butterfly lilies and how they come back year after year if you’re good to them. Those butterfly lilies… what’s going on there? Back in the hospital with his pseudo-father, Kevin gets a call from his Cuban friend complaining that the shipment never came in. The feds forced the plane down, and now the Cubans are freaking out. But it turns out that his Cuban friends are actually working with the government, and Kevin (being pretty standard Kevin) reveals the hospital Roy is in. So it’s only a matter of time before Roy and Kevin’s operation comes crashing down.

As John and Diana sit down with their friends for dinner, Sally goes to see Roy in the hospital. He tells Sally that he’s too stubborn to die, but life and death is the only discussion the two of them have. Roy tells Sally that he envies her, but she explains that her life has never been simple. That’s when Roy talks about how three people went out on “that boat,” and only two came back… those two being Roy and Robert. But what exactly happened on that boat? With two episodes left, it seems nuts to drop another mystery on us, but then again, Roy is a mystery himself.

Back at dinner, Mike decides to take John aside and explain that he kissed Diana the last time he was in town, but John isn’t worried about Diana. He wants to know why he saw Mike meeting with Aguirre, passing off a file. He’s convinced that Aguirre is working to help do the Rayburns in, but Mike says that he just came down looking for a partner, and he didn’t want to upset John. Who knows what the truth is anymore. Mike seems like a chill guy who just wants to go diving with his bro, but even diving triggers John at this point.

We get a deep sea flash of John diving down and finding… you guessed it… that damn seahorse necklace. John dives down to get it, and after snagging it, he runs out of oxygen before making it out of the ocean. He drops the necklace again, and right before he reaches the surface, he passes out and floats back down with it. Is it real? Is it a dream? Does anything ever die on this show? Nope. It just floats in the ocean until the series finale. And then we’re left with the boat… yeah, the boat from the first shot. I told you… trouble.

And finally, let’s not forget that little snippet — did you catch it — about Eric taking a plea deal. Do you ever remember that happening? Are we going crazy?

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