The Rayburns continue to dig holes.
Bloodline Recap: Season 3
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We open with a flashback — of a happier, easier time, one when the Rayburns were just your average dysfunctional family, and not a pack of murderers. It seems to be set during the time everyone was getting to know Marco as Meg’s boyfriend. Other important information imparted is that Meg doesn’t like boats and that Raoul, Marco’s brother, does not like Meg.

We also hear (maybe for the first time?) that Meg doesn’t like boats.

Back to the less-fun present, Sally makes ceviche for Marco’s family, and Meg is having none of it. Sally criticizes her for not being around when they needed her because she was too drunk, and Meg starts to talk about the tragedy of Eric O’Bannon murdering Marco. Sally is all, Uh, hey, remember when you told me the truth? My turn: Your brother killed Marco. En route to the Diaz house, she tells Meg to pull it together and present herself accordingly. I hope the Rayburns have some sort of cute repression motto needlepointed on a pillow somewhere.

John’s boss Franco comes to talk to John. He’s like, Uh, listen up: we have a lead on ole Eric. But he rather pointedly asks John if he knew that Marco had been talking to Eric about immunity. So in what world does that make sense? Ruh roh.

The police, meanwhile, are on a massive hunt for Eric. They even bust up his mother’s house. Eric crawls into a little boat and takes off.

Meanwhile, Ozzy is still at pretty Kate’s house, who you may remember used to bail out Danny all the time. Has Ozzy sort of lost his mind? It seems like he got hit on the head pretty effin’ hard. He’s all bent on revenge on the Rayburns, but Kate stops him: “It didn’t start with the kids,” she says. Her mother told her so. Huh? What?

Moving on, John confronts Kevin for blowing this whole thing so spectacularly. John’s voice gets quieter as he gets more intense, asking Kevin just what exactly he was planning to tell Marco. Kevin weakly explains that Marco already knew everything and that he had told Kevin they were all going to jail because of John. John gets even scarier and says, I know why you were there. Kevin doesn’t deny it but reminds John he has a baby he’d like to meet.

At the Diaz house, things are rough. Understandably. Marco’s mom is so happy to see these Rayburns it is hard to watch. Meg is finding things tough, too. She sees a picture of herself and Marco smiling on the fridge and flashes back to the night they met. It’s pretty funny actually — Marco asking his new partner who the hot chick is at the bar. John is all, Don’t do it! But he does and it’s adorable and it ends with John and Meg affectionately giving each other the finger and… sigh. All these siblings are so far away from each other.

She steps outside and finds Raoul, who is like, You broke my brother. Meg agrees that she wasn’t good enough for him. But he does tell her if she wants to help, she could let the priest in to see the body in for last rites.

John goes to see Roy, who throws around a lot of pompous statements like, “History favors the winners.” He says he’ll take care of it, and John begs for enough time to let him work his creepy Rayburn cop magic.

Roy instead goes to visit Kevin in the hospital and warn him to stay off the morphine drip (in morphine-o veritas, I guess). He also brought muffins for the nurses and called in a specialist from Miami. Belle seems ready to marry Roy.
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John goes to see Chelsea. She’s all, What’s with our families? Another possible tagline for this show! John is telling her, more or less, that he’s there as a friend to Eric, asking Chelsea to let him help him. Chelsea tells John she doesn’t give a fig about what happens to Eric at this point after what he did to their mother. John is really laying it on thick to Chelsea, but yet I still wish it were real. They tell each other they are sorry about everything and I have to believe that they actually both believe it.

Kevin wakes up to Sheriff Franco, who seems to be just a teensy bit suspicious, circling just enough details to make Kevin very nervous. Kevin decides to go on that morphine drip after all. I would too.

Meg and John meet up, and she asks him about getting the priest in to see Marco. They have that kind of sibling eye contact when she tells him how Sally was behaving. John tells his little sister that he knows exactly what she and Kevin were up to and that he understands. Meg doesn’t back down for a second. He tells her he needs her help. (And now I must digress to talk about how hot Kyle Chandler is when he smokes. He smokes like a man from another era. He smokes so masculinely I just can’t stand it.)

Roy meets with some Cuban guys, and this is surely leading nowhere good. They’re smoking cigars and talking about loyalty. Oh lord. I’m not dealing with this plot till I have to.

John meets with Roy’s guy and discovers it’s Quiet Goon. John is pissed that QG shot his brother, but QG points out that Kevin shouldn’t have moved. He hands over the gun to John, and John asks him in return to let the Diaz family in to see the body. We see this eventually happen, and Raoul is moved enough to invite Meg to join them. She sees her former fiancé’s head bashed in and remembers the night she asked him to marry her.

At the hospital, Belle tells Sally to go home and get some rest. She talks on and on about how great Roy is, and Sally is like, No, please don’t think we’re old friends. He’s not who you think he is. Be careful. Belle is like, He helped us when no one else would! And he believes in Kevin! Unspoken: Unlike any of you Rayburn jerks.

Sally goes to Roy’s house. You gotta hand it to Roy: Not a lot ruffles his feathers. And he apparently knows Sally much better than we’d been led to believe He knows her drink, but she slaps it away. He alludes to helping her and Robert establish themselves, and she accuses him of being jealous of everything Robert had. We’ll find this out eventually I suppose.

Kevin wakes up in a morphine haze and sees Meg and is like, Duuuuuude, the drugs are great. She’s like Oh, well, cool, I’ve been off mourning my ex-fiancé whom you murdered. She tells him they are finished, and she even hits at where his wounds are and storms off.

John jumps on a boat and finds Eric at a shack where he and Danny used to go party. That little raccoon man is scared to death, poor Eric O’B! But John just keeps playing like he wants to help. Eric tells John he didn’t kill Marco. John hands him a gun and a bag of stuff. He tells him he’s giving him the opportunity to protect himself. And you see what’s happening here? John Rayburn is premeditating this so hard it’s rather distressing.

John is called into Franco’s. He’s told that they’ve caught O’Bannon and they’ve found all sorts of interesting things on him: the gun that shot Kevin, a bunch of Danny’s stuff. John pretends to be stunned. He equally pretends to be totally shocked by the story that O’B told the cops: that John planted all this on him the night before! But, it turns out, Meg told them all that John spent the night at her place after drinking too much. The DA is therefore charging O’Bannon, and Franco hopes this gives the Rayburns some closure. That is not destined to be a tagline for this show.

He leaves and calls Meg, who has taken out a sunfish even after we were told at the beginning of this episode that she hates boats, and tells her she did good. Ugh.

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