Everyone wants to help the Rayburns, but it comes with a price
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Gosh. What a journey for Diana.

Last time we checked in with the Rayburns, Diana was being all wistful on her sister’s deck as her husband didn’t tell her he was a murderer. Okay, in actuality the issue is that he didn’t tell her he wasn’t a murderer either, which is practically like showing her a home video of him killing Danny. Dark stuff, I know. But the show must go on because we have three episodes left and that’s how Netflix works. In the Rayburn way, we pick up with Diana and John not talking about everything that happened the night before.

But unlike the Rayburn way, Nolan and Sally have taken off into the city to Viva Caputa, which is the restaurant Danny worked at. Sally asks about the inside of the restaurant, which seems to have burned down, but Nolan holds off. But kind of like Danny, Nolan has a soft spot for Sally, so he starts to open up about Danny and the restaurant, but he doesn’t open up about how Danny sold drugs to keep the place afloat because that’s what you do when it comes to Sally — withhold all truth about Danny.

Meg meets up with John, who admits to beating Ozzy up. Ozzy wants money to keep quiet, and Meg is not having any of this business. John keeps shrugging him off, but Meg gets it because Meg is the smart one (except when she’s having a Marco-booty-call). Speaking of Ozzy, he’s hanging out with O’Dirtbag down by the ocean, having a celebration of sorts about running the Rayburns into the ground. O’Dirtbag calls him out, telling him to leave the Rayburns alone (don’t you love how Eric is kind of the hero this season? Kind off… in a selfish way). Anyway, Ozzy talks about how everything is going to work out for the #RedReefRamblers (just watch, this hashtag is going to SOAR), and he’s going to get Evangeline some studio time so she can record her music. Too bad Evangeline isn’t able to do anything but nap nap in the bed.

Meg meets up with Kevin to discuss this Ozzy situation, and Kevin lets her know that he’s hardly able to help because his life is basically in tiny seashell shaped shambles. Still recovering from the worst half-season cocaine and tequila bender, Kevin is greeted at work by people from the bank coming to appraise and collect his belongings.

Elsewhere, John makes a trip back to the tree stump where he killed Danny, and to be at the place where he went all Cain to Danny’s Abel, he seems pretty chill about the whole thing. That is… until the flashes start rolling in. John’s face sinks and he falls to the ground like a young boy in time out. In the slow burn that is Bloodline, the steadiest unraveling seems to be John’s. Unable to reach Meg, Ms. Ortiz gives John a call. He agrees to meet up with her.

Back on the worst grandma/grandson road trip ever, Nolan asks Sally to make a pit stop. It seems like it’s at a house that Nolan once lived at. She sees the first sign that the Rayburn Inn ever had, but when she brings it up to Nolan, he shades her by saying, “Dad didn’t want to see it,” but she presses further and Nolan buckles. In the end, I’m pretty sure that Nolan and Sally are going to be BFFs. She looks through some pictures and sees that Nolan and Robert have a picture together, even though Nolan says they only met once. Sally keeps pushing Nolan, and he eventually opens up, only to tell Sally about a huge blowout that Danny and Eve had on Father’s Day. Essentially, this child has a total of negative six good memories.

Meg and Gilbert meet up again to exchange “donor funds,” and the more he donates, the more it seems that Gilbert is quietly steering the course of John’s campaign via Meg. Finding herself a little too trusting, Meg pitches Kevin’s boat shop over to Gilbert, in case he knows any investors. I can’t help but think that no one in this town is down to help out of the kindness of their Florida hearts.

Kevin, doing his best to turn misfortune around, decides to chase down Garnet to see if he’d be interested in investing in Kevin’s business now that he has a business plan. Garnet agrees to sit down with Kevin, but with a twist — he doesn’t want to partner with Kevin. He just wants to buy his land and boatyard outright. Kevin is not a fan.

Ms. Ortiz meets John at the church, which is clearly her favorite hangout place. She tells John about Meg reached out to him and how she confirmed her story, but she wants the job finished. She wants Marco exposed for the deal he made with the sheriff. But Marco’s over at the office busy looking up Alec, who’s clearly been on his mind since his and Meg’s last rendezvous.

Meg meets up with Sheriff Aguirre’s campaign manager to discuss debate issues. After they agree, she takes off and runs into Ozzy, who lets Meg know real quick that he’s not afraid to tell the police everything he knows about the Red Reef Inn, and in 24 hours, he’s going to drop the truth. Back on the worst trip to memory lane, Nolan recalls the time he visited Danny in prison and called him out for, you know, being in prison. You can’t help but feel like pre-face-piercing Nolan was probably a nice kid. But when your dad tells you that you’re an embarrassment to your family and to not come back to visit him in prison, that probably kind of jades you a little.

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Seems like Marco got ahold of Alec, and it isn’t in the jealous way that we originally thought. He asks Alec to confirm some dates, which is surely going to be used against poor Meg, who did not pass her questioning with flying colors. Of course, those dates don’t line up with Meg’s, so he takes it to Aguirre. Things aren’t looking up for any of the Rayburn kids really — Kevin sits at his boat house, looking over his foreclosed kingdom. Meanwhile, Meg is trying to arrange a meeting between Gilbert and Kevin. Feeling pretty solid about their friendship so far, Meg goes back to Gilbert and asks his advice on what to do with Ozzy. Gilbert, of course, recommends they throw money at him… and if that doesn’t work, “take care of him.” Down at the boatyard, Kevin and Gilbert make their rounds, and he offers to help Kevin out with his funding problems.

Post-road trip, Eve is not happy about Nolan taking Sally back to their place, which they’re due to be evicted from by month’s end. But Nolan piques Eve’s interest when he tells her that Sally wants to talk to her. It seems like Sally has gotten into Nolan’s head because he asks Eve why Danny never asked for help at the restaurant. Eve smacks him in the face for calling Danny out because that’s what you do in families.

Jane goes down to the station to demand her damn seahorse necklace back (omg), but she’s interrupted by Marco, who’s back to ask John some more questions. He says they just want to pinpoint exactly where Danny was before he was killed. He tells John that he wants to start at the very beginning (which is a very good place to start). Marco is super thirsty to make a resolution in Danny’s case because he practically paints a story for John to spit back at him. When John doesn’t give him any help, he pivots over to Meg’s lie. And then Marco just comes out with it and admits that he thinks the Rayburns helped cover up the Red Reef Inn murder (wrong). John just sits there and doesn’t say a word.

Eve and Nolan venture back over to Sally’s for dinner. Sally immediately jumps in with the apology, which Evangeline knocks down. Surprisingly, it’s Nolan who defends Sally and tells Eve to listen to her. Sally proposes that they start over together and offers for her and Nolan to stay at the inn. It’s crazy because Evangeline is practically a klepto and Nolan only knows three words other than the f-bomb, but her heart’s in the right place.

Meg, like a boss, beats Ozzy back to his hotel and offers him a big wad of cash and tells him that no one is going to believe his story. She tells him that powerful people want John to win the campaign and if he doesn’t disappear, things could get real ugly. Meanwhile, a man in a car watches that whole exchange happen. Back in the interrogation room, Marco keeps pushing and finally John gets real forward and says that it sounds like Marco’s insinuating he helped Danny get away with murder. He doubles down real hard and calls Marco out for covering up when Aguirre beat his wife. It’s a pretty intense standoff.

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As Nolan’s memory episode comes to an end, he sits on the porch of the inn flipping a Zippo open and closed while nearly dropping a cigarette out of his mouth. It flashes back to the time that Nolan was casually playing with the oven in Danny’s restaurant and then set a couple cannisters of oil on top of the stove like no big deal. OH NOLAN.

And of course, 10 years later, we’re still in that interrogation room. Marco keeps spinning his wheels, trying to pull information out of John. And eventually, without saying it, he implies that someone (maybe John, maybe not?) killed Danny. Either way, as this season goes on, it seems like fewer and fewer people are ready to stand in ol’ Coach Rayburn’s corner.

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