She may not be privy to much, but Sally can throw a mean slap when need be
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Well color me exhausted and ruin my Memorial Day weekend barbecue with interfamily felonies and love children, we’re halfway through the second season of Bloodline. Ain’t you tired? It’s a tiresome world down in Florida this season, so let’s take a minute to look back on what’s going down since we kicked things off: John is running a doomed campaign for sheriff, Meg lost her job with her buzzkill boss, Kevin is in an on again/off again relationship with nose candy, Carlos just won’t let things be, Wayne Lowry is just dead, O’Dirtbag is hanging out with John Leguizamo, Chloë Sevigny is still upsettingly underutilized, and Sally and Punk Danny had an f-bomb dropping competition. Most concerning — it took five episodes to fix the shower in bungalow 3. It’s a frustrating world, ya know?

I jump into the second half of the season in the place of Sara Vilkomerson, who I can only assume has been attacked with a conch shell in room 7 at the Red Reef Inn. That or she’s writing something else. But I assure you that I know this world too well because if you’ve hypothetically been involved in a drug scheme turned multi-homicide, then surely you can recap one!

We begin with John waking up mid-sleep — he hasn’t been sleeping super great these days, but it’s hard to blame him. He goes to the bathroom to take his blood pressure medicine and rinse off his face because when you’re handling as much as he is, that’s just what you do. Evangeline, hard pressed to find anything to wear other than translucent tights and a flannel, journeys over to visit Coach Rayburn and Diana. Pulling a classic Danny, she points out the clear difference between her life and John’s family’s, talking about how she abandoned Nolan back when. Jane tries to join the conversation, but she’s dismissed quickly because that’s what happens to Jane. Nolan appears, asking Evangeline if he can get a ride to work, explaining the cryptic reason she appeared to begin with.

Elsewhere, Meg ventures off to visit Mrs. Aguirre Ortiz after receiving what appeared to be some compromising information on the incumbent Sheriff Aguirre. Of course, Meg has come across (via a meddlesome donor) a 911 transcript when the sheriff got violent with Ms. Ortiz when they were married. Ms. Ortiz shuts that down REAL fast. As the Rayburns are taking care of business real actively this episode, John goes to visit O’Dirtbag, who is not having the best time this season. He’s been full-Kirk-Cameron left behind post-Lowry and accused of killing his BFF. John offers to help Eric out if he can tell him about the guy who’s running around town talking about Danny’s murder. Eric isn’t budging too much, and John assures him that if he helps him out, he’ll help Eric.

Back at the marina, Kevin agrees to teach Nolan about motors, like he’d asked before. Nolan says that if he helps Kevin, they split the money. Kevin scoffs at it, but he’s nervous that Nolan might reveal to Belle that he saw Kevin take a three-second chug-sesh with a bottle of tequila. If that’s not enough of a buzzkill, Kevin opens up a letter revealing that his mortgage is in foreclosure, prompting him to take more drinks. Oh, Kev.

Back at headquarters, John and Meg go over a storyboard for a campaign commercial for John. With a lack of money, John asks about Roy Gilbert’s contribution, but she hasn’t locked in that donor yet, so it’s a tough world. Out for a leisurely breakfast, O’Dirtbag joins Ozzy to talk about how John came to him to talk about Ozzy’s meddlesome meandering around town. O’Dirtbag keeps pushing Ozzy, but he flips out and grabs Eric by the shirt and tells him that he will end him. If you remember that supermarket robbery scene, Ozzy has no chill.

Trying to rebound from bad news, Kevin goes to the hardware store to pick up some paint for the nursery and runs into his Narcotics Anonymous buddy, who offers his number and a shoulder to lean on. It’s a nice gesture for anyone NOT in this crazy family. The sheriff comes to chat with Marco about Danny’s murder, and he starts pushing Marco away from his O’Dirtbag manhunt and in another direction. Marco asks if it’s political, but the sheriff turns the discussion and says, “Remember, you and me got history too.” Marco!

Meg goes to the hospital to catch up with Chelsea and poke around about Ms. Ortiz and her history with abuse. She asks Chelsea to check into it for her, but she tells her that stuff is confidential. After some back and forth, she gets to the point and says that Meg has never said two words to her, but now she’s asking her to break the law. Yikes.

Evangeline, clearly with nothing better to do, stops by Jane’s school and asks her if she wants to get a cup of coffee. If I were Coach Rayburn, I wouldn’t be a minute late picking her up because last time Jane got a surprise friend visitor, she ended up with a seahorse necklace and a near-Amber alert. With no discretion at all, Jane and Evangeline go to the thrift store for ~bonding time~ and petty theft. She’s not the only Rayburn with poor taste in company though, because post-run, Diana finds herself with a flat. Out of nowhere, Ozzy swings in and asks her if she would like some help. He fixes the flat and launches into a nice conversation about Danny and John and all those drugs.

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Back at home, Kevin paints the nursery, but Belle tells him that maybe they should hold back on any more planning because the baby may not make it after all. Kevin’s face says it all, and I’m surprised he doesn’t reach for an imaginary bottle. Instead, he goes to visit Sally, who is perpetually three episodes behind when it comes to being in the know. She reassures Kevin that he is a good man though and that Robert would say the same. Kevin returns home and confesses his financial situation to Belle, which is a step in the right direction for old Kevin.

Back at the Rayburn house, Jane comes in mid-family dinner and goes full teenager and accuses Diana and John of interrogating them. It’s a legendary episode because Ben gets his first line of season 2. But it leads into Diana telling John about her run-in with Ozzy and his creepily ominous sentiment about John’s past. It’s enough for John to go check the tire, which has clearly been slashed on purpose. He runs the prints on the tire iron, which reveals Ozzy’s real identity. It doesn’t take long for John to discover that Ozzy and Danny had both been bailed out of jail by Beth Mackey (Eskimo Inmates!), which causes John to pop a couple more blood pressure medicines.

John takes off to O’Dirtbags and demands to know where Ozzy is. He finally chases Ozzy down in a bathroom and confronts him about his past with Danny — of course, he’s super vague about it, but then John gets that serious furrowed-brow coach stare and tells him that Ozzy needs to leave town. Ozzy asks if he is going to ask what he wants, but John makes sure he knows that he doesn’t care.

Marco and the sheriff return to the Red Reef Inn to do some more exploring into this Danny/John/O’Dirtbag circle, and the sheriff insinuates that maybe John was around the day that man got brained in the hotel. Marco is convinced that can’t be the case though. Poor Marco.

In a turn of events though, Chelsea shows up to the campaign headquarters with details about Ms. Ortiz and the sheriff’s rocky past. Chelsea says that she owes John one for watching after her brother. It’s a nice moment for Meg and Chelsea, but it appears that settles the score for those two. Almost immediately, the story hits the news and Sheriff Aguirre’s reputation is put on blast. He denies all of the allegations and blames the possible assault on Ms. Ortiz’s drug use and a “bad fall.”

It seems that things are turning around for the Rayburns: Aguirre is a domestic assaulter. Meg got John a lot of money from Gilbert because of it. John found Ozzy, Belle and Kevin’s baby is okay, and Jane got a super fancy dress! But of course that also comes with shady news, which is Meg learning about her father’s possibly dark past regarding how he acquired that inn. Surely not Robert (who beat Danny and blamed it on a hit and run, no big deal).

To celebrate all the good news, Sally and Meg throw a family dinner that Nolan comes to because, as Jane says, “HE’S FAMILY.” Wow. Got it, angsty Jane. Sally isn’t a fan of Nolan’s or Evangeline’s, but she’s even less of a fan of Jane palling around with Nolan. Inside, Meg checks in with Kevin on his meeting attendance, but she gets a mysterious phone call and tells someone that she’ll meet them later. It’s the perfect opportunity for Kevin to have a five second whiskey power hour followed by a handful of Tic Tacs. Kevin announces that they’re having a boy, but Jane shuts down the celebration by announcing that no one cared when Danny’s son was announced. ZING. Ben gets a second line, in a revolutionary move for the series.

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Sally follows Jane inside, and it seems that Jane is ready to go full-Ronda Rousey on Sally for the way that Danny, Nolan, and Evangeline were treated. It doesn’t go on too long though because just as John walks into the room, Sally open hand smacks the bejeezus out of Jane. For one second, can you imagine how much of an honor it would be to be open hand smacked by Sissy Spacek? I’d give my first born, felony-ridden son to meet the coal miner’s daughter.

It turns out that mysterious caller was Ms. Ortiz, who Meg meets in a church. Feeling super empowered by the story going public, she tells Meg that the reason the 911 call went public is because the sheriff gave the reporting officer a job at the sheriff’s office. Guess who it was? SWEET MARCO DIAZ. I guess no one is innocent in this show. From there, the parenting begins to spiral with Kevin freaking out about fatherhood and Diana going to full defense mode. But nothing is more concerning than John finding a matchbook from the Red Reef on his own counter that has “ASK ME WHAT I WANT” written on the inside cover. Ozzy’s been hanging around, clearly.

John goes to chase Ozzy down and finds him pretty quickly. Expecting a conversation, Ozzy lights a cigarette, but John has other plans and just, you know, beats him right within an inch of death. If Netflix loves one thing, it’s having a hero beat the living sense out of a bully (I’m looking at you Piper). Either way, it can’t be good news for Ozzy.

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