Things with Danny get literally fishy.

By Sara Vilkomerson
April 01, 2015 at 04:11 PM EDT
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‘Part 8’ opens with a scary future John voice-overs as we see that now familiar shot of Kevin in his office, window broken, rain of doom coming down outside: “You never think these things will happen to you. Some terrible thing happens to the family down the street. And you think, ‘Thank God we’re not them. Thank God we’re not that family.’ One day you wake up and you are them.”

While we’re listening this we see Kevin going nutso. He does some coke, he’s talking to himself, he grabs a gun. He calls John and asks what he’s going to do about Danny. John, somewhere where police lights flash, tells him he’s the one who has to make things right. Scary future John intones: “And you can never look at yourself the same way again.” Yeah yeah, show. We got it.

We’re back to the morning after Kevin was violently assaulted. He is seriously messed up. His friend from the dock calls an ambulance.

Danny, meanwhile, is in a bar smoking, hanging with the artist formerly known as Point Break guy, Quintana. (Seriously though, can someone let me know about the smoking laws in Florida?) Quintana tells him that it was incredibly stupid to walk in and talk to Wayne the way he did. He can’t believe Danny isn’t dead.

O’Dirtbag walks into the bar and looks spooked as all hell that his buddy is hanging out with Quintana. I love that Danny is suddenly like a mafia head—he’s completely unintimidated by Quintana while O’Bannon is quaking like a little poodle on a cold day. Quintana breaks the tension by offering the boys some work.

As soon as they hit the parking lot, O’Dirtbag is mad: he thinks Danny went behind his back. Danny is all, oh hey don’t worry about it, this could be a great thing. O’D hands him a pile of money: It’s compliments of Kevin Rayburn. And…that’s when we learn for sure it was Danny who sent O’D to beat up Kevin. This is disappointing.

Kevin, meanwhile, is whimpering in a hospital bed, unable to even put his shirt on or breathe without horrific pain. He has cracked ribs, a busted wrist. Kevin doesn’t tell the doctor the truth about how he got hurt.

Okay so this next scene involves cockfighting and I cannot bring myself to recap it. I cannot, I say! So know that this happens and it’s absolutely awful and one bird kills another. The important part of this scene is that Danny see Carlos—the guy who asked Meg for legal help—holding a beer. Buuuusted. (Also, poor birds.) Danny is all, oh heeeey.

John and Marco go to a garage where John shows the picture of the missing girl to a guy who clearly is lying when he says he doesn’t know anything. He then shows him the autopsy photo and the guy breaks into a million pieces. He tells them he left Guatemala and has been trying to get money to bring his wife and four kids. He paid $3,000 to have his daughter brought in with the understanding he’d pay another three grand upon her arrival. But she never made it. This is sad. John asks if he tried to contact the man in charge but the guy apparently disappeared. The grieving father asks if he’s going to be deported, and John is like, hell no. They’re just trying to catch this guy. They try to figure out if they can get the guy to identify the man he once spoke to.

Danny meets with Sally and has big plans to change the restaurant menu. Sally is like, well how much will it cost. Danny has an idea to make things cheaper because he knows some different vendors. Sally smiles the smile of a mother who is proud of seeing her son take some initiative.

Quintana goes to a bar where he sees the guy who was going to testify against Carlos. “Thing is bro, Carlos is a friend of a friend….” You get the drift. Maybe Danny IS a mafia don!

Sure enough, the witness backs out and the case against Carlos is gone. He meets with Meg and Sally to talk about how he’s going to straighten up and fly right. The Rayburn ladies are all sweetness and light. Danny walks in and compliments Meg on her good work. Danny asks Carlos if he’s gotten a job yet. The answer is no.

Kevin comes back to his totally trashed office home. He says they can’t bring the cops in because it’s collateral for his loan and can’t mess that up. His friend reluctantly agrees not to go to the cops. Kevin has to sleep sitting up and is generally a hot mess. Poor Kevin.

Danny asks Sally what she thinks about hiring Carlos part-time. Sally thinks that’s a lovely idea! Seriously, everything I’ve learned about anything I’ve learned from The Godfather, so I think I know where this is heading.

Marco is at a family birthday party that looks pretty fun. Kids are dancing and there are balloon animals and his family asks after Meg. He says she’s working. His family seems genuinely bummed not to see her. But! Then Meg shows up! The family goes wild: big hugs and in general everyone is super delighted she is there. She tells Marco she didn’t want to let anyone down. Marco seems genuinely touched that she made the offer. He watches thoughtfully as his parents fall over Meg.

Danny goes to the dock with Carlos to pick up some fish. OR IS IT. They wheel their goods over into the Inn’s fridge and Carlos stands watch at the door as Danny unpacks the fish. Then he unlocks the shed and Carlos—who says he’s nervous about this—keeps watch as Danny opens the secret bottom of the crates to find all sorts of nice drugs neatly packaged and hidden underneath.

NEXT: Blame it on the alcohol

Kevin goes to his big brother John for help. He explains again that he can’t file a report because the loan will be in jeopardy. He sees Nicky in his Porsche and says he thinks that Nicky did it. John is all, I highly doubt it—and what did you do. Kevin comes apart a little bit as he explains he doesn’t know what to do. John’s bad blood pressure visibly raises, but he takes over: he’s going to take Kevin home to Sally.

Kevin tells the Rayburns what happened. Danny’s face is impassive. The others are horrified. As usual, everyone turns to John. Kevin tells them it was just a burglary. Danny is all, hmmm, doesn’t sound random. Sally asks why Belle isn’t there. Kevin is all, oh right…that’s the other thing.

Marco and Meg meet by the water. He tells her he realized he’s been an idiot. “Let’s get f—ing married.” Romantic! Meg looks happy. They make out a little.

The champagne is poured and the Rayburns are celebrating. Danny lurks around looking weird. Meg notes the total look of false cheer on Danny’s face.

Marcos and the father of the Jane Doe sit at the dock and watch the people come and go. Time passes and they’re beginning to give up when, suddenly, the dad spies his bad guy.

Debbie from the bank comes to the dock to see Kevin. He’s all oh hey, nothing to see here. She’s like, uh, I’ve heard otherwise. It’s a small town. She says it’s a formality but they have to take 90 days to go over the damages and an official report. He points out that he doesn’t have 90 days and tries to convince her that there’s no real damage. Then he panics: He needs the money now, or he doesn’t need it at all. Debbie feels bad, you can tell, but her hands are tied. He loses his temper and she’s like, okay byeeeeee.

Danny and John walk outside and Danny asks John what he thinks about what happened to Kevin. They chitchat and then gossip a little about their brother’s marital woes. Then they both start totally cracking up at the memory of how they used to beat up Kevin. Brothers. They seriously fall into each other’s arms laughing so hard and it’s almost cute except that we know Danny really is responsible for Kevin getting beat up.

Marco calls. Papa Cruz identified their guy: John is so glad he’s all, forget work—let’s go get a drink.

So the brothers go drinking. Danny tells John to relax and not to worry about Kevin, which would be a lot sweeter if it weren’t entirely self-serving. Danny tries to sell John on the screw-up’s life, being able to pick up and do what you want. Danny then goads him, talking about how John used to be fun, how he used to be able to drink more than a couple of beers. John bites and is like, let’s roll! Danny goes up to the bar and orders shots instead. This will end well.

John and Danny are getting drunker and doing enough shots to put me in the hospital. John even asks for a cigarette! He does kind of look like he’s having a good time though. He even checks out a young girl who is walking by. John! He does the whole look don’t touch defense. This leads to a charming discussion about just how long John has been sleeping with the same woman (the verb used here is not “sleeping”). John agrees that 17 years is a long time. They crack up. Danny says at least Diana is beautiful. Sigh. Danny then drops the bomb that he thought there was a little something something between him and Diana when he first met her. That’s uncool. John is drunk but not drunk enough to not be irritated by this. Danny sticks to his story and says he didn’t go there because they are brothers. Then he thinks that he should pick up that blonde that John was checking out—you know, because he’s a generous guy. John is alone at the table and has one of those moments when you realize you’ve gone around the bend of hammerville. Danny gives John that girl’s number. And then is like, don’t you want to drink more? Jeeze.

Kevin suffers at home with Sally. Everyone always needs their mom sometimes. She wishes he had told her about Belle. He didn’t want to let her down. He feels like a failure. Sally is mad that Robert made it an environment that their kids couldn’t talk to them. She gets it: Things happen. Kevin gets a little weepy.

Danny is now dancing with the blonde while John turns into a puddle on the bar, mumbling about how he stood up for Danny when it came to the family business. Danny, somehow, doesn’t seem all that drunk. John can’t even walk he’s so hammered and when they’re out in the parking lot he throws up an enormous amount. Danny seems sort of vaguely menacing and even like he might holding a knife but it’s the car keys. John’s subconscious is on to Danny, me thinks.

They get home to John’s house like a couple of loud, stumbly animals. Danny makes a ton of noise and in general is sort of awful. Diana wakes up like WTF. John is in a bad way and Danny is loud enough to wake up Jane who is all: Daddy are you hammered? Danny is a creeper all over young Jane which is gross by gross. Diana comes out from putting John to bed, and she is pissed. She wants Danny to leave and he’s all, hey I just got your husband home and makes no move to get up from the couch. Danny makes a point of taking his glass of water to the kitchen and pointedly stares at a family picture he’s not in. It’s more than a little awkward, especially when Danny just stands in the open door and says goodnight in the most menacing of tones. Diana shuts the door and locks it and exhales.

The next morning Meg comes to the house and sees Danny sitting in their dad’s office. He comes at Meg hard: He thought they had an understanding—why wasn’t she watching his back and how could she have lied to him about the will. Meg is all, relax, it’s fixed. I just need to drop off the paperwork. Danny is all, yeah right. Meg stands her ground (which I don’t know that I would cause Danny is scary).

John wakes up with quite a hangover. Diana is a little passive aggressive. John is all yeah I drank too much, what’s the problem. She gets teary and says something is just plain off about Danny. He was weird and aggressive. “I think you want things to be better with him so much you don’t see him clearly.” I think I might agree, Diana. She doesn’t want him around. John, also understandably, is like that’s uncool. She ups the ante and says she doesn’t want Danny around the kids. He’s mad and sad and leaves rather than deal.

Sally goes to see Danny and Carlos on the dock where they’re getting a new shipment of fish. Little does she know what lies underneath that seafood! He unpacks the shipment into the shed.

Marco gets the name of the mystery man from the docks: Rafi Quintana. Now everything is beginning to close in on this show, right? We see Quintana meet with Danny and O’Dirtbag. He confirms to Danny that he got rid of Carlos’ witness. Wayne Lowry steps out of the truck—the scariest man in a Hawaiian shirt ever. Wayne takes a look at the drugs and spills it all over the ground because it’s sugar. Danny is all, so do I pass the test? Wayne says he’ll be in touch. Danny knows it’s a yes.

“Danny turned us into that family you don’t want to be. He made a mistake,” says the voice of future scary John. “He made a big mistake. Now we’re all paying for it.” We see John in the future with a gun, checking to see if it’s loaded.

This sure is a show that knows how to end an episode, right? Shout-out to the credit music, which begins with the lyric, “Carry the weight of your brother.”

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