Hard feelings cannot always be fixed with a handshake.

By Sara Vilkomerson
March 27, 2015 at 03:35 AM EDT

Danny looks out the window and remembers, yet again, that time his brother lied to the cops about Danny getting hit by a car. (When, in fact, it was his dad who beat the crap out of him.)

Next up is baby Kevin! He too tells the very same lie. Danny looks pained, haunted, mad, and sad at once. (God Ben Mendelsohn is a good actor. Look out Emmys.) He takes his pain pills and drops them down the drain. He tosses the bottle and goes back to the stove, where he is apparently making breakfast for Sally. Sally smiles adoringly at her boy. She tells him she’s proud of him and she gives him a raise. “This will be a big help,” he says. He later goes out to the truck and tosses the check in the glove box with what looks to be like other checks, never cashed. Hmmm.

John decides to clue his wife in to the big and terrible lie of his youth. She, reasonably, was like… well that was 30 years ago—you guys have never talked about this? He tells her that he apologized to Danny, and he thinks Danny is okay. Oh, John, I do not think so. John continues to look stressed out about this and tells her it could have just as easily been him on the boat with Sarah. A-ha. He’s having a sort of Choose Your Own Adventure/Sliding Doors crisis about what might have happened if he’d been inadvertently responsible for killing his sister, not Danny. Would he have this hot wife? Would he be a cop? Diana comes over and rubs his shoulders. “I feel like things can be better now,” says John, not realizing we we are only at episode 7 which means probably not. Diana gets it: She tells him not to expect Danny to stop being Danny overnight.

Kevin wakes up in a strange place with what looks to be a stunning hangover. A pink phone is ringing and he looks at it, sees that it’s Danny calling and that it’s not his phone and in fact the phone belongs to (drumroll) an almost naked Chelsea. She wakes up and says “Oh shit.” Drinking! It makes you make poor choices sometimes. Sort of how they made their love nest on a boat docked in the middle of a boatyard. Hilarious. This is not going to help smooth things out with Danny and Kevin, I’m guessing.

Danny is with O’Dirtbag, complaining about how little money he is getting, while they do their weird gas can thing. He tells Eric about how his dad tried to pay him off before he died and now he wants to stay and “get what’s mine.” He says he’s in the hole. He wants more money and presses O’D to talk to his boss about more work. O’D is like, bad idea. I can’t believe I agree with Eric O’Bannon but I do—he tells Danny to be happy with what seems to be a pretty easy job.

Marco and John talk about a lead he’s found on the smuggling ring involving a Ray Jenkins that Coach Rayburn is interested in talking to. Ever notice that John is a little bit mean to Marco, but sort of in an affectionate big brother way?

Kevin drops Chelsea off at home after what must have been quite an awkward car ride. They’re both like, um, let’s never ever talk about this again. But O’Dirtbag sees who drops his sister off. Chelsea comes inside and he’s like, yuck. He’s also worried about Danny, his best friend. Chelsea is like, listen your best friend was a way big jerkhole to me so…

Meg is doing the lawyer thing with Carlos. A witness seems like he was kind of drunk and then Meg further busts him with his phone records: turns out the witness knew the victim’s sister. Meg, you’re a good lawyer!

Kevin meets with Debbie from the bank who lets him know what they need before they can approve the loan. Kevin plays the local card hard and makes her bumps fist for Conch pride—which is embarrassing.

Marco and John pay a little visit to this Ray Jenkins character. John isn’t having any guff from Ray and even throws him against a wall, all scary Rayburn rage like. Ray says he doesn’t know who has taken over the whole human trafficking business but suggests they look into The Farm, where a lot of illegal immigrants end up. John gets him to cough up a name and asks if Ray ever torched one of his own boats. Marco gives a pretty good “adios” to the nice racist criminal.

Danny goes to the bar to meet O’Dirtbag and to pick up an envelope full of cash. Poor O’D always wants to hang out with Danny. He then totally narcs Chelsea out about spending the night with Kevin. “Kevin who?” That’s funny. O’D offers to beat Kevin up, but Danny is all, whatever, they’re both adults. He takes his cash and puts it into an envelope that says “More Coming!” and sends it off.

Then we’re treated to a nice montage of O’D and Danny moving gasoline from the boat; Danny raking the beach; more envelopes of cash; more mailing off of cash to somewhere we don’t know; Danny handing snorkels and fins to a little kid and giving what seems like one of the only genuine smiles we’ve seen out of him; more envelopes; more raking; more mailing; more cigarettes.

Then we see some shady looking folks pick up the gasoline.

Family dinner at John Rayburns! Danny is entertaining the children about when John first attempted to woo Diana. Ben and Jane love it. Diana had tickets to the Pet Shop Boys and John needed a new shirt. John looks delighted that his children are having fun, less so when Danny tells them he asked him for shoplifting lessons. Heh. Danny admits he ended up shoplifting the shirt for John. Doesn’t that just say it all.

After Danny and John chill outside and some dude comes to pick up Jane. The menfolk get all fussed about things as menfolk do. Danny calls her over and it’s totally weird though it’s hard to say why. He whispers something in her ear, Lost in Translation style. Diana and John aren’t digging it either. Jane laughs and thanks him for the tip. “Took me 45 years to learn that,” he says. Diana asks what he said to her, but Danny won’t tell. Diana does not seem pleased.

John tells Danny that every time Jane leaves, it puts a pit in his stomach. “How did it not destroy mom and dad,” he says. “If anything ever happened to my kids, I don’t know what I’d do.” Danny is all, chill bro. You are a cop, so your kids are all set.

NEXT: Danny moves up the criminal ladder

Blonde Point Break guy we met during the torched boat scene picks up the mysterious box that Danny and O’Dirtbag left and careens off on a little motor boat.

Back at John Rayburn’s house, they’re putting away dishes and cleaning up. “That was nice, right,” asks John in the tone of a man who knows his wife is fretting about something. “What are you thinking?” Diana says nothing and that she’s glad John is happy. Uh-huh.

Meg meets with Carlos at Sally’s house. He’s very grateful and respectful toward her. Sally comes downstairs and greets Carlos warmly. She’d heard about Carlos’ case and offers to sign a character witness for him. Meg looks a little dubious, but it’s hard to tell.

Jerky sports car guy, I think his name is Nicky, comes in hot at Kevin. He thinks Kevin swindled his mom out of the real estate deal. “I can’t help it if your mother likes me better than you.” Heh.

John and Marco are driving along when Marco tries to have a little bro talk about what’s been going on with the Rayburn family. Coach Rayburn deflects the question back to Meg. Marco tells him Meg wants to get married. “I don’t understand women,” John says. Yeah, bros. Feel you.

Danny comes home just as Carlos is leaving. He says hi and calls Meg “Mister,” which I do think is sort of cute. Apparently Robert fired Carlos back in the day, but Meg assures him that Carlos is getting his life together. Sometimes everything Danny says feels creepy and that goes double for this scene.

Marco and John find this farm that Ray Jenkins spoke of. The guy who owns it is a super weirdo and Marco distracts him by talking about vintage cars while John looks around suspiciously. Farm guy doesn’t want the cops talking to his employees, but John convinces him that he can make his life a living hell if he doesn’t cooperate.

Next thing you know, Marco is speaking in Spanish and asking everyone if they recognize the pictures of those dead girls. They seem to be coming up empty until they see that someone left them a note in the car. A clue!

Meg brings the property stuff over for Kevin and she tells him she wouldn’t advise him to go through with the sale. He says he has no other option. She asks if he’d thought more about cutting Danny back in. Kevin is all whatever you guys want, basically. Meg looks slightly disappointed, but Kevin says that maybe it will all end for the best. Somebody feels guilty.

Kevin goes to some shed on the Inn property where Danny is cleaning things out. Kevin hems and haws and then comes out with: the other night he hooked up with Chelsea. Danny pretends like he didn’t already know. Kevin apologizes pretty nicely, I think. Danny brushes it off. Kevin tells Danny about the Belle split. I feel like there must surely be some part of Kevin that looks up to his cool older brother and really wants to confide in him. They shake hands on no hard feelings. Dudes.

O’Bannon is sitting shirtless out on a dryer on his porch and drinking a beer when Danny shows up. O’Dirtbag breaks the news that they’re out of work because the docks are hot. Danny does not want to take no for an answer. He begs to be introduced to the boss, he needs the money.

John finds a church that seems to be where his mystery clue points. He shows the pastor the pictures of the dead girls and the pastor says he doesn’t recognize them. John goes to leave and notices on the board by the entrance there’s a missing girl poster that seems to match his Jane Doe.

O’Dirtbag meets bleached Point Break guy and they exchange money. Danny, of course, sneakily watches from the shadows and follows Point Break guy, who I think is called Quintana. He tails him all the way to a bait and tackle shop. He walks in sort of breezily considering how dangerous these men are supposed to be. But that’s the interesting thing about Danny—he’s got a lot of swagger, doesn’t he? He walks straight back to where a bunch of dudes are hanging. They pull a gun on him immediately. Danny shows no fear. He keeps asking who is in charge and with a flush of a toilet we meet the man who is in charge. This man—his name is Wayne Lowry and he’s played by Glenn Morshower, whom you might have seen in X-Men First Class or Moneyball—makes Danny a little less confident but still, he holds his ground. Danny says he can solve the problem for him with the hot dock situation. “I guess you really don’t know who I am,” Danny says, somewhat amazed.

Danny apparently makes it out of there alive and goes to see Chelsea. He apologizes for being such a spectacular jerk the other night. I’m amazed he remembers! He tells her he knows about her and Kevin. He tells her it’s okay. “Sometimes things happen and you get clear in your mind and you know who you are and you know what you want. And you know what you have to do,” says Danny.

Kevin, meanwhile, comes home to his office shack. And there, waiting for him, is a scary assailant wearing a mask, holding a baseball bat, and ready to beat the stuffing out of him. Poor Kevin! Well, now we know how that hole ends up in his window.

We cut back to Danny telling Chelsea he’s going to be around for a while. “You and your brother, you’re the closest thing I’ve got to family.”

With Kevin beaten to a pulp, the assailant leaves and takes his mask off: It’s O’Bannon. Of course.

Danny gets in his truck and listens to the tape, again, of Kevin lying to the cops. Ooof. So much for no hard feelings.