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We open “Part 6” at Coach Rayburn’s house, where he’s flashbacking to his police interview. This whole hit-by-a-car lie seems to really be eating at everyone because elsewhere Danny is having an awfully hard time listening to the tape. Sitting shotgun? Ghost Sarah. Terrific.

Danny gets a call from John. They have a weird stilted so-this-terrible-childhood-trauma-has-been-raised-but-we’re-not-talking-about-it chitchat. The cassette tape in Papa Rayburn’s truck clicks and when John inquires after it, Danny tells him it’s the sound of a gun being cocked at this head. John does not find this amusing in the slightest. You can really take John’s temperature by how messed up his hair is, and right now his hair is just not having it at all. He suggests they go fishing over the weekend. Danny tells him he’s busy. Well, having all those demons is very time-consuming I suppose.

Sally finds Robert’s will and sees that Danny was indeed cut out of it. She meets up with Danny and it’s a little heartbreaking to see how happy she always is to see her eldest who is clearly a wreck. Danny tells her he needs a break, wants to drive down to Key West. He’s been working, what, like four days? Makes sense he needs some time.

John, meanwhile, hunts and pecks his way to finding Leonard Pott’s phone number. Lenny luckily has not yet left town and agrees that they can meet for a talk.

Danny, on the hunt for a little relaxation, decides that a whole lot of cocaine will do the trick. Thank god he has O’Dirtbag around. O’Dirtbag gives him the drugs for free and even offers his company. Danny passes.

Kevin goes to Belle’s house and finds it empty. He leaves a note and can’t resist looking at her computer. As usual, snooping leads to things you never want to see—in this case Belle’s online dating profile. He goes to her messages and sees that “Foodie70” (amazing) and Belle have a date set up. Uh-oh.

Sally is in a tizzy about Danny being cut out of the well. Meg is understandably in a weird spot and not happy about it. Robert: making problems for the family even when dead. When she goes to leave, a Rayburn House worker approaches her with a problem. His cousin Carlos is in some trouble and needs a lawyer.

Danny snorts some coke and goes to a fairly dark and depressing bar and starts drinking with intent. Apparently you can still smoke in some Florida bars!

Kevin’s dock friend Suzy, mom of sports car guy, gives him a big warm hug. Kevin gives her the hard sell that she shouldn’t take her real estate deal but to let him buy her property instead. If she sells to developers, his business is ruined. He begs her to reconsider and she agrees that if he can come up with the money and pay her in cash, she’ll do it.

John and Lenny Potts sit on a bench and things get real. John is still upset about giving a false statement to him when he was a kid. Lenny understands that they were scared. John asks what really happened. Lenny says what we suspected: Sarah drowned and when Lenny went to the hospital Robert was there with battered Danny. Lenny admits he made a mistake to talk to them together and so had to swallow the hit by a car lie. Lenny knew it wasn’t right, which is when he talked to the rest of the Rayburn gang. Interesting, it turns out Sally was out of town. “I always thought it was an odd time to take a trip,” says Lenny. Hmmm. The three kids all stuck to the same cover story. Lenny feels guilty that he never pressed the issue and that he failed Danny. Lenny confronted Robert a few months later, but Robert always denied it and their friendship fell apart. “Nobody was protecting your brother. Somebody needed to stand up and tell the truth. I failed him.” Oh, Lenny Potts is one good dude I think.

John asked him about the case file and the missing tapes. Lenny readily admits he thought Danny should hear the whole story. Lenny, I love your honesty, but I’m guessing this was one terrible idea.

Cousin Carlos and Meg meet up. Carlos remembers the Rayburn family and working for them fondly. Carlos talks about the charges: larceny, aggravated assault. Carlos blames a lot of his crime on being drunk and losing his temper. He’s since quit drinking and goes to meetings. Meg is resistant but can’t say no to the pleading cousins.

John goes looking for Danny at the big house but Sally tells him that Danny took off for Key West. John is worried immediately. He’s also sweating through his shirt. (That’s some real method sweat on Kyle Chandler.) He’s a wreck at work—he’s also trying to track down Danny. Marco comes in and wants to do real police work. He’s found a woman who might be able to give them a lead on their dead girl case.

Meg meets with the prosecutor who urges her not to defend Carlos. Meg is undeterred. The prosecutor relents and tells her they’ll call with an offer. Meg sees the hot head of affair Alec in the parking lot and runs up to talk to him. He does not say, Hey, you are a crazy person. She apologizes and they have a chat. Hot guy still wants Meg but she makes clear that those days are over and she can’t cheat on Marco anymore. Maturity! Hot Alec is hot in his understanding and walks away.

Danny continues to drink his face off and then declares the dark bar dead. He chooses a trendy sort of nightmare dance club, where he sits like a creeper at the bar and watches young girls. He catches the eye of one girl who is obviously way too hot for the likes of him but she smells something dark and intriguing about him so slinks over.

NEXT: Danny’s bender gets bananas

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Netflix’s family drama features Sissy Spacek, Kyle Chandler, Sam Shephard and the list just keeps going.
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