So this is the episode things get crazy.
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The 10th episode opens with scary John of the future talking gravely as usual: “I’m almost at the end of the story now. And then I put my fate in your hands.” We’re watching Sally Rayburn at what looks to be the pier dedication and—uh-oh—John is wearing that seersucker jacket! Augh! But wait a second…future John goes on to talk about Danny. “As for my brother…people say he’s a monster. He did terrible things. But I feel sorry for him. He just got a rough deal.” We watch as, during the future rain of doom, John pulls Danny’s body—also wearing seersucker—out of the truck. “I wish I knew what happened to him. Where he went. How he’s doing. Maybe one day I’ll find out.” Hold. The. Phone. Future John is lying to us? We watch the boat with Danny’s body on it go boom. “I hope he’s okay.” Jeeze, show. That is….tricky.

We’re back to the holding cell with John and O’Dirtbag. John is all: you two are up to no good. O’Dirt is just not smart enough to outsmart John, but these guys sure do not like each other. (Sidenote: not to mess with the fiction/real life thing too much, but when I interviewed Kyle Chandler he told me that Jamie McShane, who plays Eric O’Bannon, is his very best buddy during filming. Did I just blow your minds? You are welcome.) Marco tells John that they’ve found something.

And the answer is: two gasoline tanks, hidden under a blanket in O’Bannon’s car. John watches the grainy footage of two men moving gas cans and Marco wonders if O’Dirtbag knows he’s stealing gas for murder. He also wants to know who the other guy is in the footage. Uh, I think we know. John’s blood pressure goes up a little further.

John comes back in to O’Dirtbag’s cell to stroll down memory lane about the time John’s dad beat the crap out of O’D. John gives him a chance to fess up to all and then is all, okay, nevermind, you can leave. O’Bannon does seem to believe it either. John warns him that he’s on a dangerous past.

Sally, meanwhile, is back to remembering the time she apparently almost left her whole family. She was packing and there was a knock on the door and it was Sarah. Hmmm.

O’Dirtbag, all rattled, goes running to Danny. Danny stays pretty calm. O’Dirtbag maintains that John is gunning for Danny.

Sally is all delighted seeing Kevin and John in their seersucker suits (of doom). Danny walks in and feels left out as usual. Sally is like, great, you can put this on too. All the other siblings seem to feel real weird and they don’t even know yet about the seersucker suits and what they mean. (Doom.)

Clay, the DEA officer, briefs everyone on Wayne Lowry and how he is moving drugs. John is getting more and more jittery in these meetings, knowing that it’s more than likely that Danny is going to be the fourth mystery man the DEA is looking at.

Danny and Lowry meet and chit chat about fatherhood and drugs, you know how it goes. Lowry seems to want to increase the amount of trafficking. Lowry asks and is impressed by how long the Rayburn family has had the Inn (nearly 50 years).

Marco and Meg have a drink and Marco asks how long she’s know O’Dirtbag. She’s like, ugh forever and my brother is acting like a freak. She’s beginning to understand that the Rayburn clan is not all rope-pulls and clam bakes. She can’t believe how many lies and secrets there’s been and she needs a change. She tells Marco (sweet, sweet Marco) about the job in New York. Marco, champ that he is says: “Well then I guess I have to consider moving to New York!” All is great! Oh, but then not so much: Meg tells Marco about the cheating. Why does she do this? Perhaps because she doesn’t want Danny holding things over her head anymore, or she doesn’t want to do what her family has been doing and keep lying. Unfortunately, this lesson in truth telling does not go well as Marco storms off.

Quintana’s phone is being tapped but he doesn’t know that, and neither does Danny since he’s totally recorded talking on the phone with Quintana. DEA Clay plays John the tape and poor John’s face! He hears his brother’s voice on the recording and has to swallow it. Not easy.

Meg comes to see Sally, who is overseeing Danny’s plan to expand their dining service. Sally is all chipper, showing Meg logos and cute chalkboard menus, but Meg is distracted by the fact that Carlos has been brought on full time. And, oh yeah, by the crazy ass look Danny shoots her across the way.

Danny and Chelsea go to visit her mother who is sort of a hot mess. She’s not very nice to her daughter and seems sort of underwhelmed to see Danny too. Danny, interestingly, seems delighted to see her even though she trashes both his parents. Chelsea deals with her mother with the long-suffering attitude of a natural born caretaker (also: doormat).

Meg goes to see Carlos outside of an AA meeting. He’s immediately nervous but she stays bright and cheerful, though she asks pointedly about Danny and reminds him that he owes her. She’s all friendly smiles and passive aggressive questions. Methinks Meg is on to Danny.

Next: everything goes absolutely insane.

Danny has discovered a great way to mess with John’s mind—through his children. He drops the junior Rayburns off in front while John glowers. (However, most importantly I’d like to talk about the fact that this is the very first time we’ve seen proof of Surf’s existence. He’s a yellow Labrador, of course! Oh, Surf! I can’t believe it took 10 episodes to see you!) The kids tell John Danny was waiting for them after school and took them for pizza. Daaang, shots fired.

Meg calls the NYC lawyer lady. She tells her that she’s definitely interested.

The Rayburn children don’t understand why they can’t see Danny. The kids are all mad their parents won’t tell them why. Even Ben Rayburn gets a few lines, in here which is fun. Jane is all, we’re not the ones who got totally drunk with him! And Kyle Chandler does that I’m-so-mad-I’m-laughing thing which I adore. He then also pulls the ultimate dad card and shuts the whole conversation down.

Danny and Sally drink out on the porch. She wants to know if it’s disrespectful to go ahead with the pier dedication so soon after Robert’s death. She used to sit on the porch like this with Robert when the kids were asleep. It’s sweet. Danny gently the invokes the name of Sarah and Sally goes quiet. Danny remembers Sarah and her mom fighting which doesn’t seem like a cool thing to bring up. He then creeps in about how it was a paradise back in those days. Danny: just steadily getting creepier.

Kevin is suffering from PTSD with pretty scary nightmares about getting beat up. He goes to see John the next day and tells him he’s a wreck. He wants to know where they’re at with the case. John talked to Nicky sports car guy and agrees he’s a jerk but not the guy who beat up Kevin. Kevin blows his top at his brother: why aren’t they trying to find the guy who did it?He stomps off (again in flip flops which makes it tough) with a “Nice detective work!”

Sally comes over to John and Diana’s house, guns blazing. She’s furious that they’ve told Jane and Ben not to see Danny. John tries to level with her: Danny is about to get in real trouble. She won’t hear it. “This goddamn family has to stop treating him like an outtcast.” She then tells John not to make her choose sides cause she will.

Chelsea goes to meet Danny at a diner. He does his weirdness with the food thing (consistency). Turns out Danny tried to give Chelsea’s mom money which Chelsea refuses. Danny seems genuinely perplexed why Chelsea cares about her mother who always treated her so terribly. Chelsea mainly wants to know how Danny came by so much cash. She’s like, listen, I can’t deal with you if you’re about to get into a whole lot of trouble. He assures her she doesn’t have to worry.

Clay tells Marco and John about how a big drug move is going to happen and that they’re going to watch Lowry and Quintana do their thing and then move on it. John looks ill. He goes home and tells Diana: Danny is going to get caught in this drug ring bust in the next couple of days. She rubs his poor, blood-pressured gut. “I just want him out of my life,” John says. Diana’s face registers that this is quite a turn and that she feels badly about it. Also, she rightly worries about how devastated Sally will be.

Awkward times in the Rayburn Inn kitchen: Kevin is having a snack when Chelsea and Danny come in. Oops. She’s all, sorry you got beat up. Kevin tries to peace out but after Chelsea leaves things get even weirder. Kevin asks how long Danny has been seeing Chelsea and Danny gets so inappropriate in his response, I cannot bring myself to recap it. He then continues to talk filthily about Chelsea and how he and Kevin are Eskimo Brothers. Kevin tries to defuse the whole thing as a joke but things are murderously tense and while I can’t bring myself to tell you exactly what Danny says, you must know it’s totally and completely nuts.

John goes and has a little talk with Sally. She apologizes for her earlier outburst. He’s like um, so listen…She cuts him off and wants to talk about Sarah. Turns out she and Robert were having a rough time and weren’t getting along. She tells him she left Robert. The day she left Sarah knocked on the door and Sally didn’t try to comfort her. She told Danny to take her and she left. That’s when Danny took her on the boat. She feels responsible for everything that’s happened afterwards. She’s like, look he’s finding his way! Poor John sits there quietly while his blood pressure skyrockets. John is screwed, basically, and he comes undone in his car afterwards.

He goes to see Danny in the kitchen. He brings up the cooking lessons and how they paid for two or three years. He let’s it fly: he knows Danny is up to no good. He throws out the names Wayne Lowry and Quintana as proof. Danny is all, “Deny, deny, deny.” John is like: listen, I’ll talk to the DEA, I can try to help you. He says that he’s taking a risk telling Danny all this and then loses it, shoving the pictures of the dead girls in front of Danny’s face. John is basically like, look you need to come in and I’ll try to protect you but it’s your last chance. After he’s gone, Danny looks at the pictures. It is truly impossible to guess at what he’s thinking.

Danny goes to see Quintana. Quintana says the whole thing will go down the following day. He also promises more work. Danny asks about whether or not they’ve used this set up for other things and dances Quintana towards his point about trafficking people. Quintana is like, oh yeah we don’t do that anymore. He tells Danny that there was trouble in the past and then we’re treated to a flashback about when Lowry told him to torch the boat even though it probably wasn’t necessary. Lowry—who looks like an evil Jim Gaffigan—is unmoved: get rid of them. So he did. Quintana, to his credit, looks genuinely haunted by the part he played what with murdering all those innocent people. Danny thinks on this.

Danny thinks and smokes and thinks and looks at the pictures of the dead girls.

Sally tries to chat with Meg about wedding gowns. Meg is all, ummm oh boy. She tries to put her mother off for a bit. Sally also was hoping Meg had filed the new ownership documents. Meg hasn’t done it yet and admits she’s changed her mind on Danny being on board. She says it’s too soon. She also watches out the window while she sees Carlos wheeling a crate. She watches him load it into the sketchy shed out back.

Quintana chills in his car and watches a kid out front begging for cash. He makes the call—alerting the DEA—that it’s time to go. Danny is on the other line and is all, cool. The cops rapidly assemble to pick up Quintana. They scramble around Quintana’s car. There’s a knock on John’s door and it’s Danny! He says he’s ready to talk. John tells Danny he’ll try to cut him a deal but he needs to know everything.

Danny starts spilling: about the night he didn’t get on the bus and how he joined O’Dirtbag on a job involving gasoline. He seems contrite and forthright. He had no idea what it was for and who was involved.

The DEA are ready to stop Quintana: they have road blocks and guns and vests and everything. The car stops and the driver starts to come outside.

Danny tells John he hooked up with Rafi Quintana through Eric. He tells the truth: he followed Quintana to the bait shop. He needed more money, he needed to find the boss. He took initiative—Dad would have been proud! John starts to press Danny further but gets beeped away.

But wait a second. There’s Quintana, safe and sound! He’s being walked to a boat waiting for him at the end of the dock. He tells Wayne, “Tell Rayburn I owe him one.” The drugs are safe and they’re leaving them where they are. Wayne tells Quintana he needs to go away for a few weeks, just till things cool down.

John’s call is from Clay confirming our suspicions: Quintana caught whiff of this whole DEA scheme and paid that homeless kid to drive his car right into their trap. These guys knew they were on to them. John’s face breaks out into a sweat.

Some guy is waiting for Quintana in the boat and tells him it shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours to go to the Bahamas. What a nice vacation for Rafi! Oh, but wait: not so fast.

John goes back to the cell where Danny is waiting. “Bad news?” Oh, Danny. Danny, you psycho! John pretends all is fine and tells Danny to keep talking. Danny is all, nah I think I’m done here. I don’t need to say anything. I don’t think you’re going to catch Quintana after all. John is all: real smart, you just blew a DEA takedown. Danny is like: boom, brother—you tipped me off. I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing. John says they’ll get Quintana eventually. Danny says think again.

Sure enough, Rafi is just getting comfy in the boat when he gets a rope around the throat and is murdered right there. Great. RIP, Point Break dude.

Back in the cell, Danny smiles rather smugly and tells John that he doesn’t know everything. And if John does take him down, he’ll end up taking down the whole family. The brothers stare at each other across the table as they both sort of silently acknowledge that they’re truly on opposite sides here.

We leave this crazy episode with Meg peering inside the shed of drugs. Man, when this show picks up the pace it really picks it up, right?

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