Honesty is the best policy...unless you work in the oil field.

By Lincee Ray
October 26, 2015 at 04:16 AM EDT
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Love is in the air on Blood & Oil. Billy and Cody are basking in the news that their baby is a boy. Hap is ecstatic that his prodigal daughter has returned to work for the family business. Wick and Jules take their relationship to new levels, including the kitchen table, the floor, and a chair in the loft. And Garry the Moron has so much affection for his can of beer that he flips his getaway car in a drunken stupor. Rock Springs isn’t quite a Norman Rockwell painting, but it’s close enough for these oil-crazed residents.

Cody is in full-nesting mode and decides that she wants to invite the neighbors to a housewarming party. She asks Ada and Kess to cater the event, but it’s Finn who arrives with Ada to inspect Cody’s kitchen. She leaves them to figure out the details. Ada wonders about pots and pans. Finn wonders about Kess’ perpetual absence. He reminds Ada that he is always there for her. His tongue is always there for her, too. She picks up on this hint as he sticks it down her throat. As Finn tries to heat things up in the kitchen, Ada pushes him away and leaves.

Later, Finn learns why Kess has been MIA for the past several weeks. When he overhears Kess on the phone arguing with the bank, he wisely realizes that Kess has been dancing with another kind of devil up in North Dakota. Kess has lost everything he and Ada have put into their business, thanks to blackjack. Finn assures him that there’s no need to worry because food trucks are good for selling more than just chicken. Kess is in so much debt, I highly doubt “say nope to dope” will resonate with him at this point. Finn smiles at the fact that “drugs” are now offered on the menu. Probably right below the tacos.

Meanwhile, Billy is still trying to figure out a way to make easy money. This time, he decides that tankers are the way to go. If you can’t drill the oil, you can move the oil. He drives out to Clifton’s house to run the idea by him to see if he’s willing to partner. He busts through the house and finds a stoic Emma. She explains that her grandfather had a heart attack. They drive to the hospital to check in on the crotchety, yet lovable old man. He likes Billy’s idea, but Clifton admits that starting a business is a young man’s game. He’s too old to hitch his wagon to Billy. (How many episodes until Emma hitches her wagon to Billy?) Clifton understands Billy’s disappointment. But the only way to beat Hap Briggs is to become Hap Briggs. How profound.

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You see, Hap Briggs has been around the block and uses people to get information he needs. At the present time, he’s resorted to using Sheriff Harrison’s love for his own daughter to have a “father-to-father” moment. He wants to know if Wick is a suspect in the siphoning? He is met with a silence that speaks volumes. The Sheriff does say that he thinks Wick is hiding something.

Hap thinks Wick is hiding his common sense. Especially when Wick tells an on-site driller that he doesn’t care if the job is more complicated than expected. Wick’s game of “high and mighty” backfires, and the entire crew quits. Every hour that a rig is down, it’s not making money. Fortunately for Wick, Lacey steps in and saves the day. She also gives all the credit to her brother. Hap doesn’t believe it for a second, but he congratulates Wick anyway. No one ever spies Garry creeping in the background.

Wick and Garry sneak off to the driller’s cabin to have a chat. Wick is livid that Garry is still around. Garry explains that he wrecked his car and his arm is in pretty bad shape. He needs enough money to get him another vehicle to get out of town so he can see a doctor. Twenty-thousand dollars should keep him quiet for a while. Wick tells him to sit tight at a motel until he figures out how to get that much cash.

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While Wick is trying to dodge a criminal, Jules is trying to dodge Hap. Apparently returning the fancy pants diamond necklace he gave her for her birthday didn’t quite give a strong enough message that their affair is over. Hap turns up at her place with a gift from his trip with Carla to Big Sur. Jules ignores the gift and listens as Hap drones on about how he suspects Wick in the siphoning robbery. Jules flies off the handle, irate that Hap would stoop so low as to suddenly have suspicions about the man she is currently living with. PS: Telling her that “Wick makes the wrong choices in life” is not something you say to THE GIRLFRIEND.

Cut to Wick making a wrong choice in his life. He visits Sheriff Harrison and confesses that Garry has been blackmailing him. Although he never admits that he was a part of the robbery, Wick pleads with the sheriff to do something. He just wants all of this to be over. The Sheriff agrees, knowing that when Wick turns on Garry, Garry will turn right back on Wick. He’ll kill two birds with one stone.

Wick puts on a wire and arranges to meet Garry in the middle of Nowhere, North Dakota for the drop. The Sheriff and his lackey wait nearby. Garry arrives looking like he’s about ready to pass out from pain. Wick mumbles through a prepared speech about keeping him safe, when the lackey makes a noise. This spooks Garry. He threatens Wick and then takes off through the prairie with a high fever, a broken arm, and two officers in a vehicle just over the hill. Did no one try to stop him because he never officially confessed?

Across town, Cody rushes over to Jules’ place to get her opinion on her party dress. She sees a thrown-away box from Big Sur and quickly puts two and two together. When she gets home, she wonders out loud if Billy thinks that Hap and Jules are having an affair? He laughs. She proceeds to lay out all of the evidence: Jules admitted to once being in love with an older man, last week she saw him leave her place, Carla mentioned going to Big Sur, and now there’s a Big Sur box in her trash can. Billy assures her that nothing is going on.

Then he runs over to Hap’s office and casually mentions that he knows Hap is sleeping with his son’s girlfriend. Billy demands 5 percent of McCutchin Ranch and royalties when it comes online, or he’s going to invite Carla to listen in on their conversation. Hap calls his bluff and invites Carla in himself. Billy caves and chooses not to tattle. Carla is confused by their silent stare-off and weirdo behavior. Hap encourages her not to give it another thought. Right.

Carla’s not an idiot. It’s clear that Hap is cheating on her, and she demands to know who the woman is so she can nip this little problem in the bud. Her face is as severe as her hair. Hap doesn’t blink an eye when he tells her that she is the only one in his life. Something tells me this will not satiate Carla’s need for a name.

Carla’s not the only one asking questions. Cody asks Jules if she’s having an affair with Hap. She explains that she will not judge her friend, even though she’s wearing the exact outfit Olivia Newton-John wore in the final scene of Grease. Cody wants her to know that she isn’t alone in the secret. Hap calls at that exact moment to let Jules know that Billy just paid him a visit. The cat is out of the bag.

Cody is angry at Billy for his role in Cody betraying her one friend in the world. She leaves in a huff to go work a shift at the pharmacy before the party. Later that night, Ada persuades Billy to go after Cody, explaining that it’s really easy to lose your way in this oil and gas business. The only person he can count on is Cody.

Billy runs off to meet Cody who is preparing to close up the pharmacy. A masked man walks up with a gun and demands the cash from the register. Then he asks for some pills. When he notices that she’s pressing the emergency alarm, he pushes her to the floor. She kicks him in the injured arm and then pulls off his mask. Of course it’s Garry. He begins kicking her relentlessly on the floor. Billy drives up just in time to see the masked man leave. He races in to find his wife lying listlessly on the floor with a bloody face.

I am officially going to be really sad if Cody loses the baby. And I’m officially over Garry and am ready for him to be punished for all his wrong-doings. If you ever had any doubt that Garry was a moron, I hope this episode solidified that for you.

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