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December 07, 2018 at 09:00 PM EST

The first few episodes this season of Blindspot changed things for better and worse. With Remi making a comeback in Jane’s body, the show found a way to shift the narrative in an interesting way. With Sandstorm all but taken care of, and Hank Crawford dead, Blindspot needed to create a new villain…or in the case of Remi, bring back an old one. But the narrative trick grew tiresome quickly; on paper it’s a good way to create tension between the team and Jane/Remi, but in execution it resulted in a lot of repetitious scenes of Jane concealing her terrorist side. Last week’s episode finally exposed Remi to Weller, and that reveal pays off in spades this week, as “Screech, Thwack, Pow” finally sees things heating up.

The episode lets you know it means business right off the bat, as we pick up with Weller speeding down the road, aiming his car right at Remi (I’ve been calling her Jane all season, but the switch seems appropriate now). She pulls out her gun, puts the car in her sights, and fires off a few shots. The car rolls, the windshield shatters, and Weller’s fate is unknown as “Screech, Thwack, Pow” flashes back to earlier that day.

After we see Patterson express very real surprise at Weitz and Reade working together to find Zapata — mixed in with some hesitation about Weitz’s ability to back up Reade in a dangerous situation — we’re back at the FBI headquarters, where Rich is delighting in a software he created that easily allows him to replicate someone’s voice and likeness. He’s created a video of Patterson saying lovely things about him, to which Patterson scolds him. “You think that’s a productive use of your time?” she says. “It wasn’t not productive,” he replies. Their wonderful back and forth is interrupted by a text from Weller, asking them to get to his apartment as soon as possible.

When they show up, they learn the truth about Jane and her reversion to Remi. “Full personality reversion” is what Patterson calls it. Weller asks about the latest data cache and any potential information about a cure, but there’s not much. From what they can tell, there was one doctor that ran an experimental memory treatment, but he was shut down after his test patient died. Weller wants to find the doctor, but that’s a problem too; his name’s been redacted from all the medical records.

As they discuss the zip poisoning some more back at FBI headquarters, they’re rudely interrupted by an alert from NORAD that says a nuclear missile, fired by a submarine in the Atlantic, is heading for New York City. They set about evacuating the city while coming up with a plan to stop the nuke. Rich takes the impending attack particularly hard, convinced he’s going to die. He calls Boston, who won’t pick up, and leaves him a message telling him that he loves him. Weller does the same thing for Jane, saying that he fought for her right until the end.

After Weller does some calling around and discovers that all the subs in that area are not only American subs but also have all of their nuclear missiles, Rich determines that NORAD was hacked. That means someone wanted the city and the FBI to think that an attack was about to happen. They wanted chaos, people fleeing into the streets. But why? Rich and Patterson think that tracking the location of the hack will be tough because it’s probably masked and rerouted a number of times, but that’s not the case. In fact, they easily find where the hack is coming from: inside the FBI. (Recap continues on next page) 

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