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Blindspot - Season 3

Last week’s Blindspot ended with Weller once again confronting Jane about her propensity for lying. This time though it seemed like something might actually come of it. At the top of this week’s episode, Jane is still trying to lie her way out of the confrontation. Weller’s having none of it though. He knows Jane isn’t being truthful, and he wants to know why. They don’t get very far into that conversation before there’s a knock on the door. Weller points his gun at Jane and orders her to answer the door. She opens it, and a young woman pleads with them to be let in to use the phone. She says she’s the babysitter for a woman down the hall — she mentions a name they both recognize — and that she’s locked herself out of the apartment and needs to call her sister to get back in.

They put their fight on hold and let the babysitter in, which turns out to be a bad idea. When she goes to leave, a bunch of men storm through the front door and take down Jane and Weller. The babysitter pulls out two guns, revealing the whole thing as a ruse. But what’s this all about? Well, a woman named Eve, dressed impeccably I might add, walks into the apartment and says she’s come for her money. She’s the owner of the underground criminal bank that the FBI busted a few episodes back, and she’s not pleased. She knows a lot of the money is gone, but she’s come for something more specific: the money Jane stole.

That comes as a surprise to Weller. Well, maybe not that much of a surprise considering he’s been baffled by her behavior for some time now. This just confirms that Jane isn’t herself, and that sends him into a long bout of exposition where he lays out how he’s done some reading on the Zip poisoning, and he knows that in some cases people revert back to a previous version of themselves — it’s so Blindspot to just be like “I read an article that explains exactly the crazy thing that’s happening to you” — which means he knows this isn’t his wife. “You’re not Jane anymore. You’re Remi.” Finally! I don’t even care that we got to this point with Weller literally explaining his entire thought process. We’re finally at the point where these two can be honest about what’s happening! No more boring cat-and-mouse game, let’s get to the conflict.

While Jane and Weller are held hostage at their apartment, Rich and Patterson are at the FBI headquarters digging into another clue about one of Roman’s hidden data caches. Patterson’s tipped off to the clue during a movie Rich has put together about the Book of Secrets. I’m seriously bummed we didn’t get to see more of that movie, because it was epic. I guess the data cache is more important though. Anyway, Patterson figures out that the clue leads them to an old software called Logo where you could use a cursor shaped as a turtle to draw pictures based on input lines of code. Certain sports logos in the clue translate to lines of code, and that in turn draws a picture that Patterson compares to the Star of Life. “I’m a big fan of your brain,” says Rich as Patterson figures it all out, once again confirming that Blindspot‘s smartest choice was making Rich a permanent character and pairing him with Patterson. The chemistry and banter are off the charts.

Rich and Patterson determine that Roman wants them to search the FBI offices using the symbol and directions, but they can’t figure out where he’s pointing them. Rich even goes so far as to dig under the floor looking for the data cache; of course, he comes up empty. That’s when Patterson figures out that the location must be pointing to a person, not a place. She checks the office layout from when Roman was with the FBI, and sure enough a data analyst named Derek Wimble sat in the exact location the clue points to. They bring him in for casual questioning, and after Rich gets way too into the role of interrogator, they find the data cache hidden inside Wimble’s ID badge. On that cache? A whole lot of medical information that just might get them closer to finding a cure for Jane’s poisoning. (Recap continues on next page)

Before we get back to Jane and Weller, who are being transported to an FBI evidence vault so that they can help Eve and her team break in and steal a mysterious box (the money doesn’t matter anymore?) wanted by her terrorist clients, let’s deal with Reade and Weitz. They’re officially on the hunt for Zapata, and that means they need to figure out a way to get ahead of the CIA. Weitz decides to go to Madeline Burke for help. Yes, she’s the worst, but he needs to keep up the facade that the FBI believes she’s on their side as she hands over files that implicate Hank Crawford and HCI in past corruption. So, he tells Madeline, who’s in the middle of getting Zapata to track down a hacker named Del Toro who can crash an airplane and secure her a hefty defense contract, that if he can get a few more HCI files from her, he’ll be sure to get out of her hair faster than the FBI usually would.

After offering to work with Weitz to get him elected president — now there’s a random side story to think about — Madeline hands over the files, and Reade and Weitz pore over them looking for any kind of clue about Zapata, specifically looking at flight manifests for HCI. They think they have nothing until Reade notices the name of a pilot that’s used a lot. In fact, he’s been used in all the places the FBI’s known Zapata to pop up. They attach an alert to his name, and when Zapata flies off to Mexico at the end of the episode to find Del Toro, Reade and Weitz head out as well.

Alright, back to Jane/Remi and Weller. Once they’re at the FBI evidence vault, and they’ve taken out some super friendly guards, they get to the vault holding the mysterious box. Eve wants to keep an eye on them, but Weller convinces her that there’s hidden security cameras in the room. So, they’re granted one minute to get in and get out. Weller uses that time to work with Jane to dismantle the C-4 that’s attached to their vests, freeing them up to find the box and escape.

Obviously the plan doesn’t go smoothly, because once she’s safe from Eve, Jane/Remi has no interest in working with Weller. They retrieve the box, which seems to contain some sort of bomb, and go to leave. Eve and her men surround the only exit though. Weller plans to just turn back around and find another way out, and Jane/Remi agrees. But as Weller walks off, she steals his ID badge, takes the box outside, and locks Weller inside. She offers up the bomb and then runs off. Eve loads it into an SUV, but Weller has his own contingency plan. He’s rigged up the C-4 from the vests inside the case, and he detonates it as the SUV drives off.

The whole story with Eve is a fun one, but it’s really just an excuse to finally pit Weller against Remi. She calls the apartment and he answers. “So, you made it out alive?” she asks. “You almost sound happy,” he replies, trying to tease Remi into thinking that Jane is still in there somewhere. That may be true, but right now Remi is in control, and the episode ends with her promising to kill Weller.

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