Jane wrestles with her identity, along with her allegiances to Sandstorm and the FBI
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Blindspot - Season 3

After last week’s emotional roller coaster (where Blindspot crammed a bunch of emotional revelations into a convoluted episode about a plan to blow up a plane) this week’s episode, “Hero Fears Imminent Rot,” focuses a little more on the main story of this season. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still the dangling subplots of Reade’s potentially abusive past, and a little hint that Borden maybe isn’t exactly who he says he is, but those moments are rightly put on the backburner so that the focus can shift back to Jane.

Jane, having been kidnapped by Roman at the end of last week’s episode, starts this week by waking up in some old, beat-up house. She frantically tries to find her way out before a guard of some sort opens the door and brings her to meet with Shepherd and Roman. Jane spots some computers and maps while being led to the meeting. What is Sandstorm up to? Whatever it is, it looks very secret spy-ish.

Unfortunately for Jane, the meeting with Roman and Shepherd isn’t a sentimental family reunion. Rather, Shepherd reveals that Cade was in Venezuela during the time Jane insisted he was torturing her, so her story of escape doesn’t add up. Jane manages to wriggle her way out of the lie by bringing up her shoddy sense of time, but she’s not off the hook just yet. A secret military organization that’s hiding a huge bomb doesn’t just let you off the hook. You have to prove your loyalty. And that’s where Jeffery Kantor comes in.

Kantor is a mechanical engineer who Jane recruited back in the day. Sandstorm was using him to clone a technology, a microchip, that’s necessary for the completion of Phase 2. But Kantor recently missed his drop, and Roman chalks it up to the absence of Jane. Jane was his handler, and Kantor adored her. As Roman puts hit, she has a way of getting people to do what she wants. “That’s why we sent you to Weller.”

So, while Jane sets out with Roman to find Kantor and “prove her loyalty” — that’s terrorist organization speak for “shoot him in the face” — the FBI team is working on tracking down two men who are going around town setting off bombs. After some handy research from Patterson about shrapnel and metals, she determines the weapons are DIME bombs, often used in Navy tests, secretly of course, in Vieques, an island in Puerto Rico.

The two bombers seem to be hitting symbolic military locations across the city, leading the team to believe they’re protesting the testing going on in Vieques. That instinct is confirmed when a Twitter account starts dedicating the attacks to victims of the tests. As Nas and Patterson point out though, the tweets are pre-planned. That means that if they can hack into the account’s scheduled tweets, they can figure out the next target.

Speaking of targets, Roman and Jane find Jeffery at his house, but what they weren’t expecting was for him to lock himself in his panic room for fear of what they might do to him. Jane is slick though, and she manages to talk him out of there and take down a few security guards in the process.

With Kantor out though, Jane is left with a huge decision.

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Once Jane coaxes Kantor out of the panic room, Roman immediately knocks him out and drags him into the woods behind his home. It’s time for the test. He gives Jane a gun and says that Shepherd wants Kantor dead, and it’s her job to execute him. She stalls, says that it would be best to keep him alive because they still need the microchip. Wrong. Roman shoots and kills him and tells Jane that she failed the test. He doesn’t seem angry, but rather disappointed. He really wanted his sister back. Now, Shepherd just might kill her.

Back at the FBI headquarters, the hunt is heating up. Patterson and Nas believe Prospect Park is the next target, and that sends the team, including a returning Jane, into the field. This team is unstable though, and everyone knows it. Reade has been asking Borden about repressed memories, and Jane is stuck in a whirlwind of shifting allegiances and lies. Plus, Weller is waking up next to empty bottles of booze and the sonogram of his kid, so there’s that whole mess to deal with, too. So why not give these people guns and send them out into the public, right?

Sure enough, the operation goes south. Yes, Reade and Zapata manage to disarm the bomb in the park by filling it with bullets — is that a real thing that can happen?!? — but the failure comes in the form of Jane being reckless. She’s nearly killed when she goes after one of the suspects, but Weller saves her, killing the bomber just before he’s about to fill her with lead.

But that leaves one man on the loose, and he finds his way to a Navy recruitment center in Queens, where he holes up and holds a bunch of people hostage. With Jane struggling, Weller leaves her behind this time, sending her to Borden to talk through her existential crisis about being a natural born killer à la Woody Harrelson.


With the immediate threat taken care of, it’s time for the FBI to dig deeper into Sandstorm. There are questions everywhere. What did they want with Kantor, and what does his past work on SMART weapons have to do with their plans? Furthermore, if Kantor ended up dead, that means Sandstorm has another plan to get the microchip, right?

“Hero Fears Imminent Rot” leaves us with a lot of questions. Is Borden’s ability to speak Arabic just part of who he is? Or is there something more sinister there because he denies it when Patterson points it out? Is he the mole Roman and Shepherd have been talking about? And what about Roman and his relationship with Jane? Why did he lie for her and tell Shepherd that she did kill Kantor? And how long will it be until Reade remembers something from his past and it affects his work? Blindspot is moving a lot of pieces around early on this season, and it’s looking like chaos is on the horizon.

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