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The team reunites to solve a whole new set of tattoo clues


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October 27, 2017 at 09:00 PM EDT

In Entertainment Weekly‘s own interview with Martin Gero, the Blindspot producer said that season 3 would represent a “soft reset” for the show. That makes a lot of sense when you consider how last season ended. Sandstorm had been stopped, the FBI was in a good place, and for the most part life was normal for our main characters. Some sort of reset was bound to happen; you have to create new conflict somehow.

That “soft reset” began in the final moments of the finale. We watched as Jane scaled a cliff in an unknown location. She then sat alone in a tent, only to be visited by Weller. They embraced as if they haven’t seen each other in ages. That tenderness could only last so long though, as Weller arrived with a purpose. The two unlocked a biometric lock box and used the key inside to illuminate a new set of tattoos on Jane’s body. Where did the tattoos come from? Who put them there? Why were Jane and Weller apart? And what’s all this about the rest of the team being kidnapped?

Those are the questions the finale left us with, and the first portion of the season premiere focuses on filling in all the details. The episode opens with an atypical montage that comes across like a rom-com. The sun is shining and flowers are blooming on the day Jane and Weller are getting married. We watch them say their vows. We watch as they dance the night away with Zapata, Reed, and Patterson. Everybody is happy.

Then, Jane and Weller pack up and leave for Colorado so that Weller can be close to his daughter. Everybody is still happy, but clearly things are changing. It’s jarring to see this non-FBI life unfolding. Nonetheless, Jane and Weller are content. Their home is coming together, and the two get to take care of Bethany often. Domestic bliss. That is, until their phones ring. Keaton warns them they’re about to get attacked, and then they’re, you know, attacked!

They might be out of practice, but the two take down quite a few men with guns and knives trying to kill them. The episode moves swiftly from that attack to the explanation. The FBI and Keaton show up the next morning. Keaton explains that Bertrand Keele, a Sandstorm loyalist who was pretty mad about the FBI stopping the terrorist organization, put a $10 million bounty on Jane’s head. Keele is dead now, but the bounty remains live, held in escrow by a Dark Web fixer who the CIA hasn’t been able to identify for years.

That means it’s time for some passports and a new life for Jane and Weller. Rather than leave together though, Jane takes off in the middle of the night on her own. She knows she can’t uproot Weller’s life again, so she sacrifices herself.

Flash forward to 18 months later and FBI Director Hurst is in Weller’s apartment, now on the verge of being sold so that he can continue to fund his search for Jane; globetrotting ain’t cheap. Hurst puts a stop to it though because there’s been a development, or rather two. 1) Reed, Zapata, and Patterson have been kidnapped, and 2) The FBI has been given a biometric box with Jane’s name on it, as well as a set of coordinates.

And now we’re back to that final scene from last season. Weller is in Jane’s tent, reunited, and suddenly everything makes more sense, to a certain extent. We still don’t know why the others were kidnapped, but it’s clear that somebody has plans for Jane and Weller. Jane determines that the new tattoos must have been put on her while she was unconscious after an accident a few days ago, meaning that somebody wants her alive and searching for clues. The first clue, from Dante’s Inferno, brings them to St. Mark’s Square in Italy, the place where Weller proposed.

More importantly though, it brings them to the person orchestrating all of this. As Jane and Weller dial a phone they find in a briefcase stashed on top of a clock tower, a familiar voice answers on the other end: Roman. He’s back for revenge, though his true motivations remain vague. Jane chases him through the streets, and Weller does his best to stay with him once Roman hops in a speedboat to get away, but he manages to escape. A new set of tattoos, a familiar foe, and suddenly season 3 is off and running. (Recap continues on next page)

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