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S3 E4
November 17, 2017 at 09:00 PM EST

When this week’s Blindspot kicks off, we’re not immediately situated in the FBI headquarters, or getting another peek at how Weller and Jane are adapting to being back together after so long apart. We don’t immediately get back to the cliffhanger from last week, where Patterson was starting to put some clues together about why Stuart was murdered. Rather, the episode puts us in 1994. Three kids are hanging out on the street playing Pogs, because it’s 1994, guys! The kids, who were probably enjoying Crystal Pepsi not all that long ago, have their game interrupted when a bomb goes off. A sketchy looking longhaired dude walks past them, gets in a van, drives off, and then the van explodes off screen. A mysterious way to begin the episode.

After that, we’re back on familiar ground, as “Gunplay Ricochet” begins to build around the idea of Jane and Weller’s relationship being tested not only by their recent absence, but also by Roman and his sadistic plans. At this point everyone knows that Roman’s plan involves revealing secrets so that the team will turn on each other, but after so much time away from Weller, Jane isn’t about to let that happen.

So, she tells Weller that Roman called her the night before. She wants to keep everything out in the open so that neither of them can be surprised, and so that Roman loses that specific advantage he has over them. Weller agrees, but only in theory, because he’s still hiding something. He hasn’t told Jane about Roman’s visit from a few weeks back, and neither us nor Jane know what Roman means by “what happened in Berlin.” That card remains hidden, for Roman to play at a particularly devastating time.

For now, the team is focused not on those secrets, but on deciphering another tattoo. After a typically convoluted explanation about how Patterson managed to figure how out to map a certain tattoo with satellite imagery, which in turn reveals a footprint for a long-term parking lot in Brooklyn that points to one specific parking spot, the team dispatches to the lot under the assumption that there’s a bomb in the van in that parking spot. Based on past attacks from someone called the PennTech Bomber, who killed himself years ago, the team assumes a copycat has popped up again.

Weller suits up in full bomb squad gear and gets into the van. There’s no bomb though, just a note. But who that note is directed to is important: Claire Dunn, the daughter of the PennTech Bomber, Marcus Dunn, a.k.a. the guy who ruined a Pog game in 1994. When the team brings Claire in for questioning, she can’t offer up much. She says that her father is still alive, and that they’ve been trading letters for a while through a middleman. That means she has no idea where he is. But, she does have a spot where she’s supposed to go if there’s an emergency and she needs to contact her father: a bench in Saratoga Park.

The team sends Claire to that bench and scopes out the scene, looking for any sign of Marcus or the middleman. Sure enough, Jane sees someone leaving a nearby house in a rush. That’s when things get really trippy: the guy gets the drop on Jane and calls her “Remi,” clearly recognizing her from some past interaction. Remember, “Remi” was Jane’s name way back when, back in her childhood with Roman.

Of course, nobody gets the drop on Jane for long. She quickly takes the man down, and the team brings him in for questioning. He’s not giving up anything though, saying that he doesn’t rat out his clients because, you know, they paid him to fake their deaths. It’s bad for business if you start talking about those people not being dead.

All that the man, who’s identified as Rosamand “Rossi” Ott, reveals is that he knew Shepherd back in the day and helped set up Jane’s adoption. Rossi isn’t going to give them much more though, especially when the State Department pulls rank and says they’re extraditing him to France for other crimes. That doesn’t leave the team much time to figure out where Marcus Dunn is and what his next target might be. (Recap continues on next page)

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