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After last week’s chaotic bit of catch-up storytelling — in which we learned how and why Jane went missing for months, and how Weller eventually found her — this hour is a little more traditional. It’s a case-of-the-week style episode that ties in the ever-evolving story of Roman’s revenge and Jane’s potential secrets, while also exploring the shifting dynamics within the reunited team. You see, everything is different now. A lot of time has gone by and everyone on the team, which was once tight as could be, are in different places now, both professionally and emotionally. They’re together again because they need to be, but that doesn’t mean everything just clicks back into place.

“Enemy Bag of Tricks” doesn’t begin with Weller, Reade, Jane, Patterson, and Zapata though. Rather, it kicks off with two hunters walking through the woods. The older one is rambling on about a huge kill he made in the past, and the younger one is dutifully listening in the way we all do when someone’s telling a long-winded story we barely care about. That story is the least of their problems though when they run into a heavily armed mercenary. He tells them to turn around and go back home, but the hunter won’t relent. He says it’s his land and that he’s going to call the cops. That doesn’t work out so well. A bunch of other mercenaries pop up and shoot the two hunters dead.

The mysterious cold open then transports back to some sense of familiarity, as Weller cooks Jane breakfast in their apartment. He’s promising to get their stuff shipped back and serving up a mean looking meal of scrambled eggs, pancakes, and bacon. There’s just one problem: Jane is a vegan now, due to living with all those monks for so long. It’s the first sign that their time apart has changed them, and there could be plenty they don’t know about each other anymore. It’s a common theme of the episode. From the “final notices” that pile up on Weller’s counter, to the secrets Patterson may be concealing about her and Rich Dot Com, there’s a lot hiding in the shadows so far.

Back at the FBI headquarters, things are a little tense. Patterson keeps insulting Stuart, Weller is perhaps a little too controlling considering that Reade is the boss now, and this is all before the idea of nuclear destruction suddenly pops up. Before we get to that though, there’s another tattoo to solve. This isn’t one that Patterson cracked though, as with previous cases. This one is, in fact, ordered by Roman, though of course the team doesn’t know that. When he showed up outside Weller’s apartment at the end of the season premiere, it was to guide him in the right direction.

Essentially, Roman’s plan is carefully laid out, so much so that Weller can’t get ahead of the game and start solving tattoos on his own. If he tries that, everything crumbles. So, Roman says he’ll likely show up every now and then to give him a nudge, make sure he’s solving the right clues first. So, Weller shows up to work with the instruction to “solve Perseus.” Weller, using Roman’s hints, tells the team that he noticed something funny about the tattoo, namely that there was an extra finger on one of the hands.

Through some combination of crazy word association and blind luck — I love the ridiculousness of the scenes where they put a bunch of clues together in the span of a few seconds — the team determines that the tattoo is pointing to the Finger Lakes. When they line up the tattoo with the map, and also the older tattoo that’s joined with the new one, they find an intersection point and a circle. Weller determines that it’s a search radius, and while Reade is hesitant about just going out there and looking around, Weller convinces him to send the team searching.

The team searches well into the night until Reade finally orders everyone to go home, once again clashing with Weller and his inclination to be the leader. Weller and Jane linger while Reade walks away. “How do you know this is the right place?” Jane says. Then a satellite comes crashing down from the sky, our mercenaries from the first scene swoop in and pin down our protagonists before taking something from the satellite, and everyone is left dazed and confused.

Looks like they’re in the right place. (Recap continues on next page)

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