Sandstorm's nuclear attack is underway, and only the FBI can stop it

By Kyle Fowle
May 17, 2017 at 09:00 PM EDT
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The Blindspot season finale, coming on the heels of a renewal for a third season despite a nearly 50 percent drop in viewership, isn’t messing around. It’s an all-out bonkers episode that takes the question “what insane thing hasn’t this show done?” and answers with “stopping a missile with a satellite in space!” That’s fun, and “Lepers Repel” wastes no time getting to the action, jumping right back in where we left off last week with Weller questioning whether Phase 2 is over or just getting started.

He’s convinced that having the government officials gather in the Secret Service bunker is all part of Shepherd’s plan, and that she’s about to take out everyone in the current government. He convinces CIA Agent Keaton that this is the truth, and the two work together to get word out to the FBI. They find an old switchboard in the basement and manage to get a call out to Patterson. Just as they do though, the man who was running the whole show in the bunker shoots the switchboard and reveals himself as working for Shepherd.

Weller and Keaton team up to take the guy down, not without a significant struggle, and snag his badge to get out of the bunker. While those two work to get back to FBI headquarters, Reade is taking full control of the team. He determines that the White House will be holding a full cabinet meeting to address the previous day’s attacks, and that this must be Shepherd’s final plan: to attack the White House and wipe out the government.

Oh, but there’s so much more. When the team brings in Mr. Riley to question him about the nuclear material that came from his company and was found in the bombs used in the Sandstorm attacks, he reveals a much more sinister plan. He says that he launched a satellite for Shepherd that will in turn launch a glider toward the White House. He believed she just wanted to overthrow the government, but as the massive amount of nuclear material suggests, the plan has a much more terrifying scale. Rather than just wipe out the government, Shepherd is looking to destroy the entire Eastern seaboard.

With Keaton and Weller back at the FBI, that revelation splits the team up. While Zapata and Keaton attempt to locate the nuclear material using a drone that can detect anything radioactive, Patterson and a team of scientists (including Chris Gethard in a surprising cameo!) try to change the course of the glider being launched from the satellite. That’s right, Blindspot is finally going to space.

Zapata and Keaton manage to track the nuclear material to an ambulance near the White House, and after a confrontation with Shepherd and her Sandstorm operatives, Jane and Weller take over the ambulance and arrest Shepherd. Still, the glider has been launched, and something needs to be done to divert its course. Patterson can only do that using a cloned beacon, but in order for the glider to follow her beacon—which would direct the glider into the Atlantic Ocean—the original beacon needs to be destroyed.
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There’s only one problem: the original beacon is inside Shepherd, and time is running out. Oh, and the fact that Roman smashed into the ambulance with a police car and is now trying to stop Jane and Weller from ruining the plan. While Jane and Roman throw down outside the ambulance, Weller uses a defibrillator on Shepherd, torching the beacon inside her and allowing Patterson’s beacon to take over, meaning that the crisis is averted. The Eastern Seaboard is safe from nuclear disaster. The only trouble is that Jane can’t bring herself to shoot Roman, and he gets away. But hey, preventing nuclear annihilation is pretty great!

Just because Blindspot is done with its Sandstorm plot and the nuclear crisis has been averted doesn’t mean that the show is done piling on the crazy. After diverting the glider to the Atlantic Ocean, and after Weller tells Jane to stay with the FBI because he loves her and wants to start a life with her, the episode flashes forward to 24 hours later. Weller gives a speech to his team thanking them for all their hard work and everything they did to take down Sandstorm.

The mood is celebratory, but that can only last so long, as just about everyone is going through some emotional turmoil. Patterson is struggling to see what she loves about this job, but is reminded of it all by Reade, who himself has had doubts about sticking around. Then there’s Zapata, who seems to intuit the truth about why Roman got away, and isn’t too happy about it. The team seems to be staying together for now, but clearly there’s cracks beginning to show.

At the same time, Weller and Jane are closer than ever. When Jane shows up at his door during a celebratory drink with the rest of the team, and she finally reciprocates his “I love you,” everybody else leaves the apartment because they know that these two need some alone time. The will they or won’t they is over, if you catch my drift. (I think you do.)

From there, things get all sorts of crazy. Not only do we get a glimpse of Shepherd being held in some CIA black site—about to be questioned by Nas (!!) of all people—the show also flashes forward two whole years. It’s initially jarring, as we watch Jane scale a cliff and interact with a monk of some sort telling her to go back home, and it only gets more bonkers from there.

Back at some sort of tent on the cliffside, where Jane seems to be holed up along with a number of monks or spiritual leaders, we see Jane writing furiously in a notebook. Then, she has a visitor: It’s Weller, and it’s clear they haven’t seen each other in a long time. Jane mentions that he’s still wearing his ring (did they get married?!?!), and tries to apologize for her disappearance. What led to this? What forced Jane to run away after they got married? What happened between them?

There’s no time for that though, as Weller informs her that Zapata, Reade, and Patterson have all been kidnapped. He can’t confirm that it’s Sandstorm, but he does have a locked box with Jane’s name on it. When they both touch the box it reveals a strange metal trinket that, when both of them put their fingers on it, lights up with the image of a bird that corresponds with a tattoo on Jane’s neck. They put the trinket next to the tattoo and suddenly Jane’s whole body is lighting up, her tattoo is turning neon as if exposed under a black light. Then, the episode cuts to black and we’re left with more questions than we could have possibly anticipated. Declining viewership or not, “Lepers Repel” sets the stage for another season of Blindspot, and promises all sorts of fun, crazy twists in the future.

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