While Jane and Roman track down a microchip, Weller and Nas go on the hunt for a hacker

By Kyle Fowle
October 19, 2016 at 09:50 PM EDT
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“Her Spy’s Harmed” doesn’t waste any time getting to what we all want to know: Did Reade really kill Coach Jones at then end of last week’s episode? And what was on that tape with his name on it? He certainly had the motive to do it, and if the tape was evidence of any abuse, it might have pushed him over the edge. Still, Reade’s ultimately a good dude, right? He’d never do that.

So, when Zapata comes in the room and Reade insists that he didn’t kill Jones, that he came up from the basement after hearing a noise and found his former coach like that, she believes him. She trusts that her friend isn’t hiding anything from her. They take off just as the neighborhood security shows up, but there’s one problem: Reade’s tape, which he didn’t watch, is still in the VCR, which means that when Jones’ body is discovered the police will eventually come looking for Reade.

From there, Zapata makes a plan, and to her credit she does so all while she and Reade are standing around in their underwear. That’s the cool composure of an FBI agent for you. She says they need to burn their clothes, get some sleep, then when Jones’ body is discovered, go back to the house under the guise of an FBI investigation and put the tape back. If only everything on Blindspot was that easy.

Back at the FBI headquarters, Patterson has unspooled the Black Hole image and has combed through all the revealed Douglas Winter emails. While almost every one is literal junk mail, there’s one that stands out. It’s an email they believe he sent to his girlfriend, and they believe it’s a coded message telling her to meet him at a hotel in Bulgaria. When they question the girlfriend and determine she never received the email, and figure that Mayfair intercepted it, Nas and Weller head to Bulgaria to find Douglas Winter himself.

With everyone else on the team busy, Jane gets called back to Sandstorm, and once again the weakest part of this season rears its head. It’s hard to get invested in the story of Sandstorm’s potentially deadly plan because we know so little about it, and because the show is purposely holding back information. I know that’s how drama and mysteries work, but at the same time, there’s something missing from the scenes where Jane interacts with Roman.

Still, “Her Spy’s Harmed” is more about building the other relationships on this show, once again taking the focus away from Jane and Roman, which is perhaps why their story has been so underserved so far this season. So, while Jane and Roman plan their microchip heist, Patterson and Borden are trying to navigate their new romance, while Weller and Nas are in Bulgaria trying to find Winter. Alas, there’s just one thing they didn’t expect: The CIA is there too, looking for Winter as well. The race is on to find the man responsible for the biggest intelligence leak in U.S. history.

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The latter half of “Her Spy’s Harmed” focuses on two break-ins and breakouts.

First, there’s Nas and Weller locating Winter. They find him in the Bulgarian hotel, but there’s one surprise: He pleads his innocence. He says that he was framed, that he didn’t leak those files, and that he’s now a prisoner of the Bulgarian government. Before long, a guard comes into the room, forcing Weller and Nas to break Winter out and get him to the FBI safe house.

They throw him, quite unwillingly, into some luggage and take off in a taxi. When they arrive at the safe house it becomes clear that Winter has no idea who Mayfair is and why she might have wanted his emails, but he says that doesn’t mean he’s guilty. He has a recording of the people who broke into his house and uploaded the intelligence files onto his computer that he assures them proves his innocence. Weller isn’t so sure, but he sends the file to Patterson to be analyzed.

But Patterson is dealing with her own troubles because, as with all competent, career-focused women on TV before her, she’s a mess when it comes to relationships. She not only makes Borden wait for hours when she can’t crack the audio file Weller sends along, but then she slips up and calls him “David.” So awkward.

Speaking of awkward, Weller and Nas totally get it on in the FBI safe house. There’s nothing quite like the arrest of a hacker to get you in the mood. Alas, their glow doesn’t quite last as the safe house is stormed by men with very big guns. CIA Black Ops, Weller assumes. Still, they’re no match for Weller and Nas, who dispatch with the men pretty handily before Keaton, the CIA director who’s also been looking for Winters, makes his way into the room. When he reveals that he was one of the people who tortured Jane, Weller nearly knocks his head off. Only Nas manages to calm him down. Something tells me the FBI hasn’t seen the last of the CIA though, especially this creepy Keaton dude.

So, with Winter safe in custody, it’s up to Jane to finally get back to her team. She and Roman barely manage to escape with the microchip. In fact, it’s such a close call that Jane doesn’t have time to upload all the chip’s data to Patterson. Or, does she have the time but chooses to save Roman instead? This is what Nas wants to know when Jane gets back to the FBI headquarters. Jane insists that she’s still on the FBI’s side, and that she has hopes of turning Roman as well. We’ll see.

The real question is, who is Nas aligned with? When Patterson spots a recording device in Borden’s office, she manages to trace it back to Nas, information that she promptly reports to Weller. “I think she’s been listening to us.” As we know, she certainly has, though much of her spying has been focused on Jane. Still, what are her motives here?

“Her Spy’s Harmed” doesn’t end with that mystery, but perhaps an even bigger one. When Patterson finally decodes the masked voices on the audio recording, the voices of the two people who undertook the intelligence leak and framed Winter for it, Jane immediately recognizes them as Roman and Shepherd. But that’s not the only surprising part. In fact, “Her Spy’s Harmed” has one last bomb to drop: Weller recognizes Shepherd’s voice. Right now, he’s can’t place it, but clearly his involvement with Sandstorm runs deeper than everyone thought.

We’re six episodes in, but it feels like season 2 of Blindspot is just finally getting started.

Episode Grade: B

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