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After last week’s place-setting episode, Blindspot is back this week to once again dig into the threat that is Phase 2. We still don’t know exactly what Sandstorm’s plan is, but what we do know is it’s going to be big.

At the top of the hour, we’re introduced to a new man. Well, it’s Borden, but this isn’t the Borden we’ve known. Instead, this one is menacing, cold, and calculated. He’s asserting himself as a Sandstorm leader, changing the design of something (presumably a bomb) and letting an insubordinate Sandstorm member know who’s boss.

After “Devil Never Even Lived” briefly introduces us to Freddy’s ex-girlfriend — who’s worried about his disappearance — we’re back at the FBI headquarters, where Jane is excited Roman’s muscle memory has helped crack the leopard tattoo code. I’ve been hesitant about Blindspot going down the same road with Roman as they did with Jane, but this scene reveals some interesting wrinkles in the story.

What’s intriguing is just how insistent and defensive Jane is being when it comes to Roman. She refuses to accept that Roman’s situation is different from hers. She wants him to be someone he maybe isn’t, and that could prove a dangerous mindset to have while working in the field. “Devil Never Even Lived” is largely an episode about how emotions can cloud judgment, and Jane’s continuous defense of Roman is the most obvious manifestation of that theme.

So, Jane wants Roman in the field, as she believes he’s one of the last chances they have to nail Shepherd and Sandstorm. When Roman recognizes the photo of Kat Jarrett with a little help from Dr. Sun, the plan seems even more formidable. “I was buying weapons. It felt important,” he tells Dr. Sun. With that, Jane has a plan: Go undercover with Roman amongst the Viper Kings, get them to set up a weapons sale with Sandstorm, then ambush them, kidnap Shepherd, and find out what Phase 2 is. If only anything on Blindspot was that easy.

For all of Jane’s confidence, Roman is unsure about the plan. Jane lays it all out for him — how they’re going to a biker bar called The Nest and will ask to meet with the gang’s leader, Abel Marx, to set up the sale. Roman is worried the “old Roman” will come out again; he’s concerned he’ll end up hurting people.

Those worries are brushed aside when Weller approves the mission. So, the two make their way to The Nest — which is, of course, playing “Mississippi Queen” when they walk in. The problems begin immediately, though. As Roman catches a glimpse of Kat, a memory is triggered. He was in a relationship with Kat and maybe hurt her. Sure enough, she walks up to him, punches him in the face, and chastises him for disappearing. A pretty standard welcome in a biker bar if you ask me.

After Roman manages to explain himself with some carefully crafted lies, both he and Jane are lead into a back room to meet with Abel. He’s pissed at Roman, too, but when Roman says he can get his hands on some HMX explosive to sell to Sandstorm, he has no choice but to trust the man who’s suddenly back on the grid.

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