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S2 E10
January 04, 2017 at 09:00 PM EST

Because the real world in 2016 apparently wasn’t offering up enough surreal political danger — along with a seemingly endless stream of heart-attack inducing twists and turns — Blindspot is back again in 2017 to keep us on the edge of our seats, at least until we pass out from watching Patterson get a needle shoved in her ear. Yeah, that happened, meaning that after a fairly lengthy hiatus, Blindspot returns with “Nor I, Nigel, AKA Leg In Iron,” an action-packed episode that lets us know the back half of the season isn’t going to be messing around. Sandstorm’s Phase 2 is on, and the danger is clear and present.

If you remember, Blindspot‘s midseason finale ended on a major cliffhanger, as Patterson showed up at Borden’s house and learned (some of) the truth about his work with Sandstorm, only to chase him through the house before the two struggled over a gun and a shot went off. “Nor I, Nigel, AKA Leg In Iron” isn’t interested in wasting any time, diving right back into this scene at the top of the episode. Borden and Patterson stare at each other in shock, until Patterson pulls her jacket away and reveals a bloody blouse. She’s been shot in the stomach.

Elsewhere, Roman is finally coming to in the getaway car while Jane drives them away from Shepherd’s recently exploded compound. Of course, Jane “zipped” his memory before they escaped, so he has no clue who she is. She says they’re brother and sister, and that he should trust her; however, his instincts and fear kick in and he starts to panic. He jumps out of the car, overpowers Jane, and takes off in the car alone. Nothing says “family reunion” quite like leaving your bloodied sister on the side of the road.

After checking in with Zapata and Reade, the latter of whom is recovering in the hospital, Blindspot moves back to the FBI headquarters, where Nas is feeling tremendous guilt over the botched operation. She led 12 agents to their death, and she knows it. One thing she doesn’t know, though, is why Shepherd wanted Weller alive. Shepherd fabricated the emergency with Allie to keep him away from the ambush, but why?

There’s no time to search for that answer once Jane comes back to the headquarters. Zapata still doesn’t trust Jane, thinking she may have known about the ambush and is perhaps still working with Sandstorm, but it’s pretty clear she’s just as distraught as everyone else. For now, though, everyone must put their emotions on the backburner as Jane reveals everything she knows about Borden working as a mole for Sandstorm — meaning the search for Patterson is on. The first step? Finding Roman, who may remember where Borden and Shepherd would be hiding out.

While there’s a general feeling of Blindspot repeating itself with the whole “Roman has his memory wiped” plot — we’ve seen Jane go through this, so it’s not exactly fresh storytelling — the show does wring a lot of tension out of the uneasy relationships between Jane, Roman, and the FBI. After all, Jane was, for all intents and purposes, innocent when she showed up in a duffel bag. She was a pawn in something bigger. Roman, however, has more blood on his hands. That’s an intriguing avenue to explore for the remainder of the season, and this episode does a good job of setting up all the pieces.

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