'Only from the ashes can we rise'

By Liz Prugh
May 24, 2016 at 05:32 AM EDT
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Welp, we didn’t see that coming! The core scoobies followed clues left by Mayfair that dropped some major bombshells, Jane had the worst fight ever with her ex-fiancé, and we found out who the big bad is for next season is (PS, his name is Shepherd). Let’s break it down.

We pick up where last week left off, with Weller struggling with the news his father told him before he passed — that he did indeed kill Taylor Shaw. He confides in Dr. Borden, who tells him to trust his gut, or he’ll never find relief. Weller tells Sarah what their father told him, and she knows that Weller won’t be at ease until he looks under the fort (which is apparently where their dad buried Taylor.) The two take off for their family home, which Weller himself hasn’t visited in decades.

Meanwhile back at the FBI HQ, Allie pays a visit to Reade, Patterson, and Zapata, questioning them about Mayfair. They’ve picked up on Mayfair’s trick with her ankle bracelet (remember last week she removed it and put it on her dog’s collar), and no one has seen or heard from her. This comes with a whole lot of worry to Reade and Zapata, as they both know that the last thing she did was follow a possible lead to whoever is conspiring against her. The two decide that she would investigate their disappearances if the roles were reversed, so they both head to the address they knew she was heading to. What they find … it isn’t good.

The entire room Reade and Zapata are led to smells of bleach, and they know something is sketchy. The two then find a bullet shell wedged under a table, confirming said sketchiness. Knowing they can’t go to their internal FBI resources, the two decide to reach out to Patterson. She’s understandably pissed off, because the two kept their contact with Mayfair from her, and now they are investigating whether or not a basement covered in bleach is Mayfair’s murder scene (which is the last thing Patterson expected to be doing that day.) After giving them a guilt trip, Patterson does some tricks to the room to see what the bleach is covering up. She confirms that the bleach is covering up a blood bath, and they take some samples and hope for the best.

Jane is doing some investigating of her own, trying to track down Oscar so she can bring him in for murdering Mayfair. After breaking into his apartment — the same one she followed him to a couple of episodes ago — she visits Ana (the fierce hacker-girl) and asks her to help track him down. They figure out where “Joey” is, the guy who answers the phone pretending to be a pizza parlor, after tracing a call Jane made to him. She heads that way and breaks into the trailer where Joey resides, but he knows something is up and smokes her out. She makes up a story about how Cade is trailing her, and that’s why she needed to “cancel her order” (the code she and others use when they call Joey).

Joey tells her to go hide, giving her an address to head to. He says that Oscar is unable to meet her there, as he’s still cleaning up the Mayfair mess. Jane heads back to request one last favor of Ana. She overheard Joey on the phone talking about a pickup for 50 pounds of lye, knowing it’s a lead for where she can find Oscar. Ana informs her that that amount of lye is enough to melt a body Breaking Bad-style, but still agrees to help her locate the pickup. Jane takes off to catch Oscar making the pickup so she can follow him to Mayfair’s body. Sidenote: We need more Ana! She’s such a refreshing character, and from the Twitter-verse reaction of her appearance tonight, I think fans would be thrilled if we got even more of her next season.

NEXT: Jane’s flashback tells us who’s really behind all of this.

Jane catches Oscar making the pickup, and she secretly follows him to an abandoned cabin out in the middle of nowhere. She starts to have flashbacks of the two of them pre-memory wipe. They are clearly very much in love, and Jane promises that the two of them will find each other after their mission is complete. It is also revealed that this entire plan is being ran by someone named Shepherd, who they both owe their lives to apparently. Jane pushes the memory aside and approaches the cabin. Once inside, she sees Mayfair’s body in a bag and becomes distracted by the scene, allowing Oscar to taser her from behind. She wakes up tied to a chair, with Oscar prepping his next move. These guys seriously have a messed up relationship.

Back at the office, Patterson informs Zapata and Reade that the blood they found has tested to be Mayfair’s, and they start to prepare for the worst. Knowing that there is only a sliver of a chance that she’s alive, they decide whether they will go full-in on aiding and abetting her as a criminal. They agree to go into stealth mode and break into her home together to see what clues Mayfair may have left behind.

Once inside of her home, Patterson notices a new painting that wasn’t there before; they remove it and find a safe. Patterson states that this is the Beyoncé of all safes, one that even she may not be able to break. They take a look at the painting and notice four stamps on the back. The stamps are each a zodiac sign representing their team – one for Weller, one for Zapata, one for Patterson, and one for Reade. Patterson puts in their birth dates and it opens the safe, revealing a single USB drive. I’m no super-spy, but that’s a pretty basic code — even with the little time she had to prepare. Why not pull a President Skroob and make the code 1-2-3-4-5, Mayfair?

The USB is encrypted, and Patterson is working furiously to figure out the passcode — they have only two attempts to open the USB before it self-destructs. After doing her famous unscrambling, Patterson discovers through using the key “david” (ugh, the feels!) that the passcode is IMSORRY. Upon unlocking the USB, the team sees three folders, labeled: ORION, DAYLIGHT, and something called M7G677 (another mystery for season 2?) The gang now knows the significance of the passcode and start to uncover Mayfair’s dirty past.

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Back at Weller’s parents’ house, he and Sarah begin to dig under the fort in the backyard. To their relief, they don’t find anything. With the tension lifted, they share a six pack of beer in their childhood kitchen. When they run out, Weller heads to the garage to find more beer. As soon as he walked into the garage — it was obvious something bad was about to happen. He turns and out of the corner of his eye sees a yellow bag holding a tent, and it’s like a light switch flips on. He drops the beer, runs inside, and tells Sarah he’ll be back in a bit.

We see a flashback where Weller is telling Jane about the campsite they used to go to as kids, with Weller describing the different names of the sites. Cut to the present, and we see Weller pull up to a site called, “Fort Boone.” He starts digging, it begins pouring rain, and he comes across a yellow rainboot. What’s next is more graphic than I think any of us were prepared for: He pulls a bone out of the boot. So, now we know: Jane is NOT Taylor Shaw.

NEXT: Back at the cabin of lies, more bombshells are revealed.

Weller screams and cries out in the rain, and at the same time we cut to Jane tied up in the cabin. Oscar is revealing (almost) everything to her, saying that Shepherd saved her, the government screwed her, and that’s why she’s doing this mission. Jane starts to get flashbacks of herself extremely dehydrated and someone giving her water … Shepherd? Oscar also drops the bomb that Cade was really after him, because Oscar was the one who killed his bestie Marcos (the dude with the beard that popped up in Jane’s apartment early on in the season). He claimed that Cade wanted to kill Jane as revenge.

According to Oscar, Marcos didn’t complete a mission properly and was being dealt with, and he only told Jane not to trust “them” because she was his last hope of escaping Shepherd and Co. The bombshell that really struck a cord, though, was Oscar telling Jane she is NOT Taylor Shaw. Remember the born-in-Africa isotope thing? Apparently that is all true, and Jane stole Taylor’s DNA as a part of their plan to pretend she was Taylor. Phase 1 was about taking down Mayfair and getting Weller to take her place, as he was dubbed by Oscar/Shepherd as the lesser of all of the evils. Oscar tells Jane that Phase 2 is about taking down the entire government. It sounds a bit aggressive, but I guess it leaves a lot for the writers to play with in season 2.

Oscar decides that they’ve let things go too far and that her memories coming back weren’t a part of the plan. He says he’s going to dope her up big time with the memory serum, and as he’s filling up her dosage she puts together that Oscar is scared of Shepherd and that Shepherd probably has no idea that he messed up with the Mayfair debacle. He responds by saying to her what she remembers saying to him in her flashback, “I love you … I’ll meet you on the other side of this …” Before Oscar can wipe her memory of these revelations, she head-butts him and tosses a lantern to the ground, starting a massive fire. The two have an intense fight scene, with Oscar telling her that he doesn’t want to hurt her. Jane is relentless and won’t stop trying to take him down so she can arrest him.

Things go farther than we think even Jane had planned, and she ends up stabbing him with a grim-reaper looking weapon. Jane! What did you do? She has to run out of the building before it — and she — burn to the ground, and we see her get in her car to drive off, with her fiancé and Mayfair’s body burning away in the distance. That is NOT the way we wanted to see Mayfair go!

The fun isn’t over for Jane. She returns to her apartment to find Weller, who’s pissed, dirty, and drinking whiskey at her table. Hours earlier, before he discovered the truth, he called her and left and a voicemail confessing his deep care and affection for her. Now, he looks as mad as we have ever seen him on the show. Jane sees the anger in him and is taken aback, already on the defense. He tells her that he found Taylor’s body — the real Taylor Shaw — and walks toward her with a gun pointed directly at her: “Who the Hell are you?” She says she can explain, but she can barely find the words that would help between her sobbing. He continues to pain her by calling out her lies, her backstabbing, and breaking his heart. He cuffs her, delivers her Miranda rights, and tells her she’s under arrest. What just happened?!


  • What is M7G677?
  • Who is Shepherd?
  • Who is JANE?!

There was a lot revealed in the finale, let’s talk theories! Comment below and share your thoughts, and find more exclusive Blindspot news in this EW interview with the show’s executive producer, Martin Gero.

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