A gala, an ex-girlfriend, and the show's first death.

By Liz Prugh
November 16, 2015 at 10:14 PM EST
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No, no, no! Tonight’s Blindspot delivered the first major death of the season, and it wasn’t pretty. In addition to one of the saddest moments of the series so far, the episode gave the consistent ass-kicking of Jane, major romantic vibes, and some even more romantic flashbacks. Our crime for the week starts in Barcelona, with an assassin couple torturing a young man, asking where his brother is. The poor man screams in pain and continues to shout that he doesn’t know the location of his brother. The male assassin convinces his female counterpart that they’ve reached a dead end, resulting in the victim’s death.

Flash to New York City, where Patterson is getting her morning coffee from a street vendor. She consciously looks at the menu and notices a hidden message: “I miss you.” She turns and sees her ex-boyfriend, David, smiling in the distance. She cautiously approaches him, knowing that he’ll continue to press for them to be together. He tells her that he’s madly in love with her (ugh, sobs!), and even though she feels the same way, she tells him that they can’t be together. She blames this on her job, reiterating that the case she is working on is the most important, intricate case she may ever have, and her full attention (and his safety) needs to be dedicated to it. She leaves him heartbroken and thinking that maybe he can help. If the case is solved, that means she can prioritize her heart instead of her job, right?

Zapata’s also dealing with some drama. As expected, Carter has cornered Zapata into doing his bidding. He hands her a super-snazzy surveillance camera that he wants placed in Jane’s safe house in the next 24 hours. Zapata is her typical sassy-self and refuses to do so. But as Carter reminds her — she’s his. He paid off her gambling debts, and now she’s his minion unless she wants some serious consequences. Carter’s sinister ways creep me out more and more each week; I’m scared for what he has in store for Zapata if she doesn’t comply … we all know Carter plays by his own rules.

Zapata gets to take her mind off of whether or not she’ll do what Carter wants when a new case pops up. Patterson has been messing with the scrambled mess of letters in Jane’s tattoos and comes across a combination that leads to something: “ASHWELLCREEKKENNELS.” This is apparently a username for an online puppy forum, “Rough Around the Ears.” The forum is used by black-market vendors and buyers to share information and make deals. The team isn’t sure exactly why they were led there, but they see that there’s a meet-up set for later that afternoon in Staten Island and go to investigate.

When they arrive, they are (in typical Blindspot-fashion) greeted by a shootout. The attackers are the two assassins we saw from Barcelona earlier. The team takes them down, then finds what they came there for: two tickets to a charity ball that evening. The gang also finds a six million dollar necklace and a mysterious pin in their possession. They take the information back to headquarters to piece it together.

The gang realizes that the couple were assassins, and through the couple’s several passports (the best Patterson has ever seen), the gang finds out that they must have been a part of the kidnapping and torturing of a U.S tourist in Barcelona, Perry Bryne (our victim from the beginning of the episode). Perry’s brother is Robert Bryne, the accountant who provided evidence to put away mob boss Victor Morello, which is why the assassins are looking for him. Robert is currently in witness protection, but the gang finds out from their U.S. Marshal friends that WITSEC (Witness Security Program) has been hacked, and all persons in the database are now compromised. They put the WITSEC hack and the Bryne hit together and assume the exchange at the event must be for the stolen list from the WITSEC database.

The team knows they have to act fast, and Weller and Jane decide to pose as the two assassins, as a) the seller doesn’t know what the assassins look like (or at least they’re betting on that) and b) the seller will be expecting one of them to speak Bulgarian — and we found out that Jane does. Their identities will be confirmed by the pin in the assassins’ bag, and Jane will have the payment from the multi-million dollar necklace.

NEXT: Awkward! Weller’s ex-girlfriend shows up.

Things get a little awkward when one of the U.S. Marshals, Allison “Ally” Knight, suggests to Weller that they grab drinks later at their “spot.” Oh yeah, they used to date. Clad in a tux for the gala, Weller brushes of her request, then is completely speechless as Jane walks up in a bomb-ass black dress (and the multi-million dollar diamond necklace.) Ally isn’t stupid, and she picks up on Weller’s feels for Jane. She sends the team off, telling them to “never take their eyes off of each other.” Weller doesn’t seem fazed by Ally’s playful banter and turns to Jane to hand her wedding rings — the two assassins were married, so they have to play the part.

The rings trigger a memory of Jane’s: She’s lying in bed, in love, with the mystery tree-tattoo man, dangling an engagement ring in her hand. Can we get this love triangle already? Before she can address it with Weller, the two head off to the gala, where the rest of the team is also headed as backup. Immediately, Weller’s pin is recognized and they are schlepped off to a helicopter with their phones (and tracking devices) left behind. They’re on their own.

They are taken to a mansion not too far away, where there’s a birthday party. They are patted down, and Weller gets offended by how they are patting down Jane. He claims to Jane it is because they are supposed to be married, but they both know there was genuine motive for him to act as he did. When they get inside, they are told to wait to meet the seller. Weller suggests they dance to blend in, and he shares how he and Ally dated for over a year, but it was nothing serious. Jane shares her flashback, suggesting that she feels like she was engaged. She wants to be honest with Weller, but she also expresses (subtly), that while that may have been her past life, “it all seems so far away from where I am right now.” A.k.a., she has mad feels for you, Weller, and she knows the feeling is mutual.

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Back at headquarters, Bethany is visited by Carter. He presses her about Guerrero, insistent that they must eliminate his link to Daylight. Bethany assures him that she has it under control; she’s having Guerrero sign a form saying that she was his FBI contact/babysitter. Carter isn’t convinced and storms out of her office, fueling his already-present impatience with Bethany.

Patterson is still working on the case, trying to find out where Weller and Jane might have been taken. She tracks the “puppy website” activity and discovers that they’re all over the place with different weapons deals. All parties paid from different accounts, but they all had the same accountant: Rainier Abosay. Abosay only works for one man, Gord Enver. Enver is a former “tech mercenary” who made a fortunate off an early investment in Bitcoin, raising his worth to more than half a billion dollars. He was so pleased with his investments that he changed his name to “Rich Dotcom.” Yes, this may be the biggest douchebag character to grace television.

Enver (I, like Zapata, refuse to call him by his new name) took his new fortune and become a leader of the dark web, selling all sorts of illegal material online. They track down the houses he owns with helicopter landing pads and make a bet on which one to visit first.

NEXT: Bring on more awkward! Weller and Jane get a proposal they weren’t expecting.

We now know that the house Weller and Jane were brought to is Enver’s, and they get called to his meeting room. Enver is an even bigger creep than Carter, suggesting a three-way to Jane. She plays it cool (while also expressing her disgust), and Enver takes her necklace. He tells them that while they test the necklace for its legitimacy, Jane and Weller can’t leave the party. They also find out that they aren’t the only buyer. In order to make sure no one else leaves with the list, Weller sneaks the security guard’s key to the camera room while pretending to be upset that Enver made a pass at Jane. The two find the other hitman on the cameras by identifying that he’s wearing the same pin Weller had on.

They approach the man and make it seem like they were both getting screwed out of the deal, lure him downstairs, and — of course! — get in an all-out fight. Weller eventually gets the guy, knocks him out, and plants the security card in his pocket. Enver finds them and (sort of) believes their story that the other assassin was a fed, proving it with the card in his pocket. Enver shoots the other assassin and takes them upstairs to his office to probe them further. Weller’s had enough of playing dress up and takes out Enver’s two security guards, luring him outside to the helicopter pad. Enver tries to escape them, but Weller and Jane hold their own until the rest of the FBI team shows up and surrounds the house, allowing Weller to officially arrest Enver and take him in.

Back at the office, Ally suggests that she and Weller celebrate over drinks, but he declines for a housewarming party they are throwing for Jane. She kisses him goodbye (on the cheek), then walks by Jane and lets her know that Weller is a good guy — a little emotionally guarded — but good. Weller walks over to Jane and asks her for the wedding rings back, and as she takes them off she gets another flashback: She sees the tree-tattoo man drawing the bird tattoo on her neck. She’s giving him back the (presumed) engagement ring, even though they both don’t appear to like the circumstance. Ugh, we better get some present-day screentime with tattoo guy next week!

Alright, now queue up Adele’s “Hello,” because this is where it gets real. Earlier that day, after David’s heart was shattered by Patterson, he goes to the library. He sees a red-headed woman grab the book he and Patterson were trying to decode before Bethany caught them and follows her to another book where she places something in it. Then, he does the most stupid thing ever: He continues to follow her outside of the library. Was David dealing with the breakup by going solo to see Spectre? You are not a super-spy! He follows her literally all day, and after she leaves a park she heads down a dark, dimly lit alley. Of course, David follows her down it. What was he going to say to her? “Excuse me, miss, but if I figure out what secret mission you’re a part of, my girlfriend will have time off work to get back together with me.” A man was also following David — I’m assuming Bethany had him followed, because the man finds David dead in the alley and immediately calls Bethany.

Bethany, who is standing over Guerrero’s dead body at the jail (arg, Carter!), calls Patterson, who is at the pizza and beer housewarming for Jane. The gang heads to the hospital, where Bethany greets Patterson with a hug to tell her that her lover didn’t make it. Let it all out, guys.

Questions and Theories:

Episode Recaps

  • If Jane’s engagement-flashbacks are being triggered, could her romantic feelings toward this mystery man resurface, too? This will no doubt be addressed when he (finally) enters the picture.
  • Zapata ripped up the surveillance device and threw it down a sewer. What kind of consequence will she suffer from Carter? We wouldn’t put it past him to hurt someone she loves — or her.
  • Is Daylight all it’s cracked up to be? Or, is it something for Carter to sweat about and cause drama with our core characters? How’s Jane tied to it?
  • What’s up with the DNA test and the tooth isotope? Is Jane Taylor Shaw, and how is Weller’s dad involved?


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