Reade is broken, Mayfair is broke, and Jane tries to NOT get broken up with
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Blindspot - Season 3

Oh, Blindspot. Every time I finish an episode of this show I feel like I’ve been on a roller coaster. Last week’s episode proved to be one of the most entertaining of the season (Rich Dot Com should be brought on as a regular; or, he and his boyfriend should have their own spin-off — their story line was that good.) This week was a completely different tone from last week’s lighter, campy-vibe. Zapata comes across a clue to one of Jane’s tattoos, and it sets the whole team off on a wild gunman goose chase inside of a university.

The directing this episode was a fresh perspective for the show. We followed our four main agents as they chased down a shooter at a university, and we also saw flashbacks into their day, hours before the crime. I’m assuming this was an effort to make our cast more relatable, as it’s getting a bit repetitive to see them save the day each week. Yes, it’s a part of their job, but this show’s strong points are when they give their characters depth beyond being great FBI agents. We know they’re badass; it’s makes them even more admirable when we see the personal turmoil they struggle with, while also having to maintain a level head on the job.

Zapata is shown at her first Gambler’s Anonymous meeting earlier in the day where she comes across the sport’s page of a newspaper from a fellow member. She mentions that bringing the paper to the meeting is like “an alcoholic bringing a bottle,” but the member fires back that he now cares about the story, not the scores. Zapata hasn’t quite grasped that concept yet, as her connection to Jane’s tattoos has to do with the scores from championship games from Hudson University, a school in the city. (Fun fact: The faux university is also frequently referenced in Law & Order and also in the DC Comic universe.)

Reade knows one of the football coaches at the university and offers to reach out to him to see if anything sketchy is going on, outside of the recent drug bust on one of the team’s players, named Levi. When the gang visits, the coach plays dumb and they are interrupted by the university’s president, who has lawyered up and immediately ends the conversation. Knowing that the university might be hiding something, the team starts to plan their next move. Before they can move further, their communication is cut with Patterson, and they see students sprinting out of school screaming about a shooter inside.

Weller and Co. immediately run inside, and we are set into the back-and-forth timelines of their day leading to their current moment. The team splits up, and we see Zapata get stuck — without ammo — in an auditorium with the severely injured football coach, Jane with a terrified campus officer, Reade in the middle of setting off a grenade, and Weller getting into a match with a mini fridge.

Jane is able to get to the auditorium before Zapata is hurt, and they both take down the shooter. Unfortunately, the man they caught wasn’t the only one. Weller meets up with the second shooter… who turns out to be Levi. Levi sets off one of the bombs and temporarily takes out Weller. Reade is able to get away unscathed from the grenade explosion but runs into Levi. He tries to talk Levi out of hurting anyone else, but it doesn’t work; all Levi cares about is finding the coach. Reade tries to use his relationship with the coach as a way to relate to Levi, but what he’s surprised by what he learns.

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In another horrific turn of events, Reade finds out that coach — a man he has looked up to since attending football camps at Hudson as a child — uses his camps to violate children. This is why the shooters are there; they are both victims. It’s painful to watch, and Reade’s face reads a level of pain we haven’t seen from him before. When his communication with the team comes back on, he lets them know he and Levi are heading out. Before he brings the unknowing Levi into shooting range, Reade begs him to reconsider and work with the FBI to bring down the coach. When Levi refuses, Reade is given no choice but to bring him into Weller’s line of fire, where he’s shot dead.

NEXT: Reade deals with the aftermath, and Mayfair makes her decision about Sophia

With Levi down and the other shooter taken into custody, Reade is put face-to-face with the injured coach. He tells him he will bring justice to his victims if what the young men said was true. Mayfair later confirms the accusations, telling the team that the university president and other higher-ups used the school’s scholarship fund to pay off victims for their silence, so as not to ruin the school’s football program reputation.

Weller finds Reade upset in the locker room. Instead of giving the typical team-leader lecture, Weller decides to pull out a bottle of bourbon and let Reade process his thoughts with his friend silently next to him, supporting the pain he’s going through. Who would have thought we’d get bromance feels from these two?!

Let’s talk Bethany. Last week, we were very surprised to see Sophia — the love of Bethany’s life — very much alive after an apparent suicide. She tells Bethany that “they” found out about her (who is she talking about?), and she had to run to Paraguay to escape. She now needs money, and she’s come to Bethany for help. Bethany is furious but also elated to see she is alive. Sophia wants to run away with her, but Bethany says she doesn’t run from her problems. Bethany ends up giving Sophia her entire savings (sans retirement) before saying if Sophia plans on running, she better, “get the hell out of my house.”

Bethany’s not the only one having an old lover stir up drama. Oscar tells Jane that he doesn’t think he can be her handler any longer, to which Jane freaks out. When the two meet up later in the evening, Jane confesses to Oscar that he is the only thing keeping her sane; he’s the only thing that makes her feel like herself. She is no doubt in love with him (post-memory wipe) as she apparently also was when she was Taylor. In the flashback from earlier in the day, it’s implied that they are still sleeping together, and he’s doing cutesy, boyfriend things for her. He’s the only thing that’s pure in her tangled web of a double life … or is he?

After leaving Jane, we see Oscar with an accomplice assisting with Carter’s body. The mysterious man asks Oscar if something is up with him, and he accuses him of getting too close to Jane. He even hints that something may happen to Jane when he questions Oscar’s ability to complete his task. Is Oscar supposed to get what intel he needs from Jane then take her out? What’s going on?

Other Questions and Notables:

  • Bethany finally sets up a date with the beautiful mystery woman from the bar. I’m sticking with my original theory that she may be working for someone to get close to Mayfair. I have a feeling Bethany’s future isn’t filled with a fairytale ending.
  • If Jane’s not careful she’ll be left all alone when things come crashing down, having played Weller and Co.
  • The winner of the episode? The mini-fridge. Weller throwing it out of the window (without looking to see if anyone was below), then pulling an Ethan Hunt across the side of the building across the bricks was highly entertaining.
  • Zapata’s ending scene showed her at the Gambler’s Anonymous meeting, where it’s revealed that her partner when she was a cop was shot and killed while on the job, and her guilt is what led her to gambling. Will this therapy help her overcome her demons?
  • Seriously, what/who the heck is Orion? At this point, I care more about where Rich Dot Com and his boyfriend took their sick car and million-dollar paintings.

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