Patterson hangs with an imaginary friend as she finds herself in her most dangerous situation yet
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Blindspot - Season 3

This week’s Blindspot brings us yet another episode not completely focused on Jane. We spend most of the hour watching Patterson deal with the ongoing guilt of David’s death and ultimately getting herself into (almost) the same situation he did. Why would she make the same mistake? Let’s break it down.

In the last episode we saw Patterson go on a surprise date that David had planned before he died. Coincidentally, his last crossword puzzle had also been published in The New York Times. She solves the puzzle and sees that he had left a clue specifically for her, and it involves one of Jane’s tattoos. Patterson speaks to David in her mind (think: Izzie Stevens and Denny Duquette circa the glory days of Grey’s Anatomy) as his clues lead her to his apartment, to a SUPER creepy doll that looks like the fortune teller from Big that turns David Moscow into Tom Hanks, then to her lab for research, and ultimately to the creepiest of all antique shops. Way to kick up the romance, David!

Apparently, David had seen a picture of the bull tattoo on Jane and thought to look deeper into it. Even though the team had already solved the bull clue before, he was right — there was a double meaning.

I can deal with Patterson doing this on her own as some kind of grieving process, but what I can’t deal with is what she does next. She gets to the creepy antique shop called Aldebaran (which is a large star in the constellation Taurus) and sees that it’s closed. The shop owner, Mark, answers and says she can come in and browse if she’d like while he prepares to open. As she’s about to give up and leave, Mark asks her if she’d like to have some tea with him. She says yes, then proceeds to tell him about her scavenger hunt to his shop. She didn’t say she was with the FBI, but it doesn’t matter — she was talking about classified information, and one would think she’d learn her lesson from the first time. You know, when her boyfriend was murdered? Mark gets a little weird and heads to the back to get something. She follows him back there — because that’s a great idea — then he knocks her out. Ugh, Patterson!

She wakes up in a basement, where Mark ups the creepy scale to Hannibal Lecter levels by touching her hair and face like he wants to wear it. He finds her FBI badge and heads upstairs to call someone. He tells them how perfect she is and starts messing with a map of the constellation Taurus, putting out major serial killer vibes. Patterson gets strength from her visions (or hallucinations?) of David to break free of the rope around her hands and escape the basement, thinking she’ll find herself in the streets of New York City. She finds herself in the middle of the woods, freezing. At the same time, Weller and Co. are on their way to the Aldebaran antique shop; they know something must be wrong. Patterson never misses work without calling in, and they see that she was in the office early that morning and accessing files of Jane’s tattoos.

While Patterson is wandering around freezing in the woods being chased by Mark and his slimeball brother (I’ll get to him in a minute), Weller and Co. put the case together: Mark’s real name is Owen, and his brother is a legislator named Patrick. Years prior, Owen was accused of murdering one of his former students (back when he was a teacher) and carving a constellation into her chest. Even more messed up, Patrick had this covered up by getting a large corporation to pull some strings to get his brother off. The corporation did it with the promise from Patrick that he’d always vote in their favor. This is the real reason why Jane’s secret group had this clue tattooed on her body.

As you’d expect, Weller and Co. arrive at the secret location where Patterson was taken and they scour the woods for her. Weller gets into a punching match with Patrick, and Jane is about to get shot by Owen from a distance when Patterson hits him with a tree branch to skew his aim. Jane immediately turns and shoots Owen and saves Patterson from the cold.

Once she’s better, Patterson finally says goodbye to whatever memory her conscious is holding onto of David and forgives herself from the grief she carries from his death. There was also a clue that she may have feelings for Dr. Borden, which seems odd to me. I have a feeling his significance is more than a rebound for Patterson, but maybe a romance with her will be a gateway to that.

NEXT: More secrets and deals are made as the team’s trust falls apart.

Reade and Zapata also stayed busy this episode by dealing with their own secrets. Reade is continuing to push Sarah away in an effort to protect her from whoever is blackmailing him, but he’s still putting her in danger. The person (or group?) blackmailing him plants a phone at his front door with a photo of him and Sarah, and someone calls him to say that Mayfair has uncovered the footage he kept from her. The mystery person tells him to delete it or they’ll go after Sarah. Reade ultimately breaks and tells Mayfair the truth, but she tells him that they can’t decipher a face from the footage anyway. She puts security detail on Reade and Sarah to be safe, but I’m thinking Mayfair isn’t sharing everything she knows about the footage with Reade.

Zapata must be picking up on Mayfair’s sketchy vibes because the prosecutor who was blackmailing her for info on Carter has now switched his priorities to Mayfair, saying she’s a dirty agent. He brings up her past relationship where her lover killed herself (saying that was a cover up), as well as other examples, and at first Zapata thinks it’s impossible. After seeing more of Mayfair’s behavior, she decides to help the prosecutor so long as he doesn’t involve the rest of the team.

Mayfair seems to be oblivious to a secret investigation of her, and she has an interesting encounter with a woman at a restaurant. The woman has an altercation with a man, and Mayfair steps in with her badge to break it up. Grateful and impressed, the woman, named Alexandra, asks her to join her for drinks. The two flirt it up and eventually exchange numbers. Alexandra is striking, witty, funny, and shows up at the same time Mayfair is revisiting memories of her deceased girlfriend, not to mention at the same time the federal prosecutor is bringing an investigation into Zapata about Mayfair and brings up her previous relationship. This may be a long shot, but could Alexandra really be an agent tasked with getting close to Mayfair?

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Speaking of getting close, Oscar seems to be throwing “Taylor’s” post-memory-swipe rulebook out the window. The two had a heated session last week and get even closer when Oscar shares “Taylor’s” favorite meal with Jane, and even dances with her to what is assumed to be one of their songs. Jane is captivated by what he knows about the real her and asks him to share what her personality is truly like (which, P.S., sounds basically the same as she is now)..

When Oscar assigns her another task, he starts to revert back to business. He tells her that she has to get close to Weller, and he hands her photos of their past — one she doesn’t remember. He asks her to re-create memories in her mind and lie to Weller about it to make him start to trust her more. This obviously makes him uncomfortable, and when Jane asks what’s next for the two of them, they dive into another makeout sesh. Can you really blame them? They were engaged! From what we know, they never really broke up; their engagement was put on hold for this mission. Regardless, it’s pretty obvious this wasn’t a part of the plan. Maybe Oscar should assign someone else from their group to carry on from here? Is there even a someone else that could step in?

Questions and Notables:

  • Weller and Ali are getting closer, and with Jane’s new mission it’s obvious Weller’s current relationship status will switch to complicated. He’s making big moves with Ali, even inviting her over for family dinner where he professes his forgiveness to his dad and how grateful he is for them to be a family again. That’s soon dampened by his dad collapsing in his home’s hallway. Will Weller’s picture-perfect stint crumble before him?
  • What’s going on with Jane/Mayfair/Taylor/Orion/basically everything? I’d be happy with foregoing another weekly case in the next episode so we can start to dive into the over-arching story more. From the looks of the preview for next week, we may get just that.
  • What’s with the teeth thing?! It may be trivial at this point, but that had some super-serious secret agent feels to it, and I feel like we’re all wondering how the heck it ties back to Jane/Taylor/Orion.

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